Miranda Kerr Blogs About Her “Beautiful Son” Flynn

It’s official! Miranda Kerr has confirmed reports that she and her husband Orlando Bloom are the very proud parents of a baby boy, posting a picture of her nursing their newborn son Flynn on her Kora Organics web site.

“On the 6th of January I gave birth to our beautiful little son Flynn. We cherish him,” writes the model mama.

Describing Flynn as a “a very healthy and big baby boy” – he weighed 9lbs 12oz at birth – she goes on to describe her labor:

“I gave birth to him naturally; without drugs or painkillers and it was a long, arduous and difficult labour, but Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it. I could not have done it without him.”

Congratulations again to Miranda and Orlando!

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Photo credit: Kora Organics/Miranda Kerr

  • SarahEL

    I love this picture! It really is a beautiful picture!

  • TiggerTiff

    This is a beautiful picture..probably on the most down to earth first glimpse of any celebrity baby…I’m interested to know if he has a middle name…Benjamin Brady didn’t have one either…

    • Anonymous

      Benjamin does have a middle name. It’s Rein..

  • Anonymous

    I beautiful picture, love the fact she’s not ashamed of or shy about nursing her son!

  • ve

    congrats to miranda and orlando. agree, he’s cute big baby boy.

  • Justine

    Gorgeous picture!

  • Justine

    Gorgeous picture!

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to take a pic just like that with my daughter. Like right now!!!

  • Kimb

    Gorgeous picture!

  • Bibi

    A beautiful picture but I am sure she likes to show off her breasts, e.g. in this picture and her nude pic during pregnancy that showing off her baby bump and breasts (without covered by her hands). She is a pretty, well-shaped model. However, I wonder what her motivation is. I guess she really wants to draw everyone’s attention, especially men’s one. I predict she would take more pics showing off her breasts later, lol, e.g. being naked and carrying her son to show off her fit body after giving birth or being naked and breastfeeding her son.

    • Anonymous

      Jealous and petty much?

      • Sunny Sue

        I don’t think they’re jealous. Just not English-speaking. It seems like the translation is a little off.

    • Anonymous

      haha, it’s true, since she got pregnant, i’ve never seen so many buck naked pictures of her in my life!

      i don’t think it’s a motivation issue, the beauty thing went to her head.

  • Alyson

    Im sorry but Flynn Bloom just does not flow right. lol…cute lil boy anyway. I must admit…Im jealous! I was hoping to be Mrs. Bloom! 😉

  • canada

    Firstly, I just want to say that the picture is stunning….BUT, does anyone else think it’s odd that the picture showcases Miranda and not little Flynn?

  • Alice

    Sweet baeutiful pic, Miranda’s gorgeous and I’m sure baby Flynn is too….but Flynn Kerr Bloom sounds just….well….:P

  • k

    Show off her breasts???? Are you serious??

    She is feeding her baby, of course she has a breast out.

    You should be able to detatch a breast being sexual object whilst a woman is breast feeding!

    • Mia

      Agree! It’s so sad that in the USA, people still can’t seperate breasts as sexual objects and breasts as a baby’s best source for nurture… that’s why so few women breastfeed! In Europe, it’s just normal to breastfeed. You see women nursing everywhere, they’re not shy about it, why should they?

  • Michi

    I think that is such a beautiful picture of a very intimate moment and I like looking at it, because I see a very proud new mother. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    that is such a beautiful picture !the babby is so big! but Flynn Bloom? his name sounds like a doorbell.

    • Sunny Sue

      I agree. I love the name Flynn, but it doesn’t go well with Bloom. Two one-syllabel names don’t typically work.

  • Anonymous

    That is a beautiful picture. And Orlando Bloom is such a lucky man 🙂

  • Shirelle

    Congrats to them. I cant believe he was 9lb she didnt even look that big. beautiful picture.

  • Anonymous

    Ther family just like normaly and new son like them nathing

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful photo mirada is cute

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking the same thing as Canada. If this was one of many photos a mom shows off then it wouldn’t seem so vain, but it’s the first public photo of her newborn and it’s all about her – her face and her boob (I’m still creeped out by her weird nipples from the all nude shot so I’m glad they’re covered up here. Oh and I’m not jealous, but I am a lesbian and I know those aren’t sexy nips).

    Anyway you can’t even see the baby’s face in this pic. Normally first pics are all about cooing over who the baby looks like but how can you even tell when it’s all about Miranda? Still I kinda like it when super models are all arrogant and shove their perfection in our faces (natural labor, only gained five pounds, will breastfeed until he’s in college, never uses a nanny, wants to change laws to make us all like them, etc). That whole down to Earth shtick that some models do is just lame. I like them witchy like Gisele and now apparently Miranda.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it has to do more with the culture in which they were raised. Where it’s normal for women to have natural births and breastfeed their babies. Sadly in America, women are like give me the epidural and formula before their babies are even born. So I think it’s something these women are very proud of. I know I would be very proud of myself if I pushed out an almost 10 lb baby with no drugs. That must have been rough and I’d be bragging to the whole world LOL

    • abby

      i don’t see how it’s all about her, both she and the baby are in the photo. she probably doesn’t want the baby’s face shown. you’re a bit witchy yourself, eh? and i don’t know if you’ve ever had a relationship with a pregnant woman, but the areolas can get swollen during pregnancy. it’s normal and they probably didn’t look like that prior to her pregnancy. though some women do have puffy areolas. i didn’t think they were that creepy..i’ve seen more disturbing looking nipples. anywho….

