The Stefani-Rossdales Are Ready To Party

Sporting skinny red pants and a combed over ‘do, 4-year-old Kingston was all dressed up for his pal Harlow Madden‘s birthday party in Beverly Hills, California yesterday (January 8). Love the little tie!

The stylish preschooler and his little brother Zuma, 2, arrived at the star-studded party with their parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

Harlow’s 3rd birthday party was packed full of celebs, including Sara Gilbert, Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand how this kids’ parents can dress him like this. I live in the LA area, and almost all kids I see are dressed “normal”. On second thought, look at the way the mom is dressed–looks like she’s like a circus master

    • JMO

      But this child will never be “normal” they don’t live a “normal” life or have “normal” lifestyles.

      I happen to like the little dudes outfit!! Doesn’t seem to bother him.

  • Sanna

    After such a childhood he must get so bored by fashion in his teens….there will be nothing to experience for him anymore.

    • Anonymous

      pretty soon he’ll be old enough to know better and wont let her do this anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I’am in love with the look of Gwen ! She’s so perfect <3 !
    Kingston & Zuma too!

  • Anonymous

    ohh lol (; you must be so jealous! only cause your kids are not perfect !??
    Kingston is just the cutest <3 and Zuma too!

  • Anonymous

    In the interest of accuracy, it looks like they arrived with their parents and their nanny. Funny how all the other celebs in attendance are able to handle a birthday party without a nanny.

  • Anonymous

    I adore Gwen and the boys but dying your 4 year old hair is a little but ridicoulous! And the outfit too much! I am all for fashion but kids got to play and that is not an outfit to play in!

  • LeeLee

    Those boys are so cute but the clothes they wear are usually for “show.” I can’t imagine that they would be comfortable in them. My oldest son was in a wedding recently and couldn’t wait to get the dress clothes and shoes off. To each his own though. Having boys myself, I’m always amazed how she gets them to dress like that voluntarily. On a different note, Zuma is getting so big and is absolutely adorable (as is his brother).

  • Anonymous

    OMG! Kingston’s outfit is horrible!

  • Anonymous

    I Love Gwen Clothes !!!! She’s just so beautiful and perfect , I Love her !!!!
    Gavin is beautiful too !!! 🙂
    My God !!! My Love Kingston !!! 😮 , He’s just beautiful and gorgeous !!!!!
    I love his jacket , his shirt , his pants and his little tie !!! he’s a perfect model just like mommy !!
    My Baby Zuma is beautiful too !! His little hat with his sweater and his jeans !!! My Baby is perfect just like Kingston !!!
    In short , a beautiful , wonderful and perfect familly !!!

    • anonymous

      You have issues!!!

  • Audrey

    The last time I wore a jacket a little on the small side – and that’s how this one looks – I felt like I was strangling.

    But he is a cute little boy.

  • Lioness

    I loooove Gwen’s sense of style, especially for her boys… Kingston and Zuma look VERY handsome :-). Definitely more fun than the khakis and sweater vests that many parents put on their boys for parties…

  • Grandma of Four

    Cute…Cute…Cute! And, FUN! For heavens sake, with so much else to “stress” about in this world, the boys outfits should be last on the list! You can bet that when “Kings” and “Zum” start school there will “No Doubt” be adjustments to their attire! I do, however, wish Gwen would start cutting back on the bleached hair and let Kingston be NATURAL! He would still be quite fashion forward and cute as a button! 🙂

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