Rachel Zoe Takes Her Bump Out For Breakfast & Shopping

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe was seen with her husband Rodger Berman and their friends having breakfast in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (January 22).

The group then headed off furniture shopping.

Zoe, who is 7-months-pregnant, even Tweeted about her day.

First day off in forever..perfect day of breakfast and shopping with my love @rbermanus and my “boy”s @joeymaalouf and Jeremiah :)..xoRZ”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Sophia

    She’s still so small, and from memory she’s about seven/seven and a half months’ pregnant? Neat little package!

  • Sophia

    Ha, I clearly didn’t read the whole article. “From memory..” yeah it says it up there. Oh well. Seven months’ was right.

  • Courtney

    some people just carry small and don’t retain a lot of water especially if their tall and I’d guess Rachel’s 5 8 3/4 so obvious she’s going to show smaller than someone like Christina Milian who is 5’2″. and besides she’s only having a singleton baby not multiples so it’s recomeneded and underweight person gain 42 lbs while pregnant with a single baby while if your of normal weight your supposed to gain 25-35lbs for a single & 35-45lbs for twins but in a first or first successful pregnancy women tend to gain more weight out of not knowing how their body is going to react to pregnancy or the fear of losing it again

    • Anonymous

      Obviously, you don’t have a clue…. I’m guessing you’re the same creep who trolls everyceleb website talking about Joan crawfords miscarriages. I’m 5″7 and my belly got huge. Being tall doesn’t mean you won’t show or retain water.

    • Susan

      “Rachel’s 5 8 3/4” – jeez, get a life!

    • Becki

      How do you manage to keep your medical practice going while being on celebrity baby scoop all day? You’re clearly a very talented OBGYN.

  • Anonymous

    I watched her show and she is actually very very short. But everyone carries differently. She could just being having a smaller baby. Nothing wrong with that!

  • skyler

    Yep Courtney is always taking about Paul Newman and 1950 celebrities. She pretty small for 7 moths pregnant.

  • CCS

    Um, she’s quite short actually. I think the real reason she’s showing small is due to her 15-year struggle with anorexia…not exactly a state secret!! Hopefully the baby is healthy.

    • Anonymous

      I hope that she and her baby are healthy. From personal experience I know how difficult it is to be anorexic, pregnant, eating like a pig (in your head) and struggling to gain weight. I remained really thin, but my baby was a healthy weight 🙂 Now we are both much bigger, happy and healthy! Hope they do the same!

  • antigoniem

    Wasn’t this the same situation with Victoria Beckham? She only gained 15 lbs with her first pregnancy (I think?).

  • Anonymous

    “takes her bump out”??? Who writes these awful headlines? Can she remove her stomach at will depending on whether she feels like taking it with her or not? For god’s sake, she’s not taking her bump anywhere, she’s pregnant!

  • suzan

    WOW!!!!!! I want a bump like hers once I get pregnant with my second!!!!!!

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