Charlie & Dolly O’Connell Are Sweet Treat Tots!


Rebecca Romijn and husband Jerry O’Connell took their adorable 2-year-old twins, Charlie and Dolly (dark denim jacket), out for frozen yogurt at Golden Spoon in Calabasas, Calif. Monday afternoon (January 24).

The girls, sporting super cute jean jackets and matching shoes, looked quite excited to be enjoying their tasty treats with mom and dad.

Recently, Jerry dished about his girls’ and their contrasting personalities:

We have a good one and a bad one. I don’t want to say which one, but the bad one will act up in public places, like the supermarket. She lies down on the ground. It’s like a hippie protest – like a sit-in!

Thankfully both girls looked to be on their best behaviour for this particular outing!

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Mee-Mee

    Their adorability level is completely off the charts! How precious they are. Rebecca has a mini-me, and Charlie looks like a mix of both mum & dad (but slightly more mum).

  2. caitlin

    dolly and charlie are adorable.

  3. Ryann

    wow, can they be any cuter?? don’t think so….

  4. Anonymous

    They are cute!
    It is funny how much difference in height they are

  5. Anonymous

    Dolly looks so much like my daughter its weird!

  6. Alma

    Looks like Rebecca either put a few pounds up or she is just plain pregnant.
    The girls are adorable. Our twin boys dont look alike at all either: one has my brown eyes, the other one has his father’s blue eyes.

  7. alice

    i admit it. i’m a little obsessed with these two. charlie looks so serene and you can just tell dolly is the firecracker. so adorable.

  8. Becki

    The girls are adorable. Rebecca’s camel toe, not so much.

  9. Anonymous

    They don’t appear to be wearing diapers…I wonder if they are potty training?

  10. Wow.

    Rebecca looks great. Anyone who says differently is related to Uncle Jesse.

  11. Anonymous

    Jerry always jokes that one of the girls is a “handful” I think its Dolly(smile)

  12. Big Mama

    The one in the jean jacket looks a lot like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt… Just sayin…

  13. Anonymous

    They are my #1 favorite! I want to upload their pics more and more!
    Too much Jessica Alba & Honor, now.

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