Honor Marie Warren: Play Date Cutie

Honor Marie Warren was spotted heading to a play date in Brentwood, California with her nanny on Tuesday (January 11).

Love her outfit!

Her mom Jessica Alba recently talked about how Honor is getting easier to handle.

She’s 2 ½ now. She’s just getting her opinions and she’s able to voice them now. When she gets frustrated, she can talk about it. Before, it was just screaming and crying and I didn’t know how to fix it. Now we can communicate. There are rewards and time outs. There are ways to manage what’s going on. I don’t feel so lost. But you have to stick to your guns. It’s very hard.”

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  1. mackenzie

    honor is the most stylish toddler in Hollywood.watch out suri cruise

  2. Anonymous

    I just hate all this most fashionable toddler in Hollywood..who gives a s**t, really? They are so young to be put them in competition with others, but then again we live in a society where competition is valued. Frankly, I like seeing the Affleck kids or the Maguire kids because their outfits seemed like it didn’t take a lot of planning to do. Whenever Honor goes out, it seems like her mom had to put a lot of time and effort to make sure everything matches. She puts a damn scarf on the kid for heaven’s sake and they live in L.A.

    • Kai

      Agree! It gets so boring seeing all those super stylish kids here on cb. Like its the only occupation or worry of their parents to create the right image. So shallow….
      And yeah, its the Afflecks or the Maguires that make this fresh difference here, seeming to care about more important things.

    • antigoniem

      Here’s a little thought for ya. Maybe Jessica walked into a store, thought the outfit was cute and it would be cute and appropriate on her daughter, then she purchased the outfit, and went home and put it on Honor. You act like your parents wanted to stuff you into a cute little outfit when you were a child. It’s not like she’s in a mini skirt and hooker heel. GEEZ

      @ the person who created an entire dress code for playdates (pants and sneakers), she’s a girl who was probably going on a playdate with another little girl, put two and two together, and you’re probably gonna end up with a tea party, or a pretty pretty princess party or whatever you wanna call it.

  3. mackenzie

    Wow someone has problems. You really need to chill. I just like the way honor is dressed. How does it seem like Jessica plans her daughter’s outfits? That is a ridiculous statement. All I said was honor is stylish nothing bad. Not like I’m judging honor looks. So chill out.

  4. Alma

    I always thought when (celebrity) parents try to dress up their kids and look like their made a whole effort into doing so, they try to overcompensate for something missing there. Just say’ng!!!

  5. Anonymous

    i was always dressed nicely when i went out in public by my mother, and it wasn’t long before i was insisted on picking out my own clothes! though i was no suri who started at 18mo. owell we can’t all be the next coco!

  6. maria

    Gwen’s boys are the most stylish kids in Hollywood.

  7. Anonymous

    Alma So it’s ok for non celebrity to “dress up” their kids (I don’t know how you can call a knit dress and tight to keep her legs worm and boots dress up) but not ok for celebrities “dress up” their kids. Celebrities can’t want their kids to look nice without people saying that overcompensate for something do they have to look like their parents buy their clothes at Wal-Mart, Garanimals or Gymboree for it to be ok with you.

  8. Jules

    Am I the only one who thinks it a little odd that the paparazzi are stalking a 2 year old? I mean, she’s not even with Jessica!

    • Anonymous

      Nope! I also thought that!!!
      I dont have a daughter, but I do dress my son to look cool, in my opinion anyway. I dont get into a strop re this or get myself into debt… but I do like him to look trendy. I always dress him in comfy fabrics and he tells me he likes ‘ soft trousers’, so he wears joggers etc that are soft on his skin. Honor also looks to be wearing ‘soft’ clothes, they may be cool, but to her I’m sure they are jus confy.

      Well done Jessica! More of the same please 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yep, I agree too – it’s creepy and perverted if you ask me. These guys are scary and there should be legal repercussions.
      Not going to comment on her outfit, how cute she is or how she stacks up relative to other celeb kids, sorry.

  9. Anonymous

    Anyone know what brand that dress is or where I can find it?

  10. Anonymous

    love her outfit and she is so precious
    people should not be writting this bad comments of her she is only 2 and doesnt even know you all exist!!

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