Report: Mother Of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son Wants Baby Back

Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is dealing with the mother who gave birth to his son, Cristiano Jr., six months ago. The Sunday Mirror reports that the unidentified woman is a 20-year-old British student who now wants her child back after exchanging him for a £10million payment.

After becoming pregnant from a one-night stand with the athlete, Ronaldo cut a deal with her so he would have exclusive guardianship. The woman signed a contract with his lawyers agreeing to not tell anyone, including her family, that she is the mother.

Apparently, she disappeared during her pregnancy, had the baby, and then told everyone she received an unexpected windfall.

Friends say that when she asks to see her son, Ronaldo taunts her by telling her he may consider her requests, if she repays some of the money.

A source close to the woman said, “She’s often calling him late at night. She cried down the phone to him and pleads with him. He shouldn’t even be in contact with her, but they have got into a twisted sort of routine.

“She even calls him after matches to congratulate him on how he played, hoping that one day she can appeal to his better nature, but he simply leads her on and teases her about Cristiano Jr.

“She feels like she has sold her soul. She has this millionaire lifestyle, but can never tell her friends and family the truth about what has happened – and that makes her incredibly lonely.”

A friend of Ronaldo said, “As far as he is concerned, it was her choice, her decision. He says, ‘She has zero rights to my son. She’s not seeing him ever again’.

But he keeps taking her calls as, deep down, he’s worried that she’s going to try to fight him to see the child and he wants to know what she is thinking. Apparently the contract she signed is completely water-tight. But she has the strength of a mother trying to get a child back – so anything could happen.”

Meanwhile, his girlfriend Irina Shayk has stood by him the whole time. In fact, they recently had a vacation in The Maldives.

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  • Brooke

    $10 million is all she thought her baby was worth?

  • Sunny Sue

    It’s not 10 million dollars, Brooke. It’s Brittish pounds.

    • Brooke

      It doesn’t really matter; the concept is the same.

  • Anonymous

    oh god…hopefully he can keep him..:(

  • Anonymous

    First of all, that is just CRUEL on his part. He is clearly some type of narcissist, without any empathy or shame. He doesn’t realize that he’s doing GREAT damage to that little boy by refusing to let him see his mother. A grandmother and an aunt will never take the place of a mother. Money is the great corrupter. I knew this was going to happen, because even though everyone wants to be rich, they don’t realize that money makes you numb, money ages you, and money makes you feel lonely and isolated. And now this is happening to her. I hope she fights for that child.

    • Black Beauty

      Fight for what child?…he’s not hers anymore she signed over her rights therfore she has none. She should have thought about that before she sold him for money. She wasn’t thinking about being a parent wanted to get rid of him so she did so…now you want him to give him back because she feels guilty. She’s emotionally unstable why should he give him back. And what female would actually have a baby and not tell her mother that speaks volumes about her charcater.

      • Badoo

        You are being judgemental…how do you know that she is unfit, and is the father fit?just because he’s rich and all that, please. Cristiano took an advantage because he got the money and he deserves what is coming to him, no money can ever keep any woman away from her child….well it can work for sometime until she realise that she made a mistake. I support this lady all the way, its her baby and she should fight with everything she has to get him back. I never thought that Ronaldo could steep that low, i mean him of all people… Each child needs his/her mother to grow up normally, all that money wont satisfy his emotional needs. What is this child suppose to think?is he supposed to say that “my mother never wanted anythin to do wit me” please people, lets think like humans now and not take any side.

        • Anonymous

          She “SOLD HIM”, what kind of mother “SELLS” her child!? It’s not a freaking house, property or object, it’s a freaking child/human being! You say you can’t believe Ronaldo went that low? I say I don’t believe SHE the mother went that low! In my opinion she probably just wants some more money and she in no way is human, nor are you if you think selling a child is in any form or way ok!

        • Anonymous

          watever u probably a woman…thts wat women do tey wana eat their cake and have it..they wana cheaton their husbands but still have a piece of his fortune..tey wana loose weight but still guzzle choclate…they want a man to move the world for them but cant move a muscle when a man really needs them 2…no she deserves nuffin she sold her kid 4 ten million pounds….she dsnt deserve to see him…except of course she hands the fortune back…lets give her that choice and see what she picks….

        • P

          I agree with the 2 comments above, she freaking SOLD that poor baby. What kind of “mother” would SELL her own blood and flesh? It HURTS much more when somebody tells you “Oh hey, your mother sold YOU for money without second thoughts!”, I’d hated my mom. Honestly, I think that 20-year-old is just another wasted partygirl, who was luckily enough have had a one-night-stand with only the most expensive footballer 2nd to David Beckham, and the moment she found out about her pregnancy she contacted C. Ronaldo and wanted to get rich quickly but didn’t think a second about her decision and that child! People, she signed that contract immediately after she got pregnant, not even before she gave birth!

          • judge

            The question Muster by saying: who is selling whom? Maby the donating woman knows nothing about this deal, also about that she gave cells/DNA for Donner! Maby there somewhere criminal Organisations who are pressing people….

