Update: Kate Hudson Is Pregnant!

Update: A source has confirmed to PEOPLE that Kate Hudson is indeed pregnant.

“They couldn’t be more excited,” the insider says. “Kate is really happy. She was always excited to have kids again at some point.”

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A source confirms to US Weekly that Kate Hudson is 14 weeks pregnant!

“It was not planned, but they are excited and embracing it,” the insider reveals, referring to the 31-year-old actress and her boyfriend Matthew Bellamy.

Hudson is excited that her 7-year-old son Ryder will have a playmate.

“She is happy for Ryder to finally have a brother or sister,” says the source.

The actress has not confirmed the happy news yet.

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  • klutzy_girl

    Not believing until PEOPLE confirms, but holy crap. Now who’s next if this is true?

    • ME2

      Please! Us is very reliable. Their source is probably Goldie.

  • Evana

    Uh. I did not see this one coming! Most shocking so far this year..

  • elle

    “She is happy for Ryder to finally have a brother or sister,” says the source.

    Doesn’t Ryder already have a sister?

  • Rebecca

    “She is happy for Ryder to finally have a brother or sister” <--- Epic Fail Anyways, If it is true then congrats to her and Matthew!

  • klutzy_girl

    The author of the book that her next movie is based on confirmed the pregnancy! Still waiting for PEOPLE, though!

    • Anonymous

      They have confirmed it.

  • Anonymous

    She has been sleeping with so many men, it was just a matter of time.
    And yes Ryder already have a sister.

  • snaperulz

    Congratulations if it’s true. Wow, somethings in the water in Hollywood. It seems there’s an announcement(s) daily.

  • Courtney

    these things go in cycles always have though now a days stars don’t get privacy like they used to. if this is true congrats to them

  • Anonymous

    Does she even know who the father of the baby is? She sleeps with so many men!

    • Anonymous

      I agree!
      And she has no class!

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone so shocked? Accidental pregnancies happen all the time.

  • klutzy_girl

    PEOPLE just confirmed!

  • Anonymous

    She is an absolute tramp. How many men does she go through in a year? This will be one more baby daddy she’ll throw away by 2012. If she were my daughter, I’d be embarrassed. She’s a white trash celeb.

    • klutzy_girl

      Wow, what a rude comment.

      And she’s been with this one for nine months (LOL, irony), longer than the others!

    • Anonymous

      You are so right!

    • MiHay

      I absolutely agree with you. She’s a tramp who lays down with any guy that looks her way.

  • Anonymous

    she is a trashy pig! I bet this boyfriend is not even the father! I feel so sorry for Ryder having her as a mother!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with this comment.
    And in about 10 months from now she”ll be sleeping with somebody else.

    • Anonymous

      Which comment? Why doesn’t anyone who comments here understand the concept of using nested replies? If you are responding directly to another comment rather than to the original post, you really should use the “reply” button under the comment you are responding to. Otherwise your comment doesn’t make sense.

  • Anonymous

    wow another pregnancy im kinda surprised by! congrats! its gonna be a fun year with all the celeb baby anouncements! (:

  • Anonymous

    I JUST literally like a month ago though – hey i wonder if and when will Kate have another kid, and there it is.
    Lot of pregnancies announced lately

  • Anonymous

    That makes her due around mid-July. Every time I look at this site, or People’s site, there’s another pregnancy announcement. I wonder if there’ll be another one later today!

    • Belinda Barnacle

      I think it makes her due date late July/early August. If she’s 14 weeks now, shes about 3 1/2 months…

      • Anonymous

        If you count 26 weeks from now, it’s mid-July. (26+14=40)

  • JMO

    I’m not suprised I think people just get to the point where they want more kids and they go okay your the one!
    I hope this one last for the baby’s sake. But won’t hold my breath on that!

  • Anonymous

    haha.. who is next?
    so many babies around will be born this year, it has to be a great year.
    i dont know why but something tells me that jessica alba will become second time mom this year.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulation to them . I hope baby will be healthy .

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