Geri Halliwell & Her Stroller Sweetie

Spice Mama Geri Halliwell and her 4 1/2-year-old daughter Bluebell Madonna were spotted out for an after school stroll in London yesterday (January 20). Check out those earmuffs!

The single mom is embarking on a new business venture, designing her own line of beach wear. She strips down to model the “Geri by Next” swimsuits in a new ad campaign.

“It’s for real women of all shapes and sizes. Everything is mix and match, so you can choose the exact shapes and styles that suit you,” Geri says. “This is a collection that makes you look good and feel fabulous.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    That kid is way to big for a stroller! (MY opinion)

  • Anonymous

    She’s 4 1/2 and is not able to walk ???????? And in 20 years she’ll pay for run in a gym ! Haha

  • Camila

    Its common in Europe to big kids ride in strollers.

    • Danielle

      Err excuse me. I dont know about ‘Europe’ but I live in London, England and it is not common for 4 1/2yrs to sit in pushchairs.

    • Anonymous

      not in my opinion and I am from Germany!

    • Camila

      When I had been in England and Spain, I saw a lot of big kids in the stroller.

  • Audrey

    The stroller fits. Mom wants to push it. It’s fine. It’ll all be over too soon.

  • skyler

    adorable little girl

  • Anonymous

    shes 4 of course she is in a stroller! im sure after five minutes she is asking to be carried while walking, Gerri is skipping the middle man in my opinion!

  • Anonymous

    she’s cute and all…but in a stroller? way to old for that. but who knows geri’s intention? maybe so she’s faster to get away from the paparazzi?

    and – no…it is NOT so usual here in europe.. duh! i have to agree that it’s not like that here in germany.

  • JMO

    who cares!! Do we complain so much when 5 year old Violet Affleck is carried everywhere?! I think kids in stollers are easier then them whining to be carried. I’m 28 but my mom said I sat in an umbrella stroller to almost five bc I liked it and she said it was easier for her anyways. I can walk, run, job and get this I have never been overweight!! *gasp*

  • JMO

    meant to type *jog

  • tif

    i was a daughter 5 1/2 and son 2 1/2, they ride in a double phil and teds, it’s easier in crowds.
    maybe she was tired or ill?
    either way, isn’t it Geri’s call?

  • ss

    all I know is I have never seen this kid “outside” of a stroller! I mean in the pictures :))

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