The Stefani-Rossdales: Lunch Date!

Lucky boys! Brothers Kingston, 4, and Zuma, 2, were treated to lunch at family favorite Chuck E Cheese’s in Burbank, California yesterday (January 15).

The adorable pair were spotted heading to the eatery with their parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale and a nanny.

Kingston is known for his funky sense of style – check out the skull and crossbones belt – but it was little Zuma who made the big fashion statement when the family stepped out earlier this week.

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Photo credit:, GSI Media


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  1. tkwe

    can’t they handle their 2 kids on their own?

  2. SWGs

    Am I the only one who sees his nails are painted purple?

  3. Elizabeth

    GOD this makes me hate celebrities. See how the nanny is doing all of the work? Why do they need her? Is she part of the conversation at the lunch table? Or is she supposed to be quiet? And anyways, they can handle the 2 boys on their own, and it’s ridiculous that Kingston has purple nails. Next Zuma will have an orange mohawk.

  4. Tazina

    I see nothing wrong. These kids look happy and well adjusted, loved and doted on by their parents. So what the nanny is there? She can amuse the kids and the parents maybe will have a chance to talk. The nail polish and hair is no big deal. In a few years Kingston wouldn’t be caught dead with painted nails….but it’s something a 4 year old would like. People need to relax.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think anyone needs to “relax”, Tazina — people are just pointing out the obvious — that it seems a bit strange for 2 parents to need a nanny to take their kids to lunch. In the case of this family, it’s a recurring theme — the nanny is required when they go to the playground, the store, out for meals and the most mundane, routine errand.

      I don’t want to add fuel to the fire by commenting on the children’s outfits and hair, but I somehow doubt it was solely their choice. Some people treat children as accessories and that’s wrong.

  5. Anonymous

    Well if the nanny wasn’t there, who would carry the bags?

  6. mackenzie

    Look at Jessica Alba she has a nanny for one child. I think Gwen dress her boy as accessories too. What four and two year old wear what they wear? I don’t see most four years old with dye hair painted nails hair Mohawk.

  7. Milania

    You forget we don’t live in the same world they do. This is totally normal for them and the kids. They are nothing like us and people tend to put their own middle class values and ideals on these celebrities who live nothing like us.

    • abby

      they could live like us if they wanted to. look at garner and affleck, the most down to earth people..they don’t live like wealthy celebrities. i just remember reading an article on gwen and being so turned off at her excessive spending and maids and giant mansion. i know they make the money and can live like that if they choose, but it’s still kind of appalling. even if i was wealthy i don’t know if could ever spend thousands of dollars on a sweater or a purse.

  8. mackenzie

    We do live in the same world as celebrities. We just don’t have their life i.e. money luxury. I don’t really care what they wear. But I think Gwen is stupid for constantly dying Kingston hair he’s only four how many times did Gwen dye his hair.

  9. Anonymous

    Maybe they think of their nanny as a member of the family. I think its nice. Haven’t you ever had lunch with your boss? I have.

  10. marie

    I see two future members of the men’s hair club…I’m sure they’ll need plugs in their teens, thanks to mommy’s great common sense…that could be their 14th birthday present fm brainless mommy and daddy!!! oh and btw, for a sec, I thought K’s t-shirt read Je t’aime Marilyn…however, i’m sure daddy wants to be as far away possible from that name…

  11. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but the nanny was holding Zuma and the bags and had Kingston at one point she was on the clock not their as a friend/family. I see nothing wrong with having a nanny all celebs do but Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale take their nannies everywhere and act like they can’t do anything with their kids without them they have two kids not 6 one would think they can handle two kids outside the house without help .

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely. She is a diva and is all about the “Photo Op”. Her kids seem to be mere accessories.. I understand the concept of having a nanny – when you are working – but to take your kids out for a meal, or running errands, particularly when there are just 2???? This woman is a diva.

  12. Ariana

    Kingston’s hair is not dyed. He’s really just that blonde. Look at Zuma’s hair. You only think Kingston’s hair is dyed because it’s short on the sides and darker there, but everyone’s hair is like that, darker near the roots. His hair is also sun bleached. You people are so dumb it’s just plain amazing!

    • Daniella

      Kingston’s natural hair color is light to medium brown. That’s what color it was in every single photo for nearly 3 years until Gwen started bleaching it. No one has that much color variation in their natural hair, especially light blondes (which Kingston is not). I have the exact same natural shade of brown as Kingston & my hair has NEVER gotten anywhere remotely near that light even when I worked as lifeguard. Continuously dyeing a child’s hair that young will destroy it.

