Jennifer Garner & Her Girls Go For A Doctor’s Visit

Jennifer Garner was seen taking her daughters, Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2, to a doctor’s office in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday (January 21).

With glasses on, Violet sucked on a lollipop and waited patiently during the visit.

Garner recently confessed that she got a little tipsy while on Martha Stewart’s Christmas special.

She explains that she was drinking on an empty stomach.

By the time we get to cooking and having our champagne, I hadn’t had anything to eat… and I got drunk. They needed it (champagne drinking) for continuity and it tasted good… and whenever I’m around her (Stewart) I suddenly get really West Virginian and southern… and so I got drunk and southern, and it was the worst combination.”

She added, “I can’t bear to watch it because I just started talking faster and faster.”

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  1. Anonymous

    When did Violet get glasses?

  2. Anonymous

    If that Martha Stewart story is true, that is so funny. I adore Jen Garner, she is such a hoot.

  3. Anonymous

    Does it really take two people to take two kids to the doctors?! Give the nanny a break and take your own kids to the doctor.

    • Erica

      The nanny told me to tell you to stay out of her business! She says she is doing what she is paid to do! The Nanny says she has the best job that has more great benefits than most and the services she is providing to this family are scheduled per their needs not yours.

    • Anonymous

      Personally, I wouldn’t bring a nanny/assistant to bring my 2 kids to the doctor, but Garner is a multi-millionaire and has the resources to hire staff at whim. In her circumstances, it makes sense to have a nanny along to help with the second child while she deals with the one seeing the doctor.

      Garner is different from someone like Gwen Stefani however, as she does not bring a nanny everywhere like Gwen does. Gwen is very rarely seen without a nanny — even when she is running simple errands or has her kids at the park and is ostensibly spending “quality time” with them. Garner spends a lot of time one on one with her kids and actually seems to enjoy it — when she’s at the playground, she is not re-applying her makeup or checking out her cell phone messages, etc.

  4. Anonymous

    Erica, Tell the nanny to tell the parents to raise and take care of their OWN kids! Such hands on parents, please!!!!!!! Until Garner stops the photo ops and own up to the fact she isn’t the super mom that she would want everyone to believe. Clearly, she can’t even take two children to the doctors on her own which is absolutely ridiculousness.

  5. Anonymous

    Love this family – so sweet and down to earth!

  6. Anonymous

    Did you see George Clooney on the Pierce show.. talking about how the
    paparazzi do not get paid by the celebrity.. The photographers do it on
    their own…get it NOW ..!! No down payments for cars and cash …They
    are out there and the celebrities have NO SAY IN THE MATTER …O.K..

  7. Anonymous

    Garner does and has brought nannies along with her/kids to run errands and to the park. Get your facts straight and stop the double standard.

  8. Anonymous

    Who says she is taking her kids to the doctor anyway.. Why can’t she do
    what she wants.. and dress the way she wants.. last comment person what
    double standard are you talking about.. A woman takes her kids some where
    and that is not her nanny but her friend did you see her in Hawaii too..
    Going to say something about that 2

  9. Anonymous

    Jennifer is a great hands on mother and is greatly loved by her two children. Anybody with eyes can tell that much. Whether or not she brings her nanny when and where does not change that fact.

  10. Anonymous

    4:13 she is indeed a nanny not a friend who did go with them to Hawaii.

  11. Anonymous

    Where did you read that Jen Garner professes to be a supermom? It was the media who described her as such. She has always maintained that she has helped and does not apologize for it. Most well to do working moms have help and/or day care. She always puts her kids’ needs first and maybe that’s why bugs a lot of people.

    She gets my vote for the best celeb mom on the planet. So relatable.

  12. Audrey

    My daughter has two children – boy 6 and girl 2. I always go with them for regular doc. visits. I occupy one while Mom has uninterrupted time with physician with other child. So what if Jennifer takes a nanny. Probably for the same reason my daughter takes me.

  13. Anonymous

    LOL! @ 8:47pm well said!!!

  14. Anonymous

    they must have removed it…

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