        • Anonymous

          It’s not your business to decide on what should happen but she did sign an agreement and unless she doesn’t pay the funds back I honestly don’t think she will have custody unless they Come to agreement

        • DotDotDot

          Irina can replace the woman 😛

      • Anonymous

        say anything u like but she is the mother of the child

    • Anonymous

      Exactelly. Why he is damaging his son’s life… Giving him a granmother instead of a real loving young mother, trying to cut off half of the baby’ s history and family and identity. He seems just narcist. Ronaldo probably wants to make his own copy out of his son.
      He is probably a very good atlet, but as a person and father he has failed. I feel so sorry for the little inocent boy. Hope the mother fill fight. It’ the childs rights, not just the mothers ot fathers!

      • Anonymous

        “giving him a grandmother instead of a real loving mother,”
        if you people don’t get it SHE SOLD the baby!!! there are plenty of kids growing up who may not know there fathers or mothers, but sometimes its best for them, when that child grows up what will he think of his mother, the same mother that SOLD him at the time of birth
        I’m saying all this in spite of the fact that i dislike CR
        and granted he may not be a good father or person or whatever, but the mother doesnt look like she’s better than him
        F-ing SELLING HER CHILD!!!

      • Anonymous

        sadly enough, no matter how much you may argue the point , the child was sold , how would you like being told that your mom sold you ? and him narcissistic is just plain him , do you think less of persons who love themselves, maybe you don’t love yourself . i pretty much think that she may never see her child again , but it won’t matter to the boy , as he has never spent time with her , so whomever he is with now will be his mother. A mother is someone who will do everything in her power to ensure that her child is safe , well fed , and is healthy . Anyone can have a baby , but being a mother is different , and she showed that she didn’t want to be a mom , so i believe she doesn’t deserve a chance to . personally i think she only wants to be a part of ronaldo’s lifestyle , she wants to be mrs. ronaldo , sadly enough i think she should move on , i mean it was just a one night stand , come on …… oh and she doesn’t deserve the child because she acted as a surrogate mom .

    • Anonymous

      First of all, you can’t believe everything you read. You don’t know for sure what’s really going on between Ronaldo and the mother. He may be a narcissist, nearly all soccer players are extremely vain. A grandmother and aunt won’t be able to replace the CRJr.’s real mother but if I were the kid, I wouldn’t want to meet my alleged mother who gave me up for 10million pounds. She signed an agreement giving Ronaldo exclusive guardianship for the money and now she wants to see him? Maybe she should have read the fine print or thought more carefully about her decision before taking the money and leaving Ronaldo the baby.

    • cutiemoi

      @anonymous u need 2 shut up!! its not Cristiano’s fault..he tested her to c how commited she is to her son..n she sold him. he did not force her she had a choice to say hell no aint no money in the world worth my right to my son! but she didnt do that she chose money over her child now she wants him back! that bitch need to get over herself! now that money aint good to her no more now she wants the child. Cristiano even though idk u like that i’m proud of u most man usually just walk out, but u didnt so keep up!

  • Anonymous

    Actually it works out to approximately $15.49 million dollars at the current exchange rate. Not that it matters either way, it sounds like she essentially sold her child, then after she got the money, decided she wanted him back. Who knows how much of this is true, but if even some of it is, they both look like unfit parents. This story is horrible on every level.

  • lalie

    Celebrities should stop to think thay can buy themselves babies. And if they can’t find out such a simple fact by themselves, I hope Law and courts will.
    The baby is not her or his property to be sold by contract. He’s a human being, with rights and needs, among them knowing his history and having contacts with both sides of his family.

    • Anonymous

      i agree with you you can’t sell a child even if there is a damn contract no matter what that is a human being with rights i’m only in gr6 and we had to larn the child rights and it states that every child should grow up woth love and security AANNDD every child should grow up in proper housing

  • guccilizzy

    I agree it is horrible that the woman “sold” her child, but she did it of her own free will. I don’t believe she should get the child back. However, I do think it’s sad that his Mother and sisters are raising the child. Hopefully, he has a bigger role in raising the boy than implied.
    On a side note: he is gorgeous! Wow!

  • Anonymous

    What made her change her mind? She realized she can get more money if he pays her every month until the kid is 18?

    • Anonymous

      Most likely. If she was smart and all she wanted was money, than she should have kept the baby and would have gotten alot more money from child support. But the point is that she is the mother of the kid and if money was worth more to her than her own child then there is something wrong with her! I dont blame ronaldo, i blame her for being soo selfish and such an unloveing and uncaring mother! She deserves what she is getting.

    • cutiemoi

      yeah i guess now she find out that she been cheated..she couldnt think straight when he said ill give $10 million to stay away from us..n she just thought that was the end of the world now she realize she could have had more with him paying chld support. what a hore stupid hore she dont deserve to b in that child’s live

  • LaKesha

    If she is not supposed to tell anyone, how does this “Source” know what’s going on? The only air-tight agreement the couple could have had would have been the mother relinquishing her parental rights. In that case, she shouldn’t be allowed to reenter the child’s life–it should be as though the child has been adopted.

