Kimora Lee Simmons: “I Always Wanted A Boy”

Kimora Lee Simmons loves having a son. The Life In The Fab Lane star, who also has daughters Ming Lee, 11, and Aoki Lee, 8, says she’s “obsessed” with her 1 1/2-year-old son Kenzo’s peeing abilities.

She tells, “Oh my God yes. My husband (Djimon Hounsou) told me I have to stop talking about his penis, but I’m so obsessed with it because I always wanted a boy. He’s always running around saying, “Boobies.” He’s so rambunctious, and he’ll jump over everything. When I’m changing his diaper I’m always calling my husband in and saying, “Look, look at it now.” He’s like, “Honey put the diaper on, it’s normal.

“And I’m like, “Is it normal that it should be so firm when I’m changing the diaper,” and he’s like, “Yes, leave the kid alone.” It’s weird, boys from girls.”

She adds, “They don’t want to play with dolls. With girls they can sit quietly in a corner and play with dolls or books, and he wants to throw the book or jump off the bed with the doll’s head. I realize he has no fear of dying. He wants to jump off everything.”

As for her girls, she sees them having careers in fashion.

They’re definitely mini moguls and fashionistas. They’ve been with me on every runway. They’ve done capsule collections. They cut and sew, and they have sewing machines in their rooms.”

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t know this woman (hadn’t heard about her until now), but goodness! she sounds awful.

    • Hmm…

      You hadn’t heard about Kimora–where have you been?

      • Anonymous

        In Europe.

  • Anonymous

    umm, inappropriate much? you think after having a son for 1.5 years she’d be over it. not gonna lie – this is semi-disturbing. sorry kimora but that’s just weird.

  • Mae

    So her daughters weren’t enough?

    • LaKesha

      When any mother has a second child, is it becasue the first was not enough?

  • Anonymous

    My sister just had a boy she already has 3 girls our mother had 3 girls and grandmother had 2 girls so having a boy is a big dale but my sister is talking about her sons privet parts nor was she surprised when she change his dipper, I get it everyone is different but something should be keep to privet and not shared with the world.

  • mackenzie

    That is disturbing to be obsessed with your son penis. Some things kimora should keep private. The more she speaks the more I dislike her. She all about fame and money.

  • Anonymous2

    Husband? When did they get married?

    • Hmm…

      They got married in Africa last year.

  • Cabos

    Ok, that was…..awkward.

  • Da

    That’s funny. I don’t see anything wrong it. I like her the only thing that’s ever rubbed me the wrong way is that thing with her ex and her kids. Obviously they spend a lot of time together but the “guidelines” he had to live with were ridiculous. They had raised their kids together, why does he have to raise his daughters by her rules when they’re with him?

    • Anonymous

      Not sure what you’re referring to, but I would guess because they agreed on it.

    • antigoniem

      She knows Russell a little better than us, so maybe there’s a reason. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t comb their hair when they’re with him (or he could at least get a children’s hair stylist or something) and they’re not dressed very well either while he’s perfectly groomed (it’s fine on the street, but the red carpet AND photo shoots are a different thing, same for the hair). I’m not saying he’s a bad father but he needs to put a little effort into it.

  • Mommyof3

    I love Kimora. Do I think she’s over the top sometimes, yes, but what celebrity isn’t! I have a sin after 2 girls and I have to say I’m with Kimora on this. I never knew little boys penis were well, so high functioning. I love my son but sometimes I just don’t get him.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, that’s just disturbing… what a weirdo

  • Anonymous

    I think thats pretty normal after having 2 girls to want a boy..however being preoccupied about his penis is weird. I have 2 boys and would like a girl but I am not curious about their vagina’s. She probably speaks without thinking and i am guessing this is one of those times.

  • Anonymous

    Oh she’s fine! I have a son and it is fascinating to err observe a penis in a non – sexual way in such an intimate fashion. Its a new way to understand males.

    Personally though I disagree with her comments re boys and girls. HER girls may be quiet and sit in a corner but I have one that is wilder than the big cats in Africa. She makes her brother look like a couch potato.

  • Anonymous

    My little girl does not sit quietly in a corner either. She and Kenzo would get along just peachy!

  • Laniece

    Anonymous: What dirty rock have you been hiding under? She is not weird because I am the same way (except I am not that fascinated by my sons penis) but I love him too death. AND LEARN HOW TO SPELL!

  • Anonymous

    Some of these comments are so critical! I have a son, too, and although I wasn’t obsessed with his penis, it did amaze me when he had a little erection. It grossed me out, but it was still amazing… and I did call my husband in to see it. Kimora is just a real person who shares her strangest thoughts… we all have them! Ours are just not posted in the media for all to enjoy. Relax people. I’m sure you all have said and thought stranger things in your lifetime.

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