Alyson Hannigan’s Park Picnic

Actress Alyson Hannigan packed a snack for her adorable 1 1/2-year-old daughter Satyana when the pair, along with dad Alexis Denisof, took a trip to a park in Los Angeles, California on the weekend (January 8).

As always, the happy family seemed to be having a great time – something had the How I Met Your Mother star in stitches at one point!

Alyson and her daughter will both be celebrating birthdays on March 24: She’ll be turning 37 while little Satyana will be 2.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    She’s still eating pureed food, she has teeth!

    • Anonymous

      Alyson is SUCH a bad mother. She could have take a piece of meat and brocolis with her for the snack in the park. I am so happy I found another perfect parent to create a club. We could call it “I love to give advices you didn’t ask me if you don’t do everything like me because I’m perfect”.Give me a flying high 5 .

      By the way. Satiana is 18 month old. Why isn’t she using a fork and a knife? ANd why is she playing in a park instead of learning her alphabet? poor kid…

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously and Alyson is spoon feeding her…celeb kids I tell you are so spoiled and pampered!

  3. klutzy_girl

    Really? What’s so wrong with her spoon feeding Satyana? This is one time and we don’t know how she eats all the time!

    And I hope Aly’s next in the baby boom!

  4. Audrey

    Hmm. Maybe it’s diced as in fruit. Maybe she’s encouraging her to start eating or maybe “one last bite.” Unless Mom is feeding her in the school cafeteria I wouldn’t read much into a random photo.

  5. Anni Mouse.

    Professionally the parents have really low profiles, and whenever they get papped they and the child are perfectly groomed. I think they arrange these photo shoots. Granted the girl is freaky adorable.

  6. Me123

    If you look closely at the 3rd picture, it looks like there is a spoon in her mouth and the next picture looks like she’s eating. Clearly there is no feeding in those pictures by Alyson. Maybe, like someone said, it was a final bite type thing. And the food also looks like little piece of fruit.

  7. Anonymous

    They are just SO CUTE. Seriously, can this family get any more adorable? I love how they go on outings as a family on weekends. Baby girl looks so loved.

  8. Tamara Tanako

    So CUTE!!!! ^_^
    Alyson seems to be an AWESOME mom!
    Don’t give credits to jealous people who’s spoiling with their lame comments Alyson!
    Pretty Family!!! Trop mignon baby!!!
    Tamara from Paris.

  9. familyalways04

    Anybody who has mean comments about Alyson and her adorable daughter can just stop looking because in case you haven’t noticed you don’t have to look at the cute pictures. I really hope some of you don’t have kids because you would be terrible parents. Alyson is a great mother and you should all just keep your comments to yourself because nobody else wants to see them. Alyson Hannigan is amazing and the best actress out there so leave her alone!

  10. Anonymous

    People who seriously believe famous people are so obsessed with their own fame that they arrange to have the paparazzi follow them around taking photos are people who do not have a clue what they’re talking about.

    Seriously, Alyson Hannigan gets photographed when she’s doing grocery shopping, or grabbing a coffee. They got photographed taking their daughter to the doctor. Do you really think they call some paparazzi hotline and say “hey, our kid is sick, come take photos of us as we leave our house?”

    LOL, no.

  11. suzan

    OMG You people just CRITIQUE!!!!!!!
    I have a 2 years old and I still feed him most of the time!!!!!!! I dont give him puree though, he eats everything, but he loves when I feed him, maybe he is spoiled, he is my son, he will get used to eat by himself eventually!!!
    And how do you know???????? Maybe Satyana doesnt eat anything else but puree??? just preference??? I have a friend whose daughter didnt eat anything but MILK, and its not breastmilk it was formula milk until she was 1.5 yrs old.. how about that? she was sooooooooo thin but she couldnt beat her, she was stubborn!!!!! now she is almost 2 and eating eevrything. For God’s sake, give kids a break

  12. Anonymous

    satyana is soo cute!!

    and for the critics – aly has answered on twitter:
    “alydenisof alyson hannigan
    @ @celeb_babyscoop thanks!BTW, as for the comments, she was eating yams(not pureed)& she feed herself most of the snack. I fed her 2 bites. 🙂
    12 Jan.”

    so nothing with puree and feeding everytime.

  13. Anonymous

    Really!? What’s wrong with you people?? What about to mind your own business and not judging the others for every single thing?? God, get a life! As if a picture was enough to tell if someone is or not a a good mother -.-“

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