    • Black Beauty

      Exactly my point…she gave him up for a fee now she needs to live with that fact.

  • Evana

    I thought he had used a surrogate??

    • Peta

      That was an unfounded rumor, which I never believed for a minute. It’s hard to imagine that a man would go through great lengths to father a child via surrogacy, only to be off vacationing with his girlfriend while their mother and sister settle in the new born at home. This whole thing smelled of a one-night-stand-gone-wrong from the very start, and the only one I feel sorry for is the infant.

    • Doodlepop

      Ei man..i honestly thnk dis whole thn aint true & itz sad 2 see how every1z getin wrkd up bout it..let em rich ppl mes up their lives,live yourz n stay happy…

    • Tiana

      Exactly! I guess that was the cover up. Once that kid grows up he will see what things are. And once that kid reads the many articles in the world wide web, he will def see what his mom and dad did. He’ll become a scorned rebellious teen and young man.

  • Jack109

    I can understand him keeping his son from the mother. She walked away, that’s not a choice that should be made lightly and those who do shouldn’t be allowed around the child. If you can’t be a constant in a child’s life as a parent you shouldn’t be involved as a parent.
    Now if she just wanted updates or to see the child every once in a while without the child knowing that she was his mother I could see that happening. While I have never seen this guy with his child (only running around on the beach or in the city with his girlfriend) he should be weighing all the options and at least be willing to keep things cordial with the mother. It doesn’t seem like she’s asking for more money or even for her child back, just that she wants to see him.
    I get where they are both coming from but they have to consider what is best for the child.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine being 20 years old, finding yourself preg after a one-night stand and being scared/unsure if you could actually take care of a baby. Then the dad offers you 10 million pounds and you weigh the options at the time of the pregnancy and make a choice. LOTS of women who give up their children live with some form of regret knowing that an extension of themselves is out there in the world.

    AND it’s pretty standard around the world – judges will side with the mother even in cases of airtight contracts, etc. All she has to do is record one of these alleged conversations where he mocks and taunts her and she has a case.

    And if all Ronaldo asks for in his taunts is SOME of the money…she could still live off 5 million pounds – who couldn’t. I mean really, Ronaldo isn’t raising the kid anyway and that’s clear to everyone who follows football OR celebs

    • Anonymous

      When I was 20 I was using condoms. Her retarded self should of known better to use protection, especially with someone famous.No one knows where his penis has been. I would never sell my kid out like that espically after having to carry him around in me for 9 months. If she wants to see the baby then give him back the money… Unless she used it all to get her tubes tied and a 10 year supply of condoms.

    • Anonymous

      When I was 20 I was using condoms. Her retarded self should of known better to use protection, especially with someone famous.No one knows where his penis has been. I would never sell my kid out like that espically after having to carry him around in me for 9 months. If she wants to see the baby then give him back the money… Unless she used it all to get her tubes tied and a 10 year supply of condoms.

    • cutiemoi

      being 20 yrs u aint a child anymore u r an audult…a 13 yr old grl would have made a better decision than her…i mean if she would have at least stood up for herself n the child n said no when he offer her that money…if Cristiano love that boy like he claim he wouldnt walk away…he tested her n she didnt even think twice abt it, so Cristiano judge her based on that n i agreed with the decision he made of not letting her c the child.

    • Hannah

      You have so much wrong. The woman who gave the baby birth SOLD him for money and they did write a contract that it is not longer hers. Its like you adopting a child. The birth parents cant take the baby back just because they want it? Have you give your baby away, just accept the fact. It doesn’t matter if it was a night thane and she may was scared when she found out that she was pregnant, SHE ALWAYS KNOWN IT WAS HERS, her own blood. If she had a heart she wouldnt even think about give it away.

      You’r argument about the real birth mother should have the baby back is not even logic. Why the fuck do she own the right to that? Pfft. And if she really want that kid back, why the hell doesnt she giving back all the money Ronald offered her? No, because she doesnt think its worth it. And even if she would do it, so doesn’t she own the right to it.

      And why the hell do you say the child gonna be lost without hes real birth mother? I know a lot of people who have been adopted and having another woman as their mom. Only because you born a baby doesn’t that make you a mom, you became a mom when you taking care of the baby.

      Fuck of pls, you sounds so dumb.

  • Anonymous

    I agree,it is bad for the child that he doesn’t have his mother in his life,and maybe the mother feels like that cuz she sold her baby to his father but the boy is raised by cristiano´s mother an sister.

  • Anonymous

    First off, she didn’t sell her baby. No one can sell their kid, because biologically they’re still yours. She sold her rights. Isn’t this the man that got arrested for punching the window of someone in their car trying to take a picture of him and his mom? And in some of his interviews, he claims how he adores her and their special bond? If so, then why would he try to restrict that from his own kid? Weird.

  • Davido

    Cristiano and his family can give the boy everything he needs without the mother, she took the deal, case closed. Cristiano is a good guy so he is trying to convince her of what is best the kind way. And, its true, she must give back the money if he is willing to break the contract and share custody. I’m sure he would still take care of her, but no way $11 or $20 million…..about $1 million lump sum and $350K a year would be more than enough.

