Report: Ryan Reynolds Is Bonding With Sandra Bullock’s Son

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were spotted spending New Year’s Eve together and since then rumors have been swirling about a romance between the two. Now things have reportedly gotten so cozy between the Proposal co-stars that Sandra is even letting Ryan get closer to her son Louis, 1.

“Sandra loves the idea of Louis having a good male role model in his life,” a friend of the actress tells E!. The source adds that the Green Lantern star and Louis have already bonded. “They play together for hours, and Ryan even helps out changing the little fella’s diaper.”

The three reportedly spent time at one of Sandra’s homes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, exactly the type of family setting Ryan has longed for.

“Ryan loves children and has always wanted to be a dad,” a friend of the actor says. “He would have loved to have had a baby with Scarlett, but work always came first. Having a little baby around has made Ryan realize that life isn’t about making movies and money. It’s about surrounding yourself with love.”

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  • Victoria

    Does anyone else think it would be totally cute if they got together in real life???? Too cute! 🙂

    • angel

      totally!! they look great together…and the chemistry is undeniable!!!!!

  • klutzy_girl

    I would love if they got together, but I sadly doubt they are a couple.

  • k

    Sandras husband cheats on her and everyone os on sandras side, yet she could possibly have taken a part in ryans and scarletts break up and she is ‘right on’ and wouldnt it be cute, talk about one rule for onw and one for the other!!!

    • klutzy_girl

      Nobody ever once mentioned she could have been a part of Ryan and Scarlett’s break up.

  • Jai

    Body language check: Ryan looks really engaged. I think he has a little crush on Sandra. Sandra is normal treating this as a business occasion. She may have a little crush (he’s RYAN REYNOLDS!!!), it wouldn’t be appropriate to flirt on this occasion. (she is a lady).

  • Darlene

    Too cute! Beautifull couple and they look amazing together. I will love for them to become a real couple.

  • Viv

    I too would like to see Ryan & Sandra’s relationship develop into a romance.
    Jesse and Kat’s did.. so why not Sandra & Ryan’s?
    They’d be a totally cute couple. I think Ryan is a good role model and would make an excellent Dad for Louis!

  • AnnieMouse

    Whatever they decide to do relationship wise, I think it’s important for a child to have a good male role model in their life. Maybe they really are ‘just friends’ and she wants just wants Louis to have a strong positive role model… but I hope they date because I think they’re both awesome and would make a great (and adorable) couple!!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see according to divorce papers day of separation Dec 14 , two weeks later Ryan and Sandra in New orleans together. Why not wait at least a month after breakup before start bonding with her and her kid.iIf they are not together why wouldn’t he have started bonding with Louis before he left his wife. A “friend'”s kid needs a male role model , too

    • Mara

      Ryan and Scarlett had separated months before it became public. Did anyone ever actually see those two together when they were married? Who knows and who cares how quickly they got together. It could just be friendship.

      • Victoria

        Now that you mention it Mara, I never saw Scarlett Johanssen and Ryan together when they were married, and truthfully I didn’t know they were married until I came to CBS and the headline said that they were getting divorced.

  • Annika

    I would love these two getting together! Re: Scarlett and Ryan, funny enough, never for a second did I believe their marriage would last.

  • Anonymous

    thanks .

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