Christina Aguilera & Her Birthday Boy

Getting an early start to his birthday celebration – he turns 3 today! – Max Bratman headed to happiest place on earth yesterday with his mom Christina Aguilera (January 11).

The pair were joined by a few friends, including Xtina’s new boyfriend Matt Rutler. The musical mama and her beau even donned Mickey Mouse ears for the occasion.

Christina recently talked about her decision to divorce her ex Jordan Bratman, saying, “Things were so unhealthy and unhappy for both Jordan and me, I knew I had to end it. I really didn’t want to hurt Jordan, and I felt torn about splitting our family up.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Hate to judge… I think it is such a bad idea to get your kid involved with another man before the divorce is even final. Poor Jordan must be hurting…

    • Victoria

      Gott agree with Anonymous on this one. The divorce isn’t even final and you haven’t been with this man that long, why do you have him around your kid, inviting him to his birthday celebration, and inviting him knowing that Jordan was going along. And I don’t usually like to jump in too much about cheating and this that or the other, but I have to say that she cheated. Sometimes we just have to use our common sense and common sense is saying if you were hanging with someone as close as she’s hanging with the dude, the moment you breakup with your husband or girlfriend, then something was going on beforehand.

      • antigoniem

        We don’t know exactly how long they separated before they announced the divorce.

  • Anonymous

    What is it with all these identical strollers? I count 3 turquoise strollers.

  • Violet

    If she really didn’t want to hurt Jordan, perhaps inviting the man she left him for to their son’s birthday was the wrong move. She seems very self absorbed.

  • Anonymous

    If you look at the picture of the empty stroller (the one with all the balloons), you can see the Disneyland logo on the front. That would explain the matching strollers 🙂

    • Anonymous

      thanks! Never been there… 🙂

  • lauradtac

    Awwww, dat poor lil guy dont got no chin!

  • Heart

    Nice !

  • Brooke

    Did she REALLY have to bring along her new boyfriend?? I’m sure that’s exactly what her son wanted. Selfish.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Christina can you go anywhere without your nanny and I know that is your nanny she is always photographed with you everywhere. Thats pretty low your not a single woman at all like you “claim”. You have Jordan’s help while your out partying, your in-laws, and your new boy-toy Matt Rutler who barely knows your kid and you’ve already moved him in according to TMZ thats really low and I don’t care what anyone says something went down during her marriage, she dated Matt basically right after she filed for divorce there is photos proving what dates she last seen with Jordan Sept 29th having dinner then Oct 11th files for divorce. She was having her cake and eating it too. She is so self absorbed and really lost and needy. Any woman that cannot be without a man is very needy. Her and Matt won’t last long so then what will her what will she move in another guy after that and introduce them to Max. Your 30 not 20 thats not healthy as least wait 6-7 months first before you introduce your son to new people

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