  • Anonymous

    i think this is a great thing
    ronaldo did a smart thing and its her fault for selling the child

  • Cabos

    Both parties are so messed him. She for “selling’ her own baby, and he for actually believing he has the right to raise a child away from his mother.

    That child will grow up, and both will eventually have to explain the stupid things they’re doing now with him.

  • alexa

    I’m pretty sure the mother sold her baby for money. She got a £10million payment. Isn’t that selling her baby? She did a selfish thing she sold her baby for money.

  • Ondine

    Even a golddigging mother is better than no mother at all. How dare he doom the baby to life w/out a mother’s love. This is a sad and shameful display, two adults playing tug-of-war w/ an innocent baby. Surely an adoptive home w/ a Mom and Dad willing to put the baby first would be better than the poor hand of cards this baby was dealt by the sperm and egg donors who certainly do not deserve the title of parents.

    • Madelyn

      It’s better to have NO mother than have a gold digging mother or a bad mother – at that. You’re so stupid.

  • Anonymous

    What a sad environment for a baby !
    The mother is cruel, she litterally traded her baby for millions. What kind of mother could do that ? I’m not against adoption or anything, but I just think that to give away YOUR baby because of millions is very sick! She gave him up to afford luxuruous holidays and Chanel bags probably, is it right ?!
    Ronaldo is a douche, btw. He’s horrible with that woman. It sounds like a very lame telenovela !
    Poor kid !

  • my2cents

    Well she is 20 yrs old and many 20 yr olds are not mature enough to really understand the outcome of their actions. Or at least ones I have worked with.

    I think she was scared and confused. Possibly afraid her parents would find out and etc. I think she was really scared and confused. I believe he took advantage of her innocents. Yea she slept with him but it takes 2 to make a child anyway. SO they are both at fault for making a thoughtless decisions to have sex and have a child.
    I believe for her young age she was scared. Even having a child by such a well known athlete. Did she make the right decisions? probably not but most 20 yr olds dont in a lot of situations. I see 20 yrs olds as 13 yr olds they are women but not fully grown.

    but as far as her selling her child. I believe he (The Father) Is power hungry and selfish. She is the mother. Despite her decision to take the money. She maybe felt powerless like she didnt have a choice. No one knows truly how he made her feel. He seems to play a lotta games with this young lady. And she one day fell for it. Lawyers involved too? well hmm that right there tells you there was a game played that wasn’t fair to begin with.
    I dont doubt she loves her child. But this man is just playing with this young lady because he enjoys it. He enjoys the control. He needs to get his head outta the money bag and realize the damage he is doing to this child and to this young women. I believe Karma will get him in the long run. IF he doesn’t want to give the baby back to her at least let her have some part of the child’s life. That is just wrong. JMO

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry, her young age can’t be used as an excuse. Once you become a mother, you think as a mother, and not like a slefish gold digger. But I agree, this guy is a douche, craving for power and attention. It just makes me feel sorry for the child for having moronic parents.

    • ???

      i dont get why she would take the offer. i mean if i was in her position i would not take any money to not see my child esp if it’s cristiano’s kid.
      also i have a feeling the reason he did that is because she must not be all that (not speaking looks wise) or not have any idea how to handle the spotlight (fame) if anyone found out she was the mom of ronaldo’s child.
      who knows..

  • Anonymous

    This girl is effing ridiculous that’s all I can say. The kid is NOT hers anymore. Ever.

  • Anonymous

    This story is not true at all. Everyone who has seen the baby can see the mother must have little darker skin, cos the baby is darker than Cristiano Ronaldo (who has actually very light skin, but he’s always tanned). The mother that Sunday Mirror wrote was “blonde and blue-eyed”, so she can not be the mother. I actually feel bad that press is making Ronaldo to look like the bad guy when in reality he is very different: kind, warm-hearted, smart, funny and one of the most popular guys among other soccer players. I’m a huge soccer fan and I’ve been following Ronaldo since his debut in Sporting Lisbon so I know what I’m talking about. Give this guy a break already. This is like the 100th version of “who’s the mother of Ronaldo’s baby?”. And I think this going to continue til he tells the truth about the mother himself, if ever.

    • Tiana

      You sound like like ur stalking him. Lmao

  • SANY

    give the money back stupid and fight for your child…..

  • Millie

    I think they’re both absolutely disgraceful.

  • Marta

    What a horrible story. Poor little boy. He will have monay but he will be more poor than any other child. Because his father has stolen his mother, grandfather, grandmother, half of his relatives. And no other woman can replace a love of a real mother.

  • Anonymous

    The social workers will take the child, whose father is always travelling, working, and partying around the globe, leaving the child with relatives, and place the child to his mother. These things has nothing to do with any private contracts or money paid. Child’s well being goes first, always. He needs breast feeding. And Ronaldino is going to have to Pay huge sums to this mother for child support anyways from now.

