Charlotte Church Resolves To Quit Smoking For Her Kids

Charlotte Church made a very important New Year’s resolution for 2011 – to give up smoking for the sake of her two kids Ruby, 3, and Dexter, 2. The singer previously quit during both of her pregnancies, but has since started up her habit again and is now determined to stop once and for all.

Charlotte says she doesn’t want her children to remember their mom “puffing away like a train.”

“Yes, I’m trying to give up smoking again,” she admits. “Although I have enjoyed the different tones it’s given my voice – it’s now more gravelly and low and more suited to the sort of music I’ve been doing.

“But I know if I keep smoking it will start to affect my voice in a bad way. Besides, I don’t want my children to remember me smoking, so I’d like to give up before they’re old enough to remember their mother puffing away like a train.”

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

  • Tazina

    Is she just saying this because she got photographed with a cigarette in her hand? She knows how dumb that looks. I hope she does truly plan on quitting, in public and behind closed doors. Children aren’t stupid. They know when their parent is smoking – if only by the way they smell.

  • Dutchie 5419

    Good plan. It brings us back to the soprano with the angelic voice.

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