Matthew McConaughey & His Beach Babes

Hands-on daddy Matthew McConaughey enjoyed a day at the beach with his two adorable children – son Levi, 2 1/2, and daughter Vida, 1 – in Malibu on Sunday (January 23).

The 41-year-old Contact star spent the afternoon dipping into the water with his kids and the family dogs. The trio also had fun building sandcastles in the warm California sun.

The kids’ mama, Brazilian model Camila Alves, was not spotted with the sun-loving group.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. carolyn Robertson

    What a picture… just beautiful.

  2. Anonymous

    In the main pic, why does it look like Matthew has 4 legs?

  3. Lovethembabies!

    I adore this beautiful family! As much a a beach loving bunch they are maybe so beach diapers would be good. I am laughing at how swollen they look in the first picture.

    • anonymous

      Lovethembabies…. I totally agree about the swim diapers…. They need them and they are actually better for environment… since regular diapers break apart after being SO WET and little bits of plastic will be polluting the beach NOT VERY GREEN.

      • Anonymous

        These children are beyond beautiful, but I have to admit that I was a bit turned off by seeing those diapers at the beach!! I guess I am super sensitive about seeing diapers on children at the beach because I have seen way too many diapers being left on the beaches where I live. There is nothing cute about a sagging, soggy diaper that hardly stays on once it gets wet anyways. Might as well just take them to the beach in their batman undies and disney princess panties (just a joke. I don’t enforce this either!). Come on Matt, get those babies some swim diapers so they can play more comfortably!

        • Anonymous

          Maybe he didn’t plan on going into the ocen and at the last minute they decided to go because the weather was so beautiful. And they didn’t have any swim diapers. So he contemplated…..a little bit of fun and then a quick diaper change and receive a bunch of comments from nitpicking people OR skip the ocean and just stare at.

  4. Ariana

    Matthew sure doesn’t look very happy to see the paps taking photos of his children in their diapers.

  5. Anonymous

    I think it’s disgusting how his kids are crapping and it’s getting in the beach water. That’s why they make water diapers. Moron.

  6. caitlin

    I think Levi and Vida looks like the mother especially Levi.

  7. P!nk

    I think it’s time to start potty training Levi, don’t cha think????? And I don’t think it was even that warm to be out at the beach yesterday. But then again, these are the same parents who let them walk barefoot in the street so……

  8. Anonymous

    cute cute and cute!! i think it is the first pictures of Vida walking by herself. And Levi’s hair is long again. these kids are cute!!!
    I never understand how people can look at the picture and think they know exactly what happens. Maybe they started potty training Levi but when they go out they prefer to use diaper(that what I was doing with my son), maybe Matthew didnt plan to go on the beach with the kids, thats why they dont wear swim diapers. etc etc.
    just look at these pictures and see a father with two adorable kids having fun together.

  9. Anna

    What’s the obsession with swin diapers? They have only recently been invented. He would probably had let his kids go naked on the beach if it weren’t for the paps being there.

  10. Anonymous

    Anna – the obsession is swim diapers hold in poop and don’t break. So if Levi decided he has to crap, everyone in Malibu will be exposed to it. And they have been around a long time, they weren’t just recently invented.

  11. Anonymous

    Oh, Vida looks nothing like Matthew but she is cute. She looks much more mixed race than Levi. How old is Levi? Isn’t he too big for diapers, Pullups would be better.

  12. Anonymous

    Wow way to yank the little girls arm out of socket.

  13. Kate


  14. Anonymous

    aw looks like levi’s hair got longer! and vida looks a lot like camila’s mother.

  15. Anonymous

    I think it’s ridiculous how people are worried about the diapers, when there’s a picture where Matthew is ready to rip Vida’s arm out of her socket. Who holds their kid like that?

  16. blinkblue

    Vida is absolutely beautiful. She is going to be a stunning woman. Watch.

  17. blinkblue

    Vida is absolutely beautiful. She is going to be a stunning woman. Watch.

  18. Anonymous

    Maybe she screamed because of the water so quick thinking… he just lifted her up for a second. It’s obviously she’s a healthy baby girl (at least on the outside!) and I doubt he’s not careful with her! Don’t forget that’s HIS child, WHY would he hurt her on purpose?

  19. Anon

    I don’t think those are regular diapers they look sort of like cloth to me. But if they gather water like that and sag it’s still can’t be comfortable for either one.
    And yeah you should never grab a babies arm like that with one hand. It probably was a quick move bc of the waves like above poster said but you have to be careful and I’m sure Matthew didn’t mean harm by it.

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