Alicia Silverstone Is Pregnant!

The baby boom continues!

Alicia Silverstone and her husband of 5 years Christopher Jarecki are expecting their first child.

The actress, author and healthy living advocate is surely thrilled by the happy news – just last April she revealed that she felt “destined to be a mother.”

Not too long ago we spotted the Clueless star chatting with her friend – and brand new mom – Alanis Morissette. Maybe they were talking babies!

Congratulations to Alicia and Christopher!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. klutzy_girl

    LOL, I can’t even…

    At least this takes away the edge of waiting for today’s announcement and wondering if there was going to be one.

    Congratulations and now who’s next?

  2. Anonymous

    It’s kind of nice to hear a “____ and her husband” in these pregnancy announcements for a change. Seems like its mostly been “boyfriend/fiance” lately. (I know I’m a little old fashioned, but it’s still refreshing to hear about a Hollywood couple these days.)

  3. mackenzie

    Hollywood baby boom also marriage is not for everybody.

  4. Anonymous

    What does this have to do with Sally Field & the Beckham boys?

  5. Anonymous

    WOW! Everybody close your legs hahaha. What’s in Hollywood’s water these days….

  6. Anonymous

    I hope to join them…gonna try this year too! Can’t wait to see all these cute babies!

  7. HMMM

    it’s like a flash mob of celebrity babies!!!

  8. Anonymous

    we should now take action and “out” some more pregnancies…
    First, Evangeline Lilly, seen in November in Hawaii with a suspicious (obvious, more!) belly!

    we’ll see if she’ll take the advice and make an announcement too!
    whose rep will make a declaration to US or People tomorrow?

  9. Sonya

    I had a feeling Alicia would have a baby soon. She’s been making comments about wanting kids lately.

    I predict Naomi Watts and Liev will make the next announcement (or show an obvious bump).

  10. Courtney

    congrats to them as I’ve said many times you can’t always plan when your going to have children. these things have gone in cycles for decades

  11. hopeso

    Wonderful, wonderful wonderful….The best news i have heard in a long time. Congrats to her and her husband.

  12. twinsmomof4

    Congratulations! Get the extra hand every parent needs when its time to feed baby solid foods. Help Yourself Feeding Solution baby feeding tray grows with baby. Check out the Heart one perfect for Valentines Day Gift giving.

  13. Anonymous

    lately Jennifer Garner’s looked like she’s hiding a bump, too.

  14. Daisy Kenyon

    I knew this would be happening soon.

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