Mariah Carey’s Growing Baby Bump

Mom-to-be Mariah Carey showed off her growing bump as she left a doctor’s office in Los Angeles, California yesterday (January 6).

When asked if she and her husband Nick Cannon have picked out names for the twins on the way, the singer replied “yes,” but didn’t divulge any more details.

Last month the excited dad-to-be dad confirmed speculation that they’re expecting two babies, announcing on his radio show, “I didn’t even tell my wife I was gonna do this. I’m probably gonna get yelled at for not getting permission…We are having twins!”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Courtney

    she looks beautiful I couldn’t be happier for her & Nick

  • mackenzie

    She’s getting bigger

  • Anonymous

    Glowing! 🙂

  • Courtney

    Mariah isn’t being self indulgent during pregnancy she’s actually trying to be healthy give the woman a break your supposed to gain 45lbs with twins. plus she was on progesterone before conceiving and during the first trimester because of her previous loss. try to put yourself in her shoes how would you feel if you were expecting again after a miscarriage probably scared that it would happen again thankfully in Mariah’s case it was a one off occourance and she and the twins are healthy which is all that should mattter

  • Anonymous

    She has always been and will probably always be tacky even with all her money.

  • Jen

    Mimi looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She is totally glowing! I’m thrilled for her and Nick! And as for negative comments regarding her weight and outfit…please stop. Such comments are pathetic and out of line. Mariah was photographed visiting the doctor for a routine check up. She is in a basic sweatsuit, pregnant with twins. It’s just unfortunate the press are so invasive these days…poor mimi can’t even visit the doctor without paparazzi snapping photos followed by blogs posts and rude comments. Anyway, congrats to Nick and Mariah! Their babies will be gorgeous! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    @8:18n Almaisfatlikeapig:

    Such hatred for a ignorant person. God hates people like you and that’s why your life is so horrible. You are a vapid shitbag.

  • tre

    She looks sloppy, couldn’t she buy decent maternity clothes with her $$$?

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