Megan Fox & Kassius: Lunch Date!

Megan Fox and her 8-year-old stepson Kassius stopped off for a healthy lunch today at the Sun Power Natural Organic Cafe in Studio City, California (January 13). He is such a cute kid!

Megan’s new husband Brian Austin Green – the longtime couple tied the knot in June – is quick to praise her as a stepmom to his son, saying:

She’s helped me raise him since he was two. He loves her to death and she loves him to death. They have a great relationship. That’s all I can ask for.”

Kassius’ mom is Brian’s ex, General Hospital star Vanessa Marcil.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Kassius looks just like his dad don’t you think! He’s such a beautiful kid.

  2. Anonymous

    He really is a handsome boy! Looks a bit like Megan (I know she is his step-mom) in that picture

  3. Anonymous

    Kassius is beautiful!! His parents Brian and Vanessa were such a gorgeous pair. And I’m glad to read, that he has an awesome relationship with Megan.

  4. Anonymous

    I think it’s great to see the boy with his step-mother, but why do we never see pictures of the boy with his real mother? She’s famous too, so why only paparazzi pix of him with Megan Fox?

  5. Organic

    I’ve eaten at SunPower Organic Cafe – great food. Wasn’t lucky enough to run into Megan Fox though.

  6. Misty

    It’s funny how Brian wants to praise Megan…what about the boys mama? And what does he mean Megan helped raise Kassius since he was 2? He was with Vanessa at the time because I remember seeing them on Dr. Phil potty-training Kassius as a couple. He needs to get it together..

  7. Anonymous

    Kassius is a gorgeous child. He really is the mirror image of Vanessa Marcil.

  8. Anonymous

    For those looking for pictures of Kassius and his mother Vanessa Marcil, there are a ton of this site including a beautiful array of pics of her when she was pregnant with him. Lots of Brian and Vanessa too.

    Just cut and paste the link into your browser since this site blocks against linking 🙂

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