The Rossdale Boys: Made In The Shade

What a handsome bunch!

It was a boys’ day out for Gavin Rossdale and his sons Kingston, 4, and Zuma, 2, yesterday (January 23). The trio posed with their 3D glasses on at the premiere of the kid-friendly flick Gmoneo and Juliet at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre.

The day before, as we spotted mom Gwen Stefani and little brother Zuma taking a trip to the Expo Center, Gavin and Kingston headed out solo – the preschooler rocked a pair of bright yellow plaid pants.

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Photo credit:, Pacific Coast News

  • Pae


  • Mee-Mee

    Gwen & Gavin have got to be the most fashion obssessed celeb parents in Hollywood! No other parents seem to focus so much attention on their childrens wardrob and hair styles….. especially boys. And dying such a young childs hair is ridiculous! I suppose when Zuma’s hair begins to darken like Kingston’s (and Gwen’s natural brown) they’ll dye his as well. Even ultra fashion icons like the Beckhams don’t subject their young children to focus on their hair & clothing.

  • MDD

    This is way to much for a 2 and 4 year old! Poor kids…

  • caitlin

    agreed with mee mee.I thought suri was over style.

  • Anonymous

    They are all beautiful , and I love Kingston’s hair. It’s too bad , that Gwen wasn’t with them !!
    I love their clothes , they are little stars !!

  • Anonymous

    fashion changes. in days gone by infants wore a gazillion ruffles, or eccentric sailor suits with gigantic straw hats. today, not so much. if your child is not wearing generic osh gosh coveralls or a stained spider man sweat-suit all of a sudden you are spending too much time on your child’s clothing. and the boys seem especially prejudiced against because *gasp* boys don’t dress up.

    wake me when and if these boys get a face piercing or tattoo, or something worth getting my feathers ruffled about.

  • Anonymous

    They are pathetic! These kids look absolutely ridiculous! It is so trashy to dye a little kid’s hair!

  • Kate

    Welcome to Hollywood, let me guess, most of you obviously not from here, but I am. My son has same clothing style and long hair with highlights so as thousands of other kids in L.A. He is the one who asks me to do it, because he sees me doing it, I can say no but I choose not to, because I don`t see any harm in it. I am not a fan of Gwen but who are u to judge her??? Right… bunch of jelous people.

  • Anonymous

    The most beautiful boys in Hollywood. Perfect for the Affleck girls.

  • Victoria

    Zuma is too freakin’ adorable! Love the boots, sunglasses, and his hair!

  • Rebecca

    Yup. I am so jealous that I’m not damaging my children’s hair.

  • nes

    ta ways these kids are dressed and hair gettin bleached i just feel sorry for them.

  • Rachel

    I think Zuma is a little bit calm.. and Kingston ist just self-confident. It’s cute to see them grow and have other interests. about 2 yrs ago Kingston was in Zuma’s age.. I think it’s interesting to see the boys in another 2 yrs.

  • Anon

    I love their style and clothes but I do have to wonder if they’re comfortable. I mean I want children to look and feel comfy in clothes and these kids always look like they’re squeezed into things!!

  • Anonymous

    you guys are so jealous

  • Anonymous

    The most beautiful boys of Hollywood.
    If Kingston wants to have his hair as they are now, it is he who decides and Gwen just wants to please him
    People are just jealous of them !

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