      It’s bleached, plain & simple.

    • Lioness

      Ariana, I’m not normally one to comment on Kingston’s hair color (as you can see, we have plenty of other people to do that), but I will say that unless you’ve seen Kingston’s hair prior to his current haircut, I would advise YOU to refrain from commenting, too- because his hair is DEFinitely dyed. Kingston’s hair color is light brown, and not blond like Zuma’s; the darker color on the sides is his actual hair color. You should probably do your research before you go calling people dumb.

    • abby

      kingston’s hair is darker on the sides because that is his natural hair color. do you remember seeing his hair when he was one and two years old? it was light brown just like the hair on the sides. i could post tons of pics of his natural color and pics where you can see his roots, but what’s the point you think we’re dumb for seeing the obvious.

    • abby

      oh and if both zuma and kingston have hair that is naturally that blonde then why doesn’t zuma have brown hair underneath?

  13. HMMM

    I don’t knock nanny’s as I am one. But I do find it odd that the nanny is carrying so many bags plus Zuma while Gwen and Gavin walk free-handed!! Kinda diva-ish lol!!! oh well. I’d love to be Gwen and Gavin’s nanny!! I’d carry whatever bags and babies they’d want me to 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Agree with many of the comments above – poor nanny caring everything!
    is saying that Gwen and Gavin are going to have a little girl next, would so love to see that.
    But the poor nanny would have even more to carry then!

  15. Anonymous

    First of all there are only three bags, Kingston has one and the nanny has the diaper bag and Zuma’s goodie bag. You all need to get over yourselves and stop making it seem as if she’s a salve. So what if she’s there, she getting paid a ridiculous amount no matter what she mine as well get paid doing something! She looks happy and seems like she is enjoying herself.

  16. Anonymous

    Damn It !! Leave those poor kids alone !!
    I love Kingston’s hair !! He’s so beautiful and gorgeous just like his brother Zuma !! He is just a kid !! if he wants to paint his nails just leave him do that !!
    HE’S A KID !!! Boys love doing that at this age !! my cousin is the same age as Kingston and he loves paint his nails too !! And leave Gwen alone shxt !! She’s a wonderful mother !! I agree with you Tazina !! Relax people !!
    And the nanny is not their slave !! We can see that she loves her job !! And I would like to be their nanny too !! 🙁 , I Love You G & G !!

  17. nes

    Exactly he is just a kid, therefore a four yr old doesn’t know what it wants, it is the responsibility of ta parents to make ta decisions. Come on painting ta kids nails or bleaching hair is just normal, cuz tat to me is just insane.

  18. Rebecca

    I agree with the nanny thing. I see nothing wrong with having one if you are working or need alone time with your spouse. But, seriously? To go out to lunch you need a nanny? As for the nail polish and clothes/hair. I don’t think it’s normal. Funny how the kids have the same style as the parents, huh? Nes, Nobody is going to take you seriously if u typin lyk dis.

  19. Anonymous

    How atupid are you, Ariana? a 10 year old could tell his hair is dyed! And c’mon, his nails are painted? For God’s sake what is Gween trying to do with this poor child? I feel sorry for both of them

  20. Anonymous

    i realize this is an older entry, but there’s something about kingston that’s unsettling. zuma seems like a regular kid. kingston, not so much. will be interesting to see how he turns out.

  21. Lioness

    All you people talking about feeling sorry for Gwen’s kids for painted nails and dyed hair really need to get a grip… in some far off, imaginary land, those things may be counted as abuse, but here on Earth and especially here in the US, they’re just fashion statements. Bleed your hearts for those really in trouble, cuz I’m pretty sure the Rossdale kids don’t need your pity…

    Anyway, as much as I love Kingston’s hairstyle (it really does look great on him), I think I personally would wait on dye jobs. The same way I would advise African-American moms to wait until their child is at least 10 before perming their hair (ugh, seeing 3-yr-olds with perms in their hair just GRATES against me), I would advise against dying… but to each his own. I just know the damage those chemicals can cause, having myself had chemically processed hair since the age of 6; I am 32 now, and after returning to my natural hair 10 years ago, it is STILL recovering, lol, and a shadow of what it once was. I hope the dyes don’t have negative repercussions on Kingston’s head of hair…

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