Jessica Alba & Honor: Ladies Who Lunch

Jessica Alba and daughter Honor, 2, were seen after meeting a friend for lunch in West Hollywood, Calif. on Friday (January 14).

Little Honor looked like such a proper young lady in her adorable dress.

Earlier this week Jessica treated her daughter to a brand new tricycle. Because it’s tough to get anywhere in Hollywood without a good set of wheels!

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Elizabeth

    WHY does she always feel the need to bring the nanny along? Most moms take 2-3 children out by themselves. Look at how Honor is looking back, wondering which one is really her mom. Disgusting.

    • Anonymous

      Nanny’s serve the purpose of security for this child also. Jessica is a celebrity and its possible this Nanny is also a relative and friend. However, if there were to be a security need, Jessica has provided for Honor to be cared for.

  2. mackenzie

    I find kind of odd she need a nanny for one child. Case in point Alyson and Alexis had one child I think I’ve never seen them with a nanny.

  3. Sarah G.

    Jessica looks so pretty. I love her hair like that. 🙂

  4. Alma

    She must be too exausted from sleeping through the night and not doing anything all day. God forbiden she has to face a child tantrum, it would estroy her “inner” balance. And whats the thing with that bow (saw J.Lows girl also parading one). Why not leaving the hair normal?

  5. Anonymous

    so what she has the money to have a nanny? she still spends time with her child. maybe jessica wants honor to feel comfortable weather she is around or not. i thinks
    he is providing a sense of consistency, and Stability

  6. abby

    how do you know that’s a nanny?

  7. Audrey

    Why couldn’t this woman not just be a friend? Or a relative? Or a co-worker? Doesn’t have to be a nanny.

  8. Anonymous

    that’s Honor’s nanny. If you look at others photos, you can see it’s the same woman that’s been working for Jessica the last couple of years. She also goes to vacations with the family like the one they took to Cabo and to France. I agree that it irks me when these celebs say that motherhood is easy etc. Well Jesica, do you really have to bring a nanny with you to Cabo when your hubby’s there as well? It’s basically saying “I can’t be bothered while I’m getting my tan, so please watch my kid.” Without her money, she will really know how hard motherhood is. I understand the nee for it when she’s filming, but she’s not.

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