Zuma Rossdale: Coldwater Park Cutie

Zuma Rossdale was seen with his nanny at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday (January 25).

The 2-year-old tot at one point took off his jacket and ran around. He sure has a lot of energy. I’m surprised his fedora hat stayed on!

Zuma and older brother Kingston attended yesterday’s premiere of Gnomeo & Juliet with their dad Gavin Rossdale.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Anonymous

    For those of you that will most likely comment on his outfit; get OVER it. The kid looks great. You can tell how much fun he’s having, even in those clothes. So for those who keep complaining about the way the Rossdale boys dress, it isn’t your opinion that matters. Obviously, you are not the parent.

  • caitlin

    I don’t care how the boys are dressed. But every time you see the family a nanny is always there. No matter what they do eat run errands walking going to the park. It’s that hard for Gwen and Gavin to keep eye on two little boys. I don’t think any other celebrity family use a nanny more then Gwen and Gavin.

    • Anonymous

      You beat me to it, Caitlin, I was going to say the same thing. I don’t have a problem with nannies per se —- many working parents rely on them to provide quality care for their children while said parents are working. But you’re right, this family has a team of nannies on standby, it seems and they rely on them all the time (except those occasions when they are photoshopped out of the picture!!). Many, many, of the millionaire celebs we see employ nannies, but when they are not working, they like to spend time with their kids and don’t need an entourage to go the playground.

      Gwen treats her kids as accessories or props and hauls them out for a photo op when it suits her. Poor kids.

      • TiggerTiff

        Gwen is Montreal right now. I know this for a fact. So the nanny is doing what she’s being PAID for and taking care of the Zuma and Kingston. I honestly don’t understand the outrage you guys feel because the nannies accompany Gwen and Gavin everywhere. The nannies are probably on a salary…which means they get paid whether they go out or stay home. Money doesn’t grow on trees so if they are being paid regardless the nannies’ asses better be with the kids at all times. I’m just saying.

        • Anonymous

          I am sorry if you misconstrued my reaction to one of outrage, but if you read my post in its entirety, you would see that I do not have a problem with working parents using nannies, or celebs who have nannies 24/7. I just find it odd that in photos of this family in particular, it is the exception to see them without a nanny when the parents are present. Other celebs seem to handle their kids without a fleet of handlers, assistants, etc. (Jen Garner, Naomi Watts, etc.) and actually seem to enjoy being with their kids.

          seems to uses various nannies

  • caitlin

    Also what up with the Gwen post lately.

  • Audrey

    Maybe Mom and Dad are working or having some me time. The rest of us would have a plain old babysitter. Nice to have a nanny.

    Love those cute little faced shoes.

  • P!nk

    I think he looks great and who cares about the Nannies. Get a life.

  • Anonymous

    Zuma is very gorgeous just like Kingston !! It’s nice to see him play and laugh !!
    It’s too bad that Kingston dosen’t come with his little brother

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the first comment !! The Rossdale boys are always well dressed most of the time !!

  • Anon

    I love Zuma’s shoes so cute! They always seem to have nannies but they also seem to have different nannies! Do they get fired or rotate??

  • Lioness

    I’m pretty sure every celebrity parent has a nanny, especially those that don’t have a family member to help out; even the Garner-Afflecks that people seem to love to herald as the perfect, down-to-earth family, most likely have one. Most of these celebs are so busy that a nanny is quite necessary. I think Gwen just doesn’t bother to hide hers, and I can respect that. Why does it bother so many people, anyway? Those women are paid well for what they do.

    Zuma looks too, too cute!!!

  • suz

    Zuma’s quite a pretty thing – Kingston has lost his looks already. He always looks drawn, with hooded, tired eyes.

    • Anonymous

      kingston is a gorgeous little boy!

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