Why Michael Douglas Took His Kids To Cancer Treatments

Michael Douglas says he has won his battle with cancer, adding that he’s glad he brought his two children, Carys, 7, and Dylan, 10, along for his treatments.

He said, “I took them down to a couple of radiation treatments. So they came into the room and they saw all the Star Wars treatment going around. And they saw them put the mask on your face because they have to kind of bolt you down, like Hannibal Lecter.

“At that age it was good for them. I mean, they thought it was cool, you know, all this space age stuff. So it made up for all those days when dad was lying on the couch and couldn’t get up.”

To celebrate the 66-year-old actor’s clean bill of health, he and wife Catherine
took the kids to their favorite restaurant last week.

“We dined on oysters and toasted with Shirley Temples,” Douglas said.

Zeta-Jones added, “He also indulged in a glass of wine, his first since his diagnosis in August.”

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  1. JMO

    I went to my dad’s cancer treatments I was only about 9 the first go around and 12 the second. I also was there to support my cousin when we were 13 and she was going through chemo. It was good for me to feel a part of what was going on.

  2. Anonymous

    I took my sons 10 and 12 to my chemo and rad treatments, even when I was sick and down they went. It took the mystery out of it and they thanked me for taking them, they are now 12 and 14 and I am about to go for another round of chemo and sure enough they will be going with me to a few

    • Annika

      I wish all the best to your treatments! Have massive doses of vitamin C as well, it really helps with your recovery!
      Regarding Michael, I’m really happy he recovered. He became such a positive role model for fathers. I love him speaking out and being honest about his flaws as a father for Cameron and for being present for their two kids with Cathrine.
      Taking older kids to treatments I guess is just being very honest, isn’t it?

  3. JMO

    good luck with your treatments!

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