Vince Vaughn On Family Life: “It’s Just A Great Feeling”

Vince Vaughn is loving being a new dad. Since his wife Kyla Weber gave birth to their daughter Locklyn Kyla three weeks ago, he has embraced family life.

He tells ET Canada, “I’ll tell you … When Kyla and I had the first pediatrician appointment, we gotta get the car seat and put it in the back of the car. Kyla buckled up and I got in the car. And I was like, ‘We’re a family.’ We’re going to an appointment as a family. It’s just a great feeling.”

Vaughn, 40, also acknowledges the normal worries that come with parenthood.

He says, “My thing is getting ahead [of myself] and worrying about stuff. She’s only three weeks old, right?! People are like, ‘Where is she going to college?’ I didn’t even know she wanted to go to college!”

In another interview promoting his new film, The Dilemma, he tells Access Hollywood that he helps out with the baby

I’m feeding the baby. I’m breastfeeding. I have been breastfeeding this child, and it’s just not eating. It’s skinny! The baby is one pound!”

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  1. melo1983

    Aw :] that’s really sweet!

  2. carrie

    Awe That is super sweet!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Great name, My new nephew, 7 months old, is named Lachlan. FANTASTIC

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