Hilary Duff On Starting A Family: “Give Me A Little Bit Of Time”

Hilary Duff likes being a married woman. “It’s really good!” the singer said of her six-month marriage to hockey star Mike Comrie. So the next step is to start a family, right? Sure, says the singer, but not so fast…

“I think we’re really excited to have kids,” Hilary says. “He comes from a really big family. But I’m only 23, so give me a little bit of time.”

For now the former Disney star is enjoying her wedded bliss. “I think out of everything, we still have this really giddy excitement about each other that’s like, ‘We got married! Oh my god!’ Like, ‘You’re my husband,’ and, ‘I’m your wife…’ He’s just such a good guy,” Hilary gushes.

Career wise, a recent guest spot on Community has the actress itching for more. “I might want to do T.V.” she said. “Pilot season is coming up. That could be exciting. I’m [also] definitely getting the itch to want to sing again and I’m figuring out how I’m going to work that into my life right now.”

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  1. Kimb

    whoa! Somebody bought some boobies! Good for her.

  2. Some Guy

    I Love You Hilary <3 XOXOXO

  3. K-clarko

    She sounds way more mature than a college student. They sound cute and happy. A “normal” happy child star exists!
    Saw some recent pics. Her bbs didn’t look like this big… um yeah that is just a good bra… besides her profile, she is shown from the sides where it usually makes them look more prominent. They remind of this underwire bra I wore for my halloween costume. I usually don’t like how uncomfortable they feel so I don’t wear them but that night everyone was like whoa, where’d they come from, did you change something?. I guess *I* didn’t consider them that huge haha.

  4. Julianne

    two more years! at 25 would be perfect having kids

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