Bree Williamson: Motherhood Is “A Whole Mix Of Things”

One Life to Live actress Bree Williamson and her husband Michael Roberts became doting parents to son McGreggor Edward four months ago. In her first interview since giving birth, Bree shares with ParentDish a few of the joys and challenges of these early days of motherhood.

On how she would describe motherhood: “It is a whole mix of things. It is really, really great and, at the same, time really, really hard. But I have to say it is so wonderful and I am having a great time.”

On what has been the biggest shock since becoming a mom: “The postpartum depression. I was so shocked. When they described it to me in the hospital, they said you are either going to leave here happy or you’ll get it so bad you will need to go talk to somebody about it. What they never explained to me was the in between, middle part, where you feel crappy the first week and cry a lot. I had that. I was so shocked to get these mood swings after I gave birth.”

On how she knew she had postpartum depression: “You get upset when you get home and you start thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I have to go talk to a therapist because maybe I will become withdrawn.’ No one told me it is completely normal to have this weird swinging of emotions where you feel amazing one minute and then you feel horrible the next. I think I had three big cries a day.”

On taking advice and reaching out to someone for help: “My husband was there and he was great. I had to remind myself, you are exhausted, too. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was having a great time with my son and he is such a good baby. But there was a period where I would just start crying for no reason.”

You can read more of Bree Williamson’s interview at ParentDish

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  • Julie Brandt moorestown, nj

    Could the depression actually be guilt, for leaving your child while you go to work? Just curious.

  • i’m sure she is sort of relieved by OLTL being plucked

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