Gwen Stefani & Her Rocker Boys Head To Lunch

Gwen Stefani was seen with her two boys, Kingston, 4, and Zuma, 2 in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (January 14).

After picking up Kingston from school, they headed for an afternoon lunch at Hugo’s restaurant. Zuma looked extra stylish with a fedora hat and funky orange sunglasses!

It was announced this week that Gwen is the new face of L’Oreal Paris!

“I can’t believe I get to be one of the L’Oreal Paris girls,” said the singer. “I love playing dress up, on stage or shooting videos, it’s always been one of my favorite parts of being in a band. And to get to work with such a modern, talented group of people is really exciting.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. mackenzie

    Gwen dresses her boys funky.

  2. Anonymous

    She is trying way too hard.

  3. Anonymous

    Hopefully these kids will be able to dress in a style of their own choosing someday-not just what Mom wants them to wear. She is trying way too hard.

    • Anonymous

      Trying too hard to make her young kids fashion icons, but not trying too hard to be a hands on parent. Very rarely do you see her spending one on one time with her kids — always accompanied by a nanny, even when her husband is with her. You would think she could handle a trip to a restaurant, playground or a play date single handedly (like a lot of other celeb parents, I might add). It’s one thing to have a nanny care for your kids when you work, but when you are doing errands and supposedly spending time with your kids…….???? (Unless you have a lot of kids)

    • Anonymous

      Any mother who picks out clothes for her child are dressing them in their style, so how is Gwen different?

      Why should she not dress her boys how she dresses? It is how she likes to dress.. so of course her boys dress that way.

      So what.

  4. Anonymous

    This is ridiculous. I normally like Gwen, but it’s so obvious she sees her kids as her own fashion statement. Bleaching the kids’ hair, cutting it in ridiculous hairstyles, dressing them in uncomfortable, but loud outfits, and the other countless things she does is just way too much. I am starting to believe the rumors that she calls the paps often and that’s how she promotes her fashion lines.

  5. mackenzie

    Imagine Gwen had daughters. Those girls will be all dolled up. Can she dress her boys normal? She always dresses them weird and funky.

    • Anonymous

      This IS normal to her though. She owns her own fashion line for Christ sakes! It is how she dresses, and how she chooses clothes for her sons.

      People need to get over this dumb standard where children need to dress like every other child. As long as the clothes are comfortable, why should it matter?

  6. nes

    why would you bleach ya kids hair or hav black nail polish and ta clothes yeah it looks fashionable but their are just kids, what do their know about wats in trend.

  7. Anonymous

    She’s not hurting her kids, and so many parents ignore their kids any way for a lot of reasons. These two boys live in their parents world and she is getting them use to it. Most of you sound so critical for jealous reasons. Why should her sons have to look like your sons, or whatever you think is normal. You all are hypocrites anyway! Her sons will love their mother, and forgive her of these little small transgressions about style! Her sons will laugh at these many photos that will show her being with them. nanny and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Oh….em….gee….That is serisouly the most ridiculous looking outfit. Is she serisous? I’m all for letting parents ‘parent’ how they choose but this is just…..dumb. TRYING WAAAAAAAY TOO HARD to stand out and be ‘different’. Maybe it’s a joke. Maybe we are all being ‘Punked.” Lol!

  9. Anonymous

    Well I love it! I’ve always loved how she dresses her boys 🙂 They’re totally adorable.

  10. Grandma of Four

    I agree with Anonymous at 01:16 am! Cute! Cute!! Cute!!! They look like happy little guys! Gwen is with her kids…lots of photos on the Internet at a number of locations and events to demonstrate that! So what if she brings along the nanny! My daughter sometimes takes her babysitter with her to help out with my “grands”! Who cares!? “Kings” haircut is a bit over the top HOWEVER, I see many little guys at the elementary school where I teach with the same style! He’ll eventually let his mom know when it is time to do something more traditional. Plus, you can “No Doubt”, bet when the fellas start their formal education, their attire will adhere to what the school wants to see! I think it is fun to see what they will have on next! 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    I didn’t know her kids were preadolescent, not surprised she has got nannies all the time she needs 1hour each for getting them ready. OMG so tacky…

  12. Anonymous

    Still not einough accessories..Gwen has forgoten to give them some handbags as well still not enough accessories, just an idea.

  13. notafan

    I don’t care if it is a child. He looks ridiculous !

  14. Anonymous

    Does Gwen even realize that these are children, and NOT accessories?

  15. Anonymous

    Their clothes look comfortable and they look happy.

    Should anything else matter?

  16. Anonymous


    Ya right! Every 2 year old chooses to wear work boots, heavy jeans and a studded belt. Gee, forgot the ugly phony hat and too small glasses.
    Ya, that looks really comfy for a 2 year old in a diaper. Her kids look unhappy most of the time.

    And by the way. Every Pediatrician will tell you NEVER to bleach a childs hair that young. You could destroy the follicles and burn the skin. But, hey every 2 and 4 year old loves to sit and get their hair highlighted.NOT!

  17. FreeAndOpenMind

    Wow! What is up with all the negative, judgemental comments on here? You people need to unpucker that butt just a bit! So what if Gwen dresses her kids in a unique style? This is Gwen Stefani, not your typical ,middle America ,overweight mother who lives in sweats and shops at Walmart! I think the outfits on her kids are really cool and she probably dresses them up a bit more when they got out. So get over it people and worry about your own kids!

    • Anonymous

      i couldn’t agree with you more!
      oh & to one of the comments above, she has just recently been seen spending one to one time with zuma & kingston 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Oh Please. If it was not for her millions, she would shop at Walmart and be a typical ‘fat’ mother. Normal people do not have a stylist, physical trainer, nannies and a chef 24/7. You give any woman that and she will be so-called ‘cool’ and use her kids as dress-up puppets and accessories. Gwen is as fake as her hair and since she used Asian girls as props, she is a joke too. She has to use her kids now, she is not important anymore.

      P.S. Gwen grew up in Orange County, her fashion is manufactured, not created.

  18. Anonymous

    Of course she likes to play dress up. That’s why she had kids.
    I’m so sure these kids have their own fashion sense.

  19. Anonymous

    The jeans she puts on them look so uncomfortable. I don’t even like wearing skinny jeans, and I’m 29!!

  20. Anonymous

    Great job torturing your child, Gwen! He looks miserable and uncomfortable, and the untied boots are ever so trendy, yet so unsafe! One of these days, you’ll realize that your children are little humans, and not dolls for you to play dress-up with. Gross. Poor kid.

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