Father Of Padma Lakshmi’s Baby Wants Greater Custody

Adam Dell, the father of Padmi Lakshmi’s 11-month-old daughter Krishna Thea, recently filed papers in New York City seeking greater custody.

TMZ reports that he wants to see his daughter more than what was agreed between the former couple. The Top Chef star allows Dell to see Krishna 9 days a month. They have an out-of-court agreement that is in effect until February 20, when she turns one.

However Dell is complaining he only sees his baby 7 hours a week. Insiders say Padma has never denied him a day of visitation.

Sources also reveal that he’s furious over Krishna’s name, which was given to the baby two days after she was born.

Padma’s friends says she feels “bullied”. She does not receive child support and just wants him to help raise their baby and handle the matter in private!

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  1. caitlin

    Padma’s friends says she feels “bullied”. She does not receive child support and just wants him to help raise their baby. How can he when he only sees Krishna 9 days a month. Maybe padma should give Adam more time with her.

    • Janna

      What makes you so sure that SHE is the reason he doesn’t see his daughter more often?

      Plenty of non-custodial parents have visitation that they don’t take advantage of.

      • Julie Brandt moorestown, nj

        My point exactly. Why do women always blame the mother, especially if she is successful and intelligent.

        In my case my husband of 5 years just decided ” fatherhood” wasn’t for him anymore, so he chose the most opportune time to abandon his 6 month old son. He thought while I was undergoing a mastectomy at the age of 31 to do it. The coward fled back to his ” influential” family in the UK- and for the past two years has been claiming poverty ever since. He has had every chance to visit his son but not once has he called to see how he was.

        In my opinion mr Dell is seeking the spotlight- perhaps because he is a loser who is riding off of the coattails of his accomplished brother michael.

        I hope Parma fights with everything she has. And as I stated earlier, she has the law on her side.

        • Julie Brandt moorestown, nj

          Padma not Parma ( damn spell check!)

        • Shirilicious

          Isn’t this situation much different fom yours? Your husband left you. Sorry ’bout that but don’t make the mistake thinking every man/ husband/father is like your ex.
          The father in this story wants to be part in his child’s life. Since when is that a bad thing? What kind of “law” does Padma have on her side. The one that prevents perfectly able parents to see their children?

          • Julie brandt


            You miss the point entirely. It is not about the mother it’s the rights of the child. The courts are required to look at the interest of the minor in question. If there is a pattern of neglect. They must uphold what will benefit the child most. With a child this young they will NOT require the child to be apart from the mother for extended period of times. In fact they rarely, if ever, allow overnight visits for anyone under the age of 4.

            He abandoned the child ( which in the state of NY- only requires a 6 month absence) thus his rights have been altered.

            My case is not different at all. Yes my husband left the marriage but he also left his son. ( while I might add putting his $5million assets in off shore funds). There is no financial obligation to the wife or mother but there is indeed one to
            the child.
            Mr Dell has acted in the same way as my husband. The law sees no difference. Other than because I was in a legal marriage- had I slept with another man while married but my husband put his name on the birth certificate- he would still be held accountable in the eyes of the law. It is law v biology here.
            No one says it’s fair, but in the case of ms Lakshmi she is getting the short end of the stick.

        • Lya

          I hope you and your son are doing well and I agree with your comments.
          I also believe that the baby’s father wasn’t ready for fatherhood. Maybe he changed his mind. I feel sorry for Padma.

          • Julie brandt

            Thank you Lya- my beautiful boy and I are doing amazingly well. I love being home with him. And fortunately have the personal resources to do so. I am in remission from cancer and just enjoying the blessings I have. It’s fine for one to opt not o be married anymore, in many ways he got me out of a situation I knew was harmful for all involved. However I am an adult, my son is a minor- the law protects those that cannot do it for themselves

            I agree he may not have been ready for fatherhood, but we are talking about a 40 year old man, not a 21 yr old boy who barely knows who he even is as a
            person yet. But the Childs rights need to be protected. The posters do not understand that it’s nots about Padma- it’s about what will benefit this very
            young minor. Consistency and stability are what matters.

