Kate Hudson Debuts Her Baby Bump

Baby bump watch!

Actress Kate Hudson debuted her baby bump today at Heathrow Airport in London, England. The 31-year-old Almost Famous star and her boyfriend, British rocker Matt Bellamy, were spotted arriving at the busy airport on Monday (January 24).

Kate’s famous mama, actress Goldie Hawn, recently weighed in on her daughter’s pregnancy. “You know, we’re just all very happy… happy for them both. What’s more to say?” Goldie said. She added that Matt is a welcome addition to their family: “He is really fun. We all enjoy him and we understand why Katie really… what she sees in him. He is a great guy,” Goldie gushed.

Kate is already mom to 7-year-old son Ryder with ex-husband Chris Robinson.

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  1. klutzy_girl

    She looks good! I’m excited for her and Matt.

  2. Helen

    Kate is glowing 🙂
    Can’t wait to see her style with this pregnancy

  3. Jody

    This baby will have plenty of love sent its way. Im glad everyone is on cloud nine and super excited.


  4. Anonymous

    OMG her Lakshmi long necklace from Energy Muse Jewelry is soo cute!

  5. suzan

    I dont get it. Having more babies and not being MARRIED. GET MARRIED FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am sure I will get replies to what does this have to do with having babies. To me it does, a lot. They keep on popping kids every time they have a new ‘relationship’ and they end up breaking up. I am sure they will end up splitting like everyone and then meeting new people and getting pregnant again and so on. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

  6. robo

    I think for a mom she is a loose girl. She should spend more time with the child she has instead of fornicating with every one she meets. You don’t have a gazillion boyfriends when you have a small child.

  7. alice

    I wonder if she will blow up like last time… and then she didn’t eat and worked out every second of every day for 5 months and filmed Skeleton Keys. Just all seemed very extreme. Wonder if she has a history of food/body image issues?

  8. Valerie Pie

    This woman is the most disgusting and pathetic excuse for a woman… Only God knows how many diseases she has crawling inside her… It’s one man after the other without any breaks in-between… She divorces her husband, and from that point on, she’s been humping on everything since then… Justin Timberlake, A-Rod, Owen Wilson, Dax Shepard or whatever his name is, the bicycle dude with the one ball, Lance Armstrong, and now this dude… I’m all for free-love and all that other BS but come on, this is simply prostitution… And now she’s knowcked up again, trapping this poor ugly dude who knocked her up… She barely takes care of the one she has now. Useless tramp.

  9. yaman sawas

    nobody can talk at kate hudson at this ugly way !! it is non of any one’s business so shut up kate hudson deserves evry good thing she is a brilliant star and having a child small one doesnt mean that she should take care of her son to the end of the life she does what ever she want in anytime she wants

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