  • Mystery

    Um. How does Cristiano even know if this is HIS child? How does he know this “20 year old female” hasn’t slept with someone else? Or lied that it’s his child when infect it might not be? I mean she had a one night stand with CR that gives me the interpertation that she is a whore. No real classy woman would ingage in such an activity as a one night stand, not even with a famous rich footballer, at least I wouldn’t. I’d want him to respect me and like me for me NOT for sex.
    It’s a bit stragne because to me his son looks nothing like him. Not even of CR when he was a baby himself. Am I the only one who sees this? Well maybe I’m thinking too much but it’s just a thought.

  • Mystery

    Cristiano did NOT use a surrogate. First off, having a baby through surrogacy is a complicated process whereby one must go through legal hurdles, plus find an agency; a surrogate; an egg donor, etc.. When would he have found the time to do all of that when he was preoccupied with securing his $133 million transfer to Real Madrid for the first half of last year?
    Cristiano supposedly went to two Florida fertility clinics last year, but Florida prohibits surrogacy for all single people or unmarried couples, so that debunks the claim that the baby was born in Jacksonville to a surrogate. Also, considering the timetable of Real Madrid games played in the month of September, when the child was conceived, I highly doubt Cris ever found the time to fly over to the states and donate semen. Most of the games were played in Spain with a few away games in other European countries which leads me to believe the mother is European, not American.
    Here is what I strongly believe happened: He had sex with a woman who meant nothing to him and she got pregnant – plain and simple. She might be a minor, a prostitute, a groupie he had sex with at an orgy, or just someone whom he wants out of his life completely, which explains why he wants to keep her identity a secret. He couldn’t ask her to have an abortion because #1, he’s probably against it, being a Catholic from conservative Madeira, and if not that, he knew if the word got out that he pressured someone to abort, he’d be ruined. Giving the child up for adoption was also out of the question because, once again, his image would be tarnished, so there was only one choice and that was to accept responsibility for the child. Instead of letting the world know he had gotten some floozy pregnant whom he refused to do right by (i.e., marry/commit to), which might have spoiled some prospective endorsement deals he had in the works like the one with Nike that was finalized in early 2010, he kept her a secret after prenatal tests confirmed he was the father; promised her he’d pay her big in exchange for sole custody of the baby and her swearing to never reveal herself to the public; and was able to come out the winner in all of this, looking like a good man stepping up to the plate as a father and still being free to carry on a relationship with that model he’s with.
    He never actually wanted this baby; it was an accident and going by the fact that he’s only spent 2 days max. with his kid and will be spending more than a week an ocean apart from him on vacation, I think it’s safe to say Cristiano is not head-over-heels in love with his new son. Hopefully, no one in this situation will turn out to be a huge mess in the future. At least we know Cristiano Jr. will be able to afford a world class team of shrinks when he’s older!

    • i ‘m sure ,that female is a Chicken ,Porn star,she only wantz Cris money thats all, she knows Cris is a rich guy and after the sex 1 month later she signed a contract with Cris ,she was like, now um pregnant ,if you’d gave me $10 million and i gave u the baby ,otherise, once she gets the money she felt happy az oh i made it and she ran awayyy ………that kinds of womens is a lot Cris you better be aware ,One day you might be poor and they will laught at you

  • Anonymous

    He is a jerk ,she signed over her rights because he made her . He wasn’t going to admit to having a child with someone he didn’t know,especially when he already had a girlfriend. The girl friend is a dumb russian slut for being with a asshole who made the mother of his son give up all of her rights basically because she is black the baby is clearly mixed!thats why he’s hiding the mothers identity.

  • Anonymous

    The reason they had a contract signed is because if the didnt she would have come after him for child support, this child is in the best hands possible, he is in the care of his grandmother and aunt in northern Portugal, trust me, as a person who was raised by Portuguese women i can tell you they know how to bring up a child. As for the mother, who cares! she gave up the child for money, now she has no rights to the child, end of story. its not Ronaldo being cruel by not letting her see the child, its part of the legal contract the signed.

  • Anonymous

    The reason they had a contract signed is because if the didnt she would have come after him for child support, this child is in the best hands possible, he is in the care of his grandmother and aunt in northern Portugal, trust me, as a person who was raised by Portuguese women i can tell you they know how to bring up a child. As for the mother, who cares! she gave up the child for money, now she has no rights to the child, end of story. its not Ronaldo being cruel by not letting her see the child, its part of the legal contract the signed.

  • coco

    what evr happens cristiano ronaldo is the one that has a point because he is the best

  • coco

    cristiano ronaldo is the best

  • Anonymous

    Both dont deserve to be a parent I cant actually believe how bad can a Mother sell her rights being his mother and not thinking 1 minute of how bad would her child’s life be and how can CR7 look at an innocent baby and not feel bad for him and take an advantage of being rich, CR7 thinks immaturely like 13 years old boys for having a decision of having sex with a 20 yrs girls without even thinking of a abortion for the sake of his child’s safety and he should know when he has sex a have a child he should preferably be married to make sure that no one is blamed but it’s too late now and it’s one of two choices either the mother pay him back his money and fight for him to or CR7 think of a sensible and fatherhood kind solution for the sake of his son because a grandmother and an aunt can’t love him as much as his mother!

