Pete Wentz & Bronx Mowgli: Boys’ Day Out!

Rocker Pete Wentz and his adorable son Bronx Mowgli, 2, spent a beautiful afternoon together in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday (January 18). The duo picked up some treats at Starbucks and visited a medical centre before enjoying a little playtime at the park.

This is the second time we’ve caught the 31-year-old Fall Out Boy musician sporting a more natural hairstyle. Perhaps he’s ditched his signature knit hats for good?

The last time we spotted the stylish family – along with mama Ashlee Simpson-Wentz – they were on their way to visit a friend’s studio in Studio City, Calif. on January 5.

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Photo credit: Flynet, Fame


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m glad he is representing his black side by not cutting his hair or using a flat iron. What is wrong with natural hair??

  2. suzan

    Am glad the kid is walking! and I now know why Pete Wentz always wears a hat hahaha!! sorry but couldnt resist

  3. Da

    Dig the do. I was just going to ask if he’s biracial (the curls, skin tone in some of his older pics) until I read above ^. His son looks a lot like him, facially. Nice family, despite the singing I’ve always liked Ashlee Simpson.

  4. Anonymous

    “representing his black side”…ugh! so many racist ignorant comments in here.

  5. Brooke

    Someone give that kid a haircut!

  6. Anonymous

    The both of them always look dirty and disheveled.

  7. Joseph

    Pete’s mom is half African American and half Hawaiian, his father is German, but it seems that Bronx took mostly after his mom’s side of the family. Pete is really small I hadn’t noticed it until now.

  8. Anonymous

    Yes, he’s barely over 5 feet tall. The kid will be a tiny one too because Ashley isn’t very tall either.

  9. HMMM

    LOL first look I thought it was a jonas brother with some kid!

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