Mark Wahlberg Quit Pot For His Kids

Actor Mark Wahlberg admits that his pot-smoking days extended into fatherhood, though he says he soon had to drop the habit for the sake of his kids.

“I stopped smoking weed for my kids,” Mark said at the weekend’s Palm Springs Film Festival, where he was accepting Variety‘s Indie Impact Award. “One day, we were driving and you could smell it from somewhere. My daughter asked what the smell was so I told her it was a skunk. Then she said, ‘Sometimes Daddy smells like that!’ to me and my wife. So I knew I had quit.”

Mark and his wife Rhea Durham are parents to kids Ella Rae, 7, Michael, 4, Brendon, 2, and Grace, who turns 1 today.

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  • JMO

    really his baby turns 1 toda?! where does the time go??

    And that’s good he gave it up. Should of done so before the babies came along but it’s good he recogonized he had to give it up for his kids.

  • Anonymous

    That’s embarrassing that he kept doing it long enough for his daughter to recognize the smell. If you have kids, pot should be the last thing on your mind, period.

  • Miss Manners

    Really, Marky Mark??? REALLY?!?!?! Your kid knew what pot smelled liked because you couldn’t put that bong down long enough to kiss your kid goodnight without wreaking of the stuff?? REALLY!?!?!?!?

    And the Father of the Year Award goes to…..

  • JMO

    Mark’s done a lot of changing and sometimes it does take your child to change – granted not to the point she recognizes the smell of pot. I know my brother had a lot of growing up to do when his first son was born and it took him a few years to figure it out. For guys I feel they take a lot longer to grow up.
    Mark’s removed all his gang related tattoo’s and he gave up pot and changed his life around for his kids so all we can do is wish him well and congratulate him for finally changing. I mean there are plenty of dead beat dads out there who don’t give a damn about their kids or what they do in front of them. Mark isn’t the first and wont’ be the last.

  • Jack109

    Ahem (stepping up onto my soap box) SMOKING POT DOESN’T MAKE YOU A BAD PARENT… (Stepping down now) There are far worse things in this world that people do but it is good that he quit if he felt like he needed to. If you recognize all the horrible things people do to and around their children pot is one of the least horrible things you could do. I’d rather see some people smoke a joint and veg out on the couch than get drunk and enraged and hurt someone.

    • Anonymous

      Ok, smoking pot does not make you a bad parent, but its not good. Drinking does not make you a good parent either. These are both not good. There are worse things you colud do… bit there are also much better things you could do.

      If this guy has turned his life around… then well done… and health and happiness to them all.
      If he has not, then I hope he has the strength to do so 🙂

    • Miss Manners

      Sorry, I’m all for doing whatever the heck you want to do when you’re an irresponsible teenager or an adult who lives at home in their mother’s basement, but when you’re a parent, you shouldn’t be engaging in illegal activities. I’m not against marajuna or those who partake [at all] but it IS an illegal activity and parents should not put themselves at risk for being arrested when they’re out doing a drug deal [because even if you think pot is “no big deal” you still have to buy it from a drug dealer – HELLO!]. I’m sorry, but once you decide to have children, lots of things need to change. “____isn’t the worst thing” is not good enough when you’re a parent. Sorry.

      • Chris

        This is the smartest way to make the comment. No sense crying over it, just move on to newer, better lifestyle.

        • MarkW

          First of all the veracity of your comment only goes so far… There are multiple states within the USA that condone the use of marijuana at a state level (FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES – this is for the haters =) ), so for you to go and say that it’s an illegal activity, implying that it’s simply illegal everywhere, is sheer absent mindedness. 😎

  • Anonymous

    He should have just slapped her and told her to shut the F up.

  • Anonymous

    Marky Mark, should take a reality break.

    I started smoking pot for my kids. WTF? yeah I did. I was taking 6 Percocet / day every day to deal with chronic pain. I was an A$$ whole. Complete. It made me irritable and was destroying my liver. I got a liver test showing the decline.

    I got on MMJ, and cut that all out. Marky Mark is just another hollywood idiot, trying to get the White Republicans to like him.

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