Katie Holmes & Her On-Set Sweetie

Looks like jet-setting duo Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are back home in Los Angeles, California. The actress and her pretty preschooler were spotted on the set of Katie’s new film Jack & Jill yesterday (January 11).

Suri, who was wearing a green dress and her favorite faux fur coat, seemed to have tons of fun spending the day with mom.

Earlier this week we spotted Katie and her daughter paying a visit to dad Tom Cruise in Vancouver, Canada, where he is working on the latest Mission Impossible flick.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Angela

    Based on the way Katie is dressed, Suri’s legs must be freezing!!!

  • ME2

    As usual.

  • Rebecca

    Woah. I usually defend Suri’s attire, but WTF! She has a winter coat on and a dress…..That makes totall sense…..

  • Anonymous

    Suri looks so cute! I’m sure she had fun seeing those animals.

    It’s actually been quite warm in L.A., like in the 70’s during the daytime. Geez, people could at least look it up before leaving their critical comments.

  • Alma

    This girl will have serious health repercussions later. Say like bladder infections that (if not treated) could lead to infertility? Poor kid. And if there were 70 in LA, would Katie wear a parca coat? Something must be wrong with their sense of reality.

    • Anonymous

      What health repercussions? Where did you get the bladder infection from?

  • SarahF

    It can’t be that cold if the guy holding the dog is wearing just a t-shirt

    • Anonymous

      It’s actually a little pig, not a dog XD…

  • Rebecca

    Why is Suri wearing a winter jacket in 70 degree weather? Explain that one -.-

    • Anonymous

      One reason I see that a young child would like to wear a coat even if it’s not cold, is for the fact, the child likes the coat? I noticed that some people leave critical about celebrities & their children, like the celebrity parents will even read what they are saying.

    • Anonymous

      because suri wears a coat on hot days and a summer dress on cold days :)))

  • Anonymous

    I meant to type ‘critical comments’.

  • Anonymous

    Is she still carrying around that tatty baby blanky??? Wow.

    • Anonymous

      Always! Actually, they brought two huge blankets.

  • sam

    maybe it is katie with an off sense of heat/cold? wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t eat a lot/ exercises like a mad woman and feels cold all the time….

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