Idina Menzel On Motherhood: “It’s So Much Joy That It Spills Over”

From Broadway to Glee to diaper duty, Idina Menzel says life is pretty great these days. Idina, who has 1-year-old son Walker with her husband Taye Diggs, recently chatted to about what’s been keeping her busy – on stage and off.

On juggling career and motherhood: “You know what? It’s great, because I have a routine. Like this weekend; I have a show in St. Louis, so I’ll fly out late Saturday night after I put him down to sleep, so I’ll only miss a couple hours on Sunday and be back on Sunday night. So, I get that time on the plane to myself and the time to be onstage.”

On time management as a mom: “If I’m going to be there more than one night, I always bring my baby with me. And, that’s great, because he gets to stand in front and watch the orchestra during rehearsal and he loves music so much. Somehow I’m balancing more than I ever have in my entire life and I feel more inspired and more motivated. I don’t know if it’s because you a better manager of your time when you’re a mommy and you only have so many hours to do something for yourself so you just have to get it done or what it is.”

On how motherhood has changed her: “I think it’s that I feel better about myself because I like who I am as a mother. It’s so much joy that spills over. (Pause.) I just feel more fulfilled than I ever have in my career and in my private life.”

On her inspiration: “Walker and my husband are inspiring me the most – just sort of watching your family blossom. You know, taking a nap with the three of us together in bed – that’s heaven.”

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