Gwyneth Paltrow’s Busy, Busy Life

Between being a mom, her acting and now a budding country music career Gwyneth Paltrow has a full life. And now thanks to the newsletter from her successful website GOOP, we have a glimpse into Gwyneth’s busy day.

The Country Strong actress starts off by getting Apple, 6, and Moses, 4 – her kids with husband Chris Martin – ready for school. “Got Apple all fed and dressed in her uniform and ready to go but no sign nor sight of Moses at 8 am and we have to be out of the house by 8:20,” she wrote. “I went up to arouse the little man from slumber and he quite happily got up and crawled into my arms. We got downstairs and I made him a quick breakfast of eggs and toast followed by a spoonful of lemon flavored flax oil that I try to remember to give them both every morning.”

After consoling little Moses – he “was a bit teary today,” she said, Gwyneth next tackled her morning workout: 45 minutes of dance aerobics and then strength training.

While she was in the car en route to rehearsals for her debut singing performance at the November 10 Country Music Awards, Gwyneth did vocal exercises. “Sooo not a good look,” she said. “Fellow drivers looked on a bit bewildered.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing phone interviews, checking email and a fitting with her stylist. “We tried on a myriad of dresses and outfits, and I had b.o. by the end of it from wrestling with all of those dresses,” she said.

After the kids came home they made cupcakes for a bake sale, ate dinner and took baths. “It’s hair washing night for the kids (every other night — never popular),” she explained. After dinner Gwyneth still had energy for a night out with friends.

“I rushed downstairs to grab a blazer and some blush and flung myself in the car for girls night,” she said. “Lovely dinner and great conversation. 11:29 pm now, exhausted and ready to do it all again tomorrow!”

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  • Anonymous

    So basically her workday consists of talking on the phone, checking e-mail, and trying on clothes?

  • Anonymous

    Like I really believe Gwyneth is doing anything hands on with her kids other than driving and picking them up from school…who is she trying to fool?

  • Anonymous

    Sad for those kids. She is an attention whore. We all know re her depression. And yes, its hard, but she has told us about it….

  • Anonymous

    Paltrow-Martin, really Martin family have four nannies on-24/7 rotation

  • Annika

    I would like to like Gwyneth, but it’s so hard.

  • Chloe

    I find her new Domestic Goddess schtick irritating. I don’t get what is so hard about her life. Maybe she should try working a normal job while raising kids. A job where she is expected to show up at the same time every day, perform well and possibly work late. Then, pick up the kids from daycare, fix dinner, start laundry, bath time, play time/story time and putting the kids to bed. Then start cleaning up the house hoping to be in bed by 11 pm only to start the cycle all over again in the morning. Another factor is having to adjust to increasing grocery, clothing etc prices without a pay increase in over 4 years. I could only be so lucky to go to yoga, try on clothes, have my groceries delivered and then go out with the girls for the evening. She is out of touch.

  • Anonymous

    @Chloe you are so right, especially about the lack of pay increases and escalating prices of everything. My children are grown and out but it is very challenging for young families, Miss Paltrow should just be quiet (everyone has problems even the rich BTW; but please spare us these dairies of your daily life)

    • Chloe

      I am painfully aware everyone has problems. Perhaps next time you read a post about a celebrity’s daily diary, you should skip the comment section.

  • Anonymous

    @Chloe it was the celebrity dairy of Miss Paltrow in this post that I am referring to sorry if you took it mean yours. I was agreeing with you 🙂

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