Jerry O’Connell On The Twins: “We Have A Good One And A Bad One”

Jerry O’Connell says his adorable daughters Charlie and Dolly are in the midst of the so-called Terrible Twos – though one of them is perhaps a tad more terrible than the other!

“We have a good one and a bad one,” the actor tells US. “I don’t want to say which one, but the bad one will act up in public places, like the supermarket. She lies down on the ground. It’s like a hippie protest — like a sit-in!”

On a recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jerry shared a pic of little Dolly sitting in front of a lunchbox full of beer cans!

“They have lunch boxes now because they go to school. Before you call child services, I did not do that,” the funny dad said of the photo. “I have a strict policy about my children not allowed in the kitchen…but they go crazy and they want to get in. It’s like an exclusive club where the doorman’s like ‘You can’t come in,” and they’re like ‘I’m on the list, I swear I’m on the list!’ And I let them in and that’s what happened.”

He’s quick to add: “I did not let her go to school like that. I would be in jail right now. Could you imagine if they were having a kegger at my daughters’ nursery school?”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    I love that he’s not telling who is bad. Responsible parenting right there.

    • Brooke

      He already said which one was bad in another article. I think it’s the smaller one.

  • Anonymous

    cute lol

  • Anonymous

    He’s a twit

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