Helena Bonham Carter Finds Parenting Classes “Useful”

Helena Bonham Carter has stuck to those parenting classes she said she was taking, and it’s looking like they’re paying off. The Kings Speech actress says the sessions have been helpful to both her and partner Tim Burton with whom she has son Billy Raymond, 7, and daughter, Nell, 2-1/2.

“Parenting is much harder than acting and you just never know what to do, so Tim and I are taking classes together and they’re really useful. I’m learning lots,” Helena said.

“It’s a bit like Parenting Anonymous with a group of parents spewing out their latest trauma of the week.”

The actress said she and Tim are also working to make their living situation more conducive to parenting – the couple live next door to each other in separate houses but she says they’re working to connect the two properties.

“We couldn’t keep going in and out of each other’s houses so now it’s just one house which is divided down the middle,” Helena explained.

“We’re lucky enough to have our own separate spaces, but they’re connected and it’s really not that strange.”

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