Amy Adams On Aviana: “I Need Her In My Life”

New mom Amy Adams looks amazing on the cover of the February issue of the UK InStyle magazine – but she insists she felt at her most beautiful when she was pregnant with her daughter Aviana, who was born last May.

“I never felt more beautiful than when I was pregnant. Because it wasn’t about me,” Amy explains. “The whole purpose of my body was no longer to fit into a sample size. It was to nurture another being. So I always felt great, no matter what I was wearing.”

The Oscar-nominee shares that motherhood has brought out her softer side, saying “I can’t say, ‘I don’t care.’ I can’t be tough. There’s no truth to it. I love her. I need her in my life. I can’t pretend otherwise.”

Currently planning a wedding to her longtime love Darren Le Gallo (“I want everybody to be on picnic blankets and barefoot,” she muses of her big day), Amy admits that their relationship has changed in the 8 years they’ve been together.

“At the start, I’m like, ‘I love you so much, you just love talking about feelings’ and now I’m like, ‘Really? We have to talk about how we feel? Ugh, honey’. I believe in getting on with it. If you fall down, you get up. You don’t spend time talking about how it felt to fall.”

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  • Courtney

    Amy is a breath of fresh air though she’s not the first star to say something along those lines when interviewed about their body image and being a mom. by the way Aviana isn’t officially 8 months till the 15th get your math straight

    • carolyn Robertson


  • Anonymous

    is that her hand? why does her hand look so strange?

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