Heidi Klum Says It’s Better “To Be Healthy & Normal”

Heidi Klum has defended her recent statement to Self magazine saying that her beauty secret for older women is “Don’t be too thin!”

She explains to ETonline, “I definitely was not saying that older women should gain weight. I was giving a beauty tip. People ask me, ‘What is your ultimate beauty tip?’ My ultimate beauty tip is to stay normal, rather than to be too thin. I think when you get too thin your face falls in too much. It is nicer to be healthy and normal.”

The Seriously Funny Kids host adds that she understands why people feel the pressure to stay a certain size.

“The jeans companies and the designers make all these zero sizes and I don’t understand that,” she says. “How can someone be a zero? I just think it is not a positive message to put out to people. It is better to be fit, healthy and normal.

“People ask me beauty questions all the time. ‘What is your best lip gloss? What is your beauty secret?’ I think it is to not go too thin. I wasn’t telling people what to do.”

So how does Klum stay in shape? She says it’s her four kids, Leni, 6, Henry, 5, Johan, 4, and Lou, 14 months.

Four children are a lot of work and they are still all very young: 6, 5, 4 and 1. It is not like I can sit with my feet up. There is always someone that wants something.”

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