    • SnoopyChicken

      Grow up mate. If you think there’s anything sexual about her feeding her kid then you need to get your head examined.

      I’m sure the photo is like that because she wants to show she supports breastfeeding and natural parenting.

  • Anonymous

    If I were a celebrity I wouldn’t want my newborns face all over websites either…just sayin. I think its a beautiful picture!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love her son and mirand like aishwarya

  • Toya

    This picture speaks volumes!! And for anyone to try and take it out of context, well I’ll be praying for you. God has blessed Miranda and Orlando with a little angel that goes by the name Flynn!!! And this truly was a very intimate moment for them… So BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Valerie Pie

    All you hypocrites saying nonsense about this pic, you’re all full of hot air… Get off the computer and blow that shyt out your azzes… How can you always to find something negative in something that’s done in innocence? This is a beautiful picture of mother and child… A beautiful family blessed with an amazing gift from God… That’s all I see here… Nothing more.
    So get your minds out the gutter and stop being so negative.

  • Lib

    Such a beautiful picture! There is absolutely NOTHING creepy about it in any way, shape or form!!! …crazy/jealous/judgemental people go away!
    I absolutely adore his name too, perfect, congratulations to the new family! x

  • Tif

    i love this family, but have to wonder if flynn is being silently suffocated in this pic. have to be careful with the tiny boys face and that giant boob! congrats!

  • Anonymous

    i don’t know why something about her rubes me the wrong way, but congrats to their new baby!

  • Anonymous

    Why are people so sensitive and negative?! All this is, is a beautiful picture of a mother breastfeeding her newborn. Obviously you can’t see his face because he is breastfeeding. DUh. He isn’t going to stop feeding, turn his face and smile for the photo.. Also a lot of pregnant women like to be nude then bc a lot of pregnant women take somewhat nude photos of themselves while their pregnant. Is not about showing of their bodies, that would be posing nude for playboy while not preggers just because. Supermodels aren’t the only people who don’t gain an exuberant amount of weight while pregnant and use natural birth, and breastfeed their children. Like they say if you don’t have anything good to say, keep your childish comments to yourself

    • Toya

      Thank you so much!!! I cant stop laughing at this…. you made my day!
      “Obviously you can’t see his face because he is breastfeeding. DUh. He isn’t going to stop feeding, turn his face and smile for the photo.. ” OMG so funny and soooo true!! People are crazy aren’t they??!

  • Heather

    I agree, this is a beautiful picture of a momma feeding her baby. HOWEVER, I find it bizzarre that someone would ever want to share an intimate moment between them and their newborn with the entire world. Is nothing sacred anymore? It seems to me that the purpose of this photo was just to tell the world that she is indeed breastfeeding.

    • Anonymous

      i think the question is do you want your celebrity mom to show a picture of her boob-feeding you to the rest of the world?

      we’re talking a kid with the name flint ka-boom! and a stack of naked mommie pictures while he was cooking. good luck growing up kiddo!

      • Anonymous

        Wow childish much?

      • Anonymous

        Wow childish much?

      • Anonymous

        Wow childish much?

  • Mara

    It is totally about exhibitionism. Look at me, I breast feed my baby. Yes, it is natural, but do these people have to share everything? There are some things that should be sacred and not for public consumption. If it were so natural why is this woman wearing makeup. Thank God her dysmorphic nipples are not showing. They share everything and then when the paps start hounding them they complain about privacy.

  • the girl

    I love to see celebrities promoting breast-feeding and natural births! Maybe more people will choose this as an option for themselves, as it is usually what is best for both mother and baby!

  • Anonymous

    Welcom in hollywood .i love flynn

  • Anne

    Absolutely beautiful. I have a picture of my daughter a few weeks old breastfeeding as I sat by a river. Very artistic and loving…. such a beautiful thing to birth and nourish your child the way we were made to.

  • Lia

    Ok, i think it’s controversial because she is a very public figure and releasing this kind of picture that’s so intimate is questionable. here’s why, I went to school with anna nicole smith’s son, it was not easy for him growing up with a mom that everyone has seen naked or treated as a sex symbol. This believe me, is way before Anna was in any way notorious (when you met her, that woman was beautiful)
    So Kerr is a bra and undies model, and during her pregnancy, she has been more NAKED than I can count. this poor lovely kid will grow up being treated

    1. Kerr-Bloom child (and the range of envy and weird social dynamics that will ensue)
    2.having kids tease you about your mom’s weird nipples cause that’s actually what children in their teens do being immature and cruel.

    3.) the name flare ka-boom will undoubtly bring on teasing that really ultimately is the result of envy.

    Mom’s are so careful with covering themselves cause lets face it, everyone of us had someone in our class whose mom was a little over the edge. that kid certainly didn’t find it entertaining listening to their mom’s private parts talked about. Think about the load of bad-tasting jokes this picture will trigger among teenagers who may be high, drunk, very rich or very bored (because that is the social crowd for entertainer’s children)

    BUT, breast-feeding is a beautiful thing, but she definitely underestimated that publicity is a double-edged sword. which is why, I don’t remember the last time a celebrity has posted a boob-feeding picture. This shows that Miranda is either too-trusty of the goodness in the world or plain and simple naive.

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