Joel Madden & Harlow: Carried Away

Joel Madden gave his adorable daughter Harlow a lift while they were out for a walk in Los Angeles, Calif on Thursday (January 6). Looks like Harlow is enjoying her one-on-one time with dad – brother Sparrow, 1, must be at home with mom Nicole Richie.

Time flies – little Harlow turns 3 next week!

Joel and Nicole, who have been together for four years, tied the knot last month at the L.A. home of Nicole’s dad Lionel Richie.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Grace

    Soooooooo cute! Harlow is just adorable! I love her hair:-)

  • Anonymous

    She was cuter when she was little – changing a LOT as she’s getting older.

    • Anonymous

      RUDE! Harlow is so adorable!

    • Anonymous

      That is so rude.

  • J.D.

    Harlow is such a little cutie pie! She’s one of my favorite celeb kids.

  • Angela

    LOL, she is so adorable, my cheeks hurt from smiling!!!

  • Shirilicious

    This is what is called curly hair and not a rat’s nest. Moron.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of ppl in my family went to Indiana University. It was a pretty big day in my life when I figured out the logo was an I and U superimposed on eachother, and not some sort of candleabra. I’m talking, I’ve seen the logo since I was a newborn, so I had to learn a bit about reading and graphic design before I could decipher the logo.

    Anyone else?

  • Anonymous

    She is so beautiful!! I love her curly hair.

  • Anonymous

    So cute! She is gorgeous!!!

  • Anonymous

    GO IU!! So cool to see a celeb wearing IU apparel:)

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with some of you people?
    How could you ever say that about a toddler? Amazing.
    This little girl obviously shows the african genes from her mothers side.
    Nicole Richie is not half African American, I think shes a fourth, maybe.
    And btw @ p!nk Africans/African Americans do have tightly curled hair, unless they have other ethnicities running through their blood.

    • p!nk

      love me

  • Anonymous

    She is so cute, although she reminds me of Spencer from King and Queens show…don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    thanks .

  • Anonymous

    She is a cutie pie looking at the different pictures it looks like the wind is blowing her hair. I think her curls are lovely. FYI African/African American hair textures vary not just tightly curled and you don’t have to have other ethnicities in your heredity either to have those other textures.

  • Maria

    Nicole is African American and Irish but she self-identifies as Black. Harlow has beautiful loosely curled hair.

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