    I hope God can save that child for his parent’s cruelness!

  • Anea

    Being a mother myself, my heart cries for this woman. if she was young and poor when she made this choice, I can understand her,making a descision she didnt understand would define her life, her regrets must be deep and painfull.
    A mothers bond to her child is the greatest love of them all. We would do anything for our children, anything! ( though some women dont feel love for their children, and are sick and cruel, I know, but Im now talkin about the “normal”ones.). We have the child inside us for almost a year and our bodies gives them life, and the love we feel is – or should be – of the deepest and strongest kind. Never would I sell any of my cildren – the thought is hidious. No price in the world would be enough.
    Why cant he let her see her son, I dont understand, and I feel so sorry for this woman. But I suppose the child will have a good life…as he seem to be a good father.. Many children in the world who have nothing and only feels poverty and pain. My heart cries for these children most of all. At least Ronaldos son is one of the winners in this world if you compare him to the lifes of so many others.

  • Anonymous

    As they say: Money talks and Bullshit walks!
    Cristiano is loaded! I think that no matter how hard the mother tried to keep her baby ronaldo would of won guardianship anyway because he has the money not her; apparently she was penniless. Plus if she really was that young, she is still growing up herself, how is she supposed to look after a child when she’s not mature herself. He took advantage of a young lady and now karma has come back to him. The poor girl was propably usure what to do and scared shitless! I know i would be if i got preganant at such a young age :S
    Not only is it the fault ronaldo’s and the anonymous mothers. Apparently the contract was arranged by ronaldo’s mother!
    Plus isn’t ronaldo’s sisters and mother raising the child? To me it sounds like ronaldo doesnt even have much to do with his own son. So why did he want full guardianship of the child? I think that cristiano’s mother had more to do with the contract than he did, he probably just paid for it all.

  • Anonymous

    As they say: Money talks and Bulshit walks!
    Cristiano Ronaldo is loaded! No matter how hard the mother tried/tries to win guardianship for her child she woudnt win because ronaldo is a multi millionaire. And apparently the mother was penniless. Plus if she really was so young (20yrs) how is she supposed to raise a child of she is still growing up herself. I think ronaldo took advantage of her, and this baby is his karma.

    Actually i heard it was ronaldo’s mother who arranged the contract! No affence to ronaldo but he’s is a mummies boy, she probably took over the situation and arranged the contract, cristiano probably just paid for it all. Also, i get the impression ronaldo doesnt even have much to do with his son. Doesnt his sisters and mother take care of the child? I dont know why he wanted full guardianship of the child if he isnt properly taking care of him…
    But thats just my opinion and is most likely not at all correct. The only people who know the complete and utter truth is cristiano and the mother. Not the media,as 90% of what you hear is all nonsence. 😀

  • sd

    both of them should be extremely ashamed.Ronaldo is pure evil.He is selfish.he should have settled with the girl not that model the child needs a family he needs his own mother.This is not how it works.The child will get hurt.After all if he loves his child then he should love the mother.This is cruel.
    He is such a playboy ronaldo has no respect

  • Vanessa

    We all dont really know the truth to all this…but if I was in this girls shoes I would not give up my son for any amount……imagine how cute this baby is going to be if he turns out to look like his papa…adorable 😉 xoxo

  • Tori

    I would be upset too if I couldn’t ever see my child….but I would never give my child away for anything!!! If she loves her child so much, why would she just give him away like that? she made a stupid decision.

  • Anonymous

    its just a little pity that if Ronaldo someday really settling down with Irina this baby boy will be the second priority since that Irina Shayk clearly shows she doesnt really like him n even said publicly that she cried n heartbroken when ronaldo decided to take the baby. plus its never mention or shown anywhere that she ever taking care of this baby a slighest bit. hope he’s not gonna be too lonely only sorrounding by granny…..

  • Anonymous


  • Jana

    We don’t know the whole story and the media is full of lies. Cristiano is smart and the young girl will never know how to be a mother because she sold her baby. Give cristiano some credit because he does take care of the baby an how is he gonna support the baby of he doesn’t have money? That’s why he plays soccer and he cares for his kid even though he can’t be with him 24/7. The young girl needs to grow up because she would not know how how to treat a child especially after you sold it.
    Cristiano Ronaldo is a hero in our world.

  • Anonymous

    Thats just stupid, how can you can do that to someone, they both adults and should of thought of the consequences before hand, the problem with footballers is that they think they can do whatever they want because of the amount of money they have, does he not have a heart, what will he tell his son when he gets older, the truth or will he lie to his son for the rest of his life. yes she took the payment but at the end of the day she is the mother of his son and should have rights with him. it was nice making the son with her that night but its not nice for him to share parenthood with the mother of his son, wat an ass, i dont care how much of a good soccer player he is, that just says alot about his character and personality.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me hate ronaldo even more maybe she got rid of the baby because she was scared i mean she’s 20 years old and slept with a soccer player then she became pregnant not many woman can handle all that she deserves her child she is the mother most fathers don’t even care that much about the child they say it’s the mother’s job and giving the baby christiano as a name is pretty self-absorbed yea i might not know him but you guys don’t know the mother either most of you think he should keep the baby because he’s your favorite soccer player well i think the mother should have custody over the baby because she is the MOTHER of this child, her child and who’s going to be there for the baby when ronaldo’s playing soccer or goes out to clubs the MOTHER should fight for custody and that is exactly what she is doing!

