Mayim Bialik: Guest Blogger For Celebrity Baby Scoop!

We first loved her as Blossom Russo when she broke onto the sitcom scene in the early ’90s. And not to mention her brilliant portrayal of Bette Midler’s younger character in Beaches. Now we love her as the impossibly awkward, yet laugh out loud hilarious Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory.

Mayim Bialik is not your average child star…or your average celebrity! In 2008, she completed her PhD in neuroscience, all the while raising two young boys: Miles, 5, and Frederick, 2.

We are excited to announce that the 35-year-old mother of two will be joining the Celebrity Baby Scoop family as a guest blogger! Please submit your questions for Mayim, who has been an outspoken advocate for home births, breastfeeding, holistic living, returning to showbiz and everything in between.

Submit your questions for Mayim in the comments below.

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  • Amy

    YAY!!!!!! Love you and your point of view!

  • Anonymous

    I love your point of view and the fact that you can show how great holistic living can be! Did you use cloth diapers? If so what kind did you like?

    • Heidi

      I believe she might have used cloth but I read that she used EC (elimination communication) with her kids.

  • Momof2boys2

    What are your thoughts on circumcission and vaccines?

    • Heidi

      I know that her husband is Jewish and i think she may be as well so i’m guessing she prob would circ for religious reasons

  • Goddess william

    why do you feel the need to advertise in public that you are breast feeding grown kids who should be eating solid food.

    • Anonymous

      Who said he doesn’t eat solid food?

    • ANON

      I don’t really think that’s anyone’s business why she chooses to do that.
      Personally I wouldn’t and don’t see the need for it esp. when your child should be sleeping through the night without comfort “food”. But her child, her body, her business. What works for her may not work for others.

  • Julia725

    Yay! First of all, thank you for supporting breastfeeding! It’s great to hear from other moms breastfeeding past age 1 or 2. I’m curious what type of discipline you use and how your kids handle babysitters.

  • popsykl

    Still feeding my 16mth old, not loving the broken sleep though, how on earth do you cope with broken sleep? she is number 7 and i plan to feed her at least till she 2. but holy moly i need my sleep

    • JMO

      This is what I have a hard time understanding. Most parents I know who have either breastfed or bottle fed stopped night feedings long before the first birthday (unless the child is teething and or really sick). I know my friends pediatrician said no child over 9 months should be waking up to constantly feed it just becomes more of a habit then a necessity.
      My cousin is in the same situation. She currently stopped nursing her 15 month old but now gives him up to 5 bottles of milk at night!!! I told her she needs to let him cry it out which she agrees but keeps telling me she can’t bear to hear him cry! The kid doesn’t know how to self soothe. Cause everytime he cries she used to shove a boob (now a bottle) or piece of food in his mouth to make him stop!
      I feel for you mothers but I guess there comes a point where you just have to be strong and say enough is enough. The kitchen is closed til morning!

      • Heather V.

        I’m wondering, JMO, if you are a mother yourself?

        • Anonymous

          You don’t have to be a mother to have an opinion, you know.

          • JMO

            I love how people seem to think by not being a mother your forbidden to speak on topics that are about mothering!

            Ummm well I worked in a daycare for 10 years and am now a nanny and have been for 6 years. I probably have more experience in the child rearing them most do that are actually mothers!

            I’m sure it’s all different when it comes to your own children. I’m just thankful all these learning experiences have given me the tools to know what to do and certainly what NOT to do when I do actually have a child of my own.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for setting an example of intuitive parenting.

  • Anonymous

    Why’d you change the picture????

  • Bellatrix

    Ooooh, Mayim Bialik as a guest blogger? That is a wonderful choice! She’s a very inspiring parent… Here is my question for her:

    Dear Mayim, I remember watching Blossom in my early teenage years. Dubbed in French (“Petite Fleur”: no joke). At a friend’s house (because we didn’t do TV at home). I was delighted to hear you speak out for the more natural and holistic way of parenting these past few years. I know spiritual reasons underlie your almost vegan lifestyle and other choices you’ve made for bring up your children. I can’t help but wonder if you are also as interested in the environmental part of certain aspects of your parenting, especially with your scientific background. Have you started introducing your oldest son to the matters of the planet and our ecosystem? If so, how did you do it? And more generally speaking, is there anything you wish you could do better as a parent?”

  • Phoebe

    Hi Mayim,

    just want to tell you how much I love reading your blog on Kveller, I enjoy reading your smart, honest writing. Your blog on extended nursing was especially amazing!



  • Dana M

    Hi there. Here is my question:

    I am a natural- minded mother of two. Had baby #1 without
    Drugs in the hospital. Had baby #2 at home. All my friends ( who don’t research
    the benefits of a homebirth) freaked out about our decision to homebirth and not have #2 in a hospital. How do you deal with people whose intensions are good, but can’t open their minds to think outside the box when it comes to homebirths? I find myself just dropping the subject bc I don’t want to get into heated debates with people who clearly don’t research the otherside.

  • Phoebe

    mayim, How long did you nurse you older son Miles for?

  • Sammy Sue

    I wondered what your biggest accomplishment was in your own eyes besides your beautiful family 🙂

  • Sam

    How do you balance your acting work with your family life?

  • Anonymous

    I think that I noticed you wearing an Ergo carrier in one photo. What’s your take on babywearing and what types of carriers have you used? Also, how did you introduce your children to solids? And finally, do you plan on eventually night weaning your youngest?

  • Sam

    Have your families been supportive of your parenting choices, home births, breastfeeding, holistic living?

  • Sam

    How did you come to be a advocate of home births, breastfeeding, holistic living?

  • Julia725

    What is your stance on co-sleeping?

  • reormabroke

    be happy and love. kiss

  • Cathryn

    Mayim your are one gifted woman — beautiful parenting attitude, beautiful lady, talented and educated!!! Thank-you for sharing your family with us.
    What motivated you to continue nursing and pumping? Science? nurturing? When did you make the decision to nurse you first son? While pregnant or before? How long were you nursed by your mom?
    I am curious why the PhD and acting??? Such a combination? Do you also write for the show?

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