Sandra Bullock’s Boy In Blue

One-year-old Louis and his mom Sandra Bullock were bundled up against the winter weather as they stepped out in New York today (January 20).

One year after their split, Sandra’s ex-husband Jesse James announced today that he is engaged to his new love Kat Von D. The West Coast Choppers CEO told TMZ, “I would gladly go through all I have been through again, if in the end I could have Katherine.”

Meanwhile, Sandy recently shot down those rumors of a romance with her good friend and co-star Ryan Reynolds, saying, “He’s just an amazing friend for 10 years … but I don’t get his loving after dark.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    He went through? What about what she went through?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, he is more of a jack*** by the day. I am sure Sandra is thrilled that she wasted her life thinking that he was a decent human being. I hope he rots!!

  • Jeanie

    It’s too bad because Sandra Bullock thought she was loved and that this man ‘had her back’…and gave him so much credit. I guess he gave her what she needed but really she doesn’t need him anymore. I think her life will be better without him. But it is sad that she had to go through this in public. I think she rose above it with dignity. Her little son is adorable and lucky to have a strong Mommy

  • Anonymous

    JJ had to find a source in order to grab attenttion from Sandra. She had been the topic of conversation for days. That is, the Ryan rumor, the attention she got with her appearance at the Golden Globes. All this attention was paired with the fact she rejected him even after he moved to Texas. This is a case of jealosy. He is truly self-centered. Never mind her feeings, its all about him. He must realize she is the Star.

  • Anonymous

    “if in the end I could have Katherine”- OUCH! What a tosser.

  • Ondine

    Yes it’s clear this guy will f*ck any female within poking distance but I’m thinking he requires a full financial affidavit w/ assets listed in boldfaced black ink from the lady at issue before he makes a decision on the suitability of a marriage partner. It’s so obvious. I feel sorry for him and anyone dependent on him, especially his children.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up, Jesse. And go away.

  • Anonymous

    and Sandra married him so I guess she has poor judgement she married a guy who dated porn stars

    • Verónica Ramos

      And I guess you’re a loser and a d*mbass.

  • Anonymous

    What a dill. He’s clueless. How desperate is he to get attention. Pathetic man.

  • AJ

    Wow… what a dirtbag Jesse James is. He also said that 2010 was the happiest year of his life… Has he forgotten that he was intended to be the dad of that beautiful baby boy, and that he was the one (with Sandra) raising him for 3 months before all hell broke loose? How does, not only losing your wife, but your new baby as well, equate to the best year of his life? I really feel sorry for his children, especially Sunny. Given all the upheaval she’s been through I really hope she has someone who can help her get through her teen years sane.

  • Anonymous

    Jesse and Kat D will live happily ever after in STD heaven.

    • tif

      LOL! best comment.

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