  • Anonymous

    haters just wanna hate. 1st of all she slept with a guy she never met just for the sake he is rich and famouse. u tell me she kept her pregnancy a secret because she was scared of her parents, so how did she explain having 10 million pounds in a blink of an eye. u say she might be poor and penniless, so how did she afford going to one of those fancy club/restaurant/whatever football players go to? and give me a break, a 20 years old gold digger aint no stupid or saint, she had a brain to use it. And for every1 saying cristiano spends no time with his kid, do u guys know that his mom and sister as well as for his brother in law all live in the same house in madrid, and that he doesnt see his son only when there is away matches? 1 more thing, dont u think that if ronaldo doesnt wanna talk to this gold digger he wouldnt have given her his phone number or changed his?

  • Anonymous

    When someone gives a child up for adoption it is a legal process we all agree on it to be binding. This is just another version of an adoption case that is rather high profile. I’m sure many mothers who put children up for adoption wonder if they made the right decision. This child will be doted on with love and a wonderful life. If the mother decides to have another baby she will be able to provide for it very well. All is well here…win/win.

  • Anonymous

    How do we know the story isn’t fabricated? How do we know Ronaldo isn’t covering for a friend or relative? Maybe his son is really his nephew? Lol

  • Anon 57

    Fabricated or not, if she did take in exchange for her OWN CHILD any amount of money, it constitutes to SELLING. There is no way to dress it up as anything else. Whether the child’s father’s decision to BUY his child was morally right or wrong is of no true consequence since his decision resulted in giving HiS CHILD his love and affection and that of his family He cared enough not to not abandon the kid to an unscrupulous mother who could harbour grow and nurture a baby in her womb nine months then sell the boy like a horse. The child is better of with a family that loves him. I know from personal experience that the love and care of a family that loves you is 10 000000 times better than the half baked attempt of the parent that sold out on you. Parent or not if they can, in this case, sell you once they can do it again. This really should be treated like an adoption, just because she knows who adopted the child does not mean she can now disrupt everybody’s lives because she does not know the word NO. On both the making and the selling.

  • Anonymous

    the people posting about this topic are very uneducated and do not have an ounce of common sense.. She had a one night stand, obviously she was obliterated..I have no doubt in my mind that she wanted his baby for a quick buck, she signed the contract, she loses all rights. If I had his money, I would do the same, she is a incompetent who** who never cared about her child, just her pockets. PERIOD. so grow up all of you liberal ignorant peasants. THANK YOU.

  • Anonymous

    I think that she does not deserve to get the baby back. She slept with a famous and rich man, became pregnant and sold! the baby . She made her profit without thinking about raising up the baby. Se has commited a great sin!. Lets give Ronaldo the opportunity to raise up his son as a single parent, after all he has honoured his part of the contract. So many women claim that they can raise up sons, but in most cases the product is a criminal who lacked his farthers guidance. children need both mother and farther, but in todays society you find boys being raised up by women denying the farther the right to bond with his child. So why should we be so concerned about sons growing up without mothers? when so many children grow up without their birth farthers. What is so special about mothers as perants as opposed to farthers?. fathers are very important and are also parents. Fact remains she sold her son for 10 million pounds! she does not deserve the chld .

  • Anonymous

    I guess she wants him to give her back the kid so that she can sell him to somebody else (may be richer than the CR7).

  • in love with life

    i think that she would be arealy bad mom for the child because she sold he to his father no even taking second thoughts before signing the contract and she wants him back i think that cristiano would be agood dad for him cause he understands how much is he important to his son cause ronaldo has already lost his dad!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    She may be the biological mother of the child but she made a deal and gave up her rights for money. It is too late now to take anything back. She had nine months to reconsider. She needs to leave Cristiano and his son alone. Cristiano needs to get some type of restraining order.

  • Anonymous

    lets face it. ronaldo is an arse. selling the child is definitely not right but she’s a 20yr old student. she had to consider a lot of things. and wat about ronaldo huh? hasnt he heard of condoms? probably got some twisted pleasure out of it.

  • Anonymous

    lets face it. ronaldo is an arse. selling the child is definitely not right but she’s a 20yr old student. she had to consider a lot of things. and wat about ronaldo huh? hasnt he heard of condoms? probably got some twisted pleasure out of it.

  • Q. Hostetler

    This woman deserves everything that is happening to her. She had nine months to change her mind and do the right thing. But all she saw was dollar signs. I bet she doesn’t even want to take care of her son, she just wants to see him every once in a while. Just because a woman is able to give birth doesn’t mean that she will be a good mother.
    By the way she is a millionaire. Why doesn’t she hire a lawyer to fight for visitation rights? Maybe she wants to see the child as long as she doesn’t have to spend any money to do so.

  • tulip

    if this 20 year old whore wants to see her child then she should make another one cause no women who loves her child would sign such a agreement n when she has she clearly doesnt love the child ,thus clearly she wants more money via her child thats why she is doing all this.
    and whatever be the truth i think cristiano is right in preventing his child to go to a characterless shit.

  • layla

    Okay here first It is the most embarrassing confusing stupid idiotic moronic horrendous thing I’ve ever seen but I have got something after reading all this
    1- if the women was 20 she is young but WTF where the hell was christiano’s maturity he could have simply refused her. And would have walked away.
    2- I hope and pray this is all fake for the sake of that child’s future
    3- and yeah why he even did this? He could have got married started his own life, happy guy with happy life u know a wife a child and huge fans love of the world

  • Rukhsar

    as long as he has got his kid were ok
    but its stupid dat she sold cristiano jr for 10million

  • Anonymous

    Ok people, ur opinions come from all this BS GOSSIP and the mother, maybe she did the wrong thing and sold the baby for 10m pounds, a deal stays a deal. And the dad? Just because u never seem him with his son in private does NOT mean he doesn’t spend time with him. I am so sick of u fanatics, whose Business is it to make up all those theories and just ASSUME there what’s going fuck sKe

  • lulu asean

    the baby better follow cristiano ronaldo den his mum….

  • Anonymous

    Do any of you people have lives? You drain everything.. first time on this site and you fucked it…

  • arshia

    shame on cristiano
    he is a sick basterd

    • arshia’ father

      Shame because he asked not to kill his child on abortion?

      Shame because he is going to raise his child?

      Shame because her partner sold her child?

      Ofcourse shame because he doesn’t want his son to hear BASTERD, because of him?..

      millions of kids are being aborted each day and here comes saints foul mouthing on celebrities who bravely wanted to raise his child…


  • ?

    Personally I wouldn’t sell any of my Children but you don’t know what of background this girl had, she may not have had a strict up brining, or was
    Close to her family. She was a student ad after finding she was pregnant she prob got a bit scared and didn’t know where or who to turn to . We don’t know if she got talked into selling the child, promises of a better life, being young and having a child. Having a child is a scary moment what ever age you are but being 20 at Uni away from family she was prob not going to make a sensible decision. She prob could only think of having money and how she could spend it! When you give a child up for a
    Adoption you have consoling, bet she didn’t get this type of support. In the end a child need both parents, even if she see the child once a month it’s still
    Contact. The child will eventually grow up and in this media climate find the answer and make his own decision! But everyone make mistake we shouldn’t judge we don’t know the whole story!

  • Deena


  • ronaldo likes sex but will never marry.i fill sorry for every women in tha wrld bcs thy always suffer

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry, ‘women always suffer’. Let me spell this out to you, she got pregnant after a 1 night stand with Cristiano. She was a consenting adult so it’s her fault if she didn’t want the baby. She is now the mother and he is the father. Ronaldo offered her 10 million for the rights to the child. Key word here is OFFERED, not forced, OFFERED. She took the money so she has no rights to the child whatsoever. If she wants the rights back she has to repay, otherwise though luck sweetheart, should’ve thought first. I don’t give a fuck if feminists are going on about how she deserves the rights, she doesn’t! Why should Cristiano have to suffer, bet you never thought of it that way. No, the deal is done. The child won’t have an emotional bond with the biological mother, it will have a bond with the one that raised it. If CR Jr. wants to meet his mother in the future, power to him. He can do what he wants. At the moment thought she neither deserves or has rights to the child.

  • MOI

    Whether 10 or 20 or even a 100 million. She, whoever she is should never have given up her baby. I actually find the whole situation quite bizarre. Especially since it seems to be Ronaldo’s Mother taking care of the child.


  • Romeo

    You guys don’t see the whole picture obviously……she is one of those fame-money-hunters that you have sex with her and she is going to the bathroom looking for your used condom so she can get pregnant from your sperm just because you are Cristiano Ronaldo! The only think she was thinking of is money and she got it. She sold her child for money WHAT A RETARD BITCH! And you guys feel sorry now for this greedy girl? OK , see if she gets pregnant from ordinary guy by mistake she is going to pay for the abort out of her own pocket

  • Nexygee

    @Anonymous, ur argument Lacked foundation. He (CR7) adored his mum ’cause his mother Neva exchange him for money; she showed him that she is a good mum by sticking to him all his life right from infancy up to now while that whore melt away by seeing money. She sold her right of been a mother.

  • Shfjeins

    I don’t think anyone here has the right to judge, we honestly have no idea what happened and therefore we can never understand .

  • Ramil Gasimov

    Sorry Guys, how 20 years old poor student who agreed to give her child for 10 millions can be in the same nightclub with the football star Cristiano ?

  • What can I say ronaldo is my favourite but I am sorry for that lady that she sold her child but I think ronaldo should also be a bit kind..

  • A women who sell her baby and the rights to see him like as if it’s a stake in a business she is not worth it and she is after the money and she think she could get Cristiano Ronaldo to be with her

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