Adam Sandler & Family: Sunday Strollin’

Adam Sandler, his wife Jackie and their two daughters Sadie, 4, and Sunny, 2, were spotted taking a stroll in Santa Monica, Calif. on Sunday (January 9).

At one point Sunny got upset, but calmed down when her mom took her on her lap.

The actor recently showed up at the People’s Choice Awards with a black eye!

“I wanted to go see the Black Eyed Peas and the lady thought I said, ‘Black eye, please,'” Adam joked.

He was reportedly injured while playing basketball.

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Photo credit: Fame/Flynet

  • Cutekids

    Wow Sadie looks just like her mom;

  • Anonymous

    we all have rights to our opinions, if a person is ugly or pretty it is how life is you are one or the other. If you took 10 kids all age 4 and rate them on how they look sure enough someone is going to be ugly and Sadie is most likely on the low end. I dont think it has anything to do with the way she dresses she kinda of looks like the femal version of her Dad and I love Adam he cracks me up but he dosent make a good looking female. And NO I dont hide behind Anonymous my name is very common it wouldnt make a difference if you knew my first name or not

  • Anonymous

    It is not about whether she is pretty or “ugly”. It is about stupid, narrowminded individuals who not only judge children, but worse, voice their horrible little opinions out loud. You are the people who belittle others, just to feel like a bigger person yourself. The better people have no need to say these thoughts about a child. Everyone who calls out a child as ugly over the internet is only hurting their own pathetic selves. And furthermore, why does EVERY child of a celebrity have to be a little beauty queen? What is so WRONG about having a child that looks average, or perhaps less than? I enjoy seeing pictures of Sadie and Sunny. They look and dress different than every other “perfect” little child on this site, and I think they are interesting and unique. Their parents don’t seem to be ashamed of them at all, and I am happy for them!

  • Dumb A

    Wow the A really is stupid.
    not only a bully but also retarded that doesn’t
    know what a bully is.!!!!!!
    Wow. I mean ooopss ‘ mentally challenged’.
    Get a dictionary u freak.

  • RL

    they look like kids in the 80’s with the hair and clothes… thats kinda cute

  • Websters def. Bully

    Websters definition of …. bully;
    a tormentor of those smaller and weaker.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Just WOW. It is scary that some of these vile posters have children. God help them. One actually said being called ugly isn’t the same as calling someone dumb or stupid. And another who says anyone defending a child they don’t know must have an empty life? I would think someone who will defend someone, whether they know them or not, would be a pretty good person. It sounds like you are suggesting that we shouldn’t care about people we don’t know. That is just not a good philosophy to live by.

  • Hugs

    They look like cute little teddybears just like their
    big teddybear father …….Hugs!!!!!!!!

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