Liam McDermott’s Scary Spill

It sounds like Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s 3-year-old son Liam gave them a good scare yesterday.

The Mommywood author took to Twitter to write, “Scary morning. Liam fell off kitchen table rt on back of his head. Strted throwing up. Jst got back frm ER. He’s better. Just hve 2watch him.”

Poor little Liam! Thankfully all seems to be well. Tori updated this morning: “Liam is feeling better. Thanks for all your well wishes! Xoxo”

The reality star couple are also parents to 2-year-old daughter Stella.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Briana

    Glad that nothing too serious came of it. However, maybe this is why a child shouldn’t be ON the kitchen table. Normally I am not one to be judgemental, but if children are made/taught to sit at and on furniture properly, they is less of a chance of accidents.

  2. Anonymous

    The last few pictures I have seen of Tori looks like she had her implants removed! Good for her!

  3. Anonymous

    Oh please, that’s so judgmental. Kids will be kids. What kid hasn’t stood on the table to recite a song or poem they learned? Or to put on a show for mom and dad? Accidents happen, and hopefully nothing too serious comes of it, but you can’t keep them in a bubble. I am just glad he’s okay.

  4. Briana

    What kid hasn’t stood on a table ? I can honestly say that my children have never been allowed to stand on any furniture, especially a table. I don’t find that to be an acceptable behavior at any age.

  5. the girl

    Um… kids climb pretty quickly. Also, he is 3, not 6, and 3 year olds test their limits no matter how much they’ve been taught.

    Anyway, glad little Liam is ok!

  6. Victoria

    Yeah well some people have really humongous islands sitting in the middle of their kitchens that their children like to sit on to help mommy bake cookies, and help make dinner and things like that.

  7. Anonymous

    why was he on the table in the first place – stupid woman, it wouldn’t have happened if she had been watching her kid.

  8. Anonymous

    At 3, Liam should know its not ok to stand on furniture..

  9. kay

    for gods sake kids have accidents its part of growing up, sadly he learn’t the hard way.
    anonymous 1 and 2 you obviously dont have young children.

  10. Anna

    Weird he was on the table. It would be nice if she could just spell words the right way.

  11. Anonymous

    Stop judging and be gratful that he’s ok! Gosh people are so ridiculous sometimes, how easy it is to sit in front of a computer and start to judge someone else’s kid! Every child gets hurt, deal with it and get a life.

  12. Audrey

    Granddaughter caught on kitchen counter writing on white board. She went through 2 baby gates, one bedroom and pushed a chair to cabinets to do it. All in mere minutes. If a kids wants to do something, irregardless or age, they have a good shot at it. Accidents are often merely accidents.

  13. Anonymous

    We wish the later seasons of her show would come out on dvd!

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