            Regardless, women no matter what their economic, educational or religious background deserve the rights to be informed. That is particularly why I chose to do volunteer work my entire career. As I said I was fortunate to have my own resources so felt the need to give something back.

        • Lya

          I hope you and your son are doing well and I agree with your comments.
          I also believe that the baby’s father wasn’t ready for fatherhood. Maybe he changed his mind. I feel sorry for Padma.

  2. Anonymous

    she should have gone to a fertility clinic and got an anonymous donor. Then she wouldn’t have to deal with anyone.

  3. Anni Mouse.

    Good for Dell for being a responsible involved parent. Krishna is his child and he does have a right to see her.

    I’m curious about Lakshmi’s lament that he isn’t paying child support. I hope she doesn’t think financially martyring herself gives her the moral right to keep Dell away from their child.

    Sounds to me like they both need to come to a binding legal agreement about all aspects of her girl’s upbringing, visitation and support.

    • Julie Brandt moorestown, nj

      You are a tad mistaken, by not giving child support he indeed loses rights to see the child. As a family lawyer I can guarantee you that no judge will allow a parent any custodial and perhaps visitation rights if their financial duties are not met with in compliance with state law.

      • Anonymous

        No, you are a tad mistaken. Child support and custody are separate issues. If there is no financial support order, there is nothing to enforce and Mr. Dell does not owe the mother anything. There IS a custody/visitation order in place and it appears as though the mother is not living up to her end of the bargain. The father has the right to see his child per the court-ordered (even if it is and outside) custody agreement between the parties.

        • Julie Brandt moorestown, nj

          There was indeed a financial agreement between the two. He stopped it himself. So yes visitation is a part of parental rights. The two were not bifurcated. Particularly since he initially gave up rights to the child as per their agreement.

          • Julie Brandt moorestown, nj

            Furthermore when the father- I use that term loosely- shows no initial interest in the child- that is “intent” which in 40 out of the 50 states can be used in any binding arbitration. When he clearly stated that he was not interested in being a father during the pregnancy that set precedence. The majority of judges will weigh that in deciding visitation.

            By allowing his name on the birth certificate he HAS legally obligated himself to the welfare of this minor- until a court has ordered otherwise. Since no order has been placed he is financially obligated.

            If that is not met in compliance any other rights can be withheld.

        • Julie Brandt moorestown, nj

          If you Are a lawyer I would ask for a refund on your tuition. Or perhaps you have been watching one too many episodes of divorce court.

        • Reply to "Anonymous"

          Oh burn, ding, ding, ding! The decision goes to Ms. Brandt, family lawyer. Anonymous, I don’t know what crazy chat room you’ve been visiting, but under state and federal law (should this case go up the courthouse foodchain, god forbid) the father does owe the mother and will be forced to pay if the courts get involved. He is, in fact, responsible for the support of this child until she turns the age of majority in the state of New York. Padma, as a matter of fact, could very well make him pay RETROACTIVE child AND medical support from the day this little girl was born. And as long as she can document “her end of the bargain” and what the issues were between the parties (is his house childproofed? is he bringing random women home? is he a drug addict? is he verbally or physically abusive to the mother? – you don’t seem to address any of the potential landmines on HIS “end of the bargain.”) If I were his lawyer, I’d tell him to stay out of the media and go to parenting classes, Stat.

    • Janna

      I also think you’re mistaken about the context of her saying that. She is on record as saying that she doesn’t WANT child support from him.

      • Anonymous

        Child support is a child’s right…a mother can’t decide she doesn’t WANT support. A mother cannot legally decide that she doesn’t WANT child support/

        • Julie Brandt moorestown, nj

          Correct. The child is afforded their own rights. So it makes no difference whether the mother makes millions and the father is paid minimum wage. The financial responsibility is on both parties. Even if the mother refuses it- the court must award a dollar amount, it could be a 1$ a month but there is mandatory financial contributions required.

          Alimony is a separate issue entirely. The mother of the