Willow Smith Is Following In Her Dad’s Footsteps

We all know that 10-year-old singer Willow Smith has inherited some mad skills from dad Will Smith. And now it appears that the Whip My Hair singer will be following even closer in her dad’s footsteps when crafting her debut album – she’s working with Will’s former hip-hop partner DJ Jazzy Jeff, 25 years after he launched DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince with Will.

It all makes sense, since Willow recently admitted she’d love to record a new version of the successful hip hop duo’s 1988 hit single Parents Just Don’t Understand.

“There’s a possibility that I will… it’s a really great song,” Willow said of the rumored remake.

Rapper Skillz has been brought on board to write lyrics to Jeff’s beats and reveals he also has a history with Will. “Me and Jazzy Jeff are…working on some stuff for Willow Smith’s album. I worked with her dad on a few projects before so I have a relationship with him,” he said.

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  • Anonymous

    At least someone thinks it’s a great song =P

  • mackenzie

    Didn’t willow say she is following her mother footsteps? Now she is following her father footsteps. this little girl is confusing. Willow is trying to hard to grow up and be successful at a young age.

  • Katie Knocka

    I don’t really think that Willow is confused at all. She is lucky to have both mother and father’s for support. Kids like me can only wish that we had it like that, full support of both parent. Five years I have been working hard, and I am only ten years old also. I am a Producer and I have a Super-Duper Producer now, 88Keyz in the ATL who is taking me own. I have my own OG (Old Grandmother supporting me and my mother.) Willow’s parent are two outstanding individual in their own rights and why can’t she take a little bit from both? No hating, Willow talent speaks for itself with Wipe My Hair! This world we are living in is large, and children that can make choices at an early age with parent who care about them! It is called creative powers on earth, released by God. Willow, I am behind you, keep making mad music for us, and all those of the world who love and appreciate what you do.

    Katie KNocka
    The Princess of the South

  • Katie Knocka

    Another One for Real! O’kay…here we go! From The Brain of Katie Knocka. This one is for all the children of the world, Lil girls and boys with or without Role Models, kids whose creativity never ends! We love music, we like to perform, we hit the booth, cut up, get loose and make it do what it do! We also love learning, everything, and without our parent, family and friends, who else will support us in our activities? WE might never become Super Stars, but we are born Stars, bright and shiny! We might not ever have the support like Willow has, but I am sure that she has worked just as hard as we do…in her craft. Nevertheless, it will never stop us…we will blind those with no understanding with the light from above. I have sought wisdom and knowledge concerning kids like me living in America. Tyler Perry the Great, he is the one who made me understand at the end of his play, Madea Big Happy Family, when he started to preach, why it was so hard for him, and why sometimes it feels like no one in the world cares, and plus those who could have helped, didn’t…simply because it is a God’s Thing! I want Kids to understand, it was God who helped Mr. Perry and he will help us too! Am I preaching…Oh, I sorry! But I do tell them not to give up, because I don’t! I’ve looked high and low for a Role Model, and I came up with this woman, she is amazing! She is like me, and she looked like me also, she is a Queen…Her name is Sheba… I have a song about her, in her honor and if kids like me could take time to learn of someone who is a real, model to follow, why not go to the land of the South, Ethiopia! Sheba…over five thousand years ago left a legecy for her children in America! Well, I am a Princess, afterall, my Father is King of Kings!

    Katie Knocka
    Gotta Go…I hear Granny moving around!

  • Anonymous

    Katie- what are you on? You are seriously trippin’!

    • Katie Knocka

      I am ten years old. And I do be tripping and dipping when it comes to children and elderly people. I am a hip hop artist and I am also a humanitarian. I have two books that I am trying to publish, “I Still Have This Dream, and Sheba Star!” Yes I am tripping…hard! But right now I am tripping because I want to raise enough money to help in Haiti…

  • Rebecca

    Katie, first of all nobody is going to waste time reading alll what you have typed. Second there is no way in hell you are 10.

    • Katie Knocka

      O’Kay! I am older…I will be eleven in seven months! Question, did you read it? You sound so much like my first grade teacher…I proved her wrong! Much love, Katie Knocka

  • 51alicious

    I agree–Katie isn’t 10.

  • Mz Pretty gyal

    Willow is adorable and she is the same age as me and wen she follows Will Smith’s footsteps i will follow hers!! 😀

  • spunky diva

    willow is actually following her father`s footsteps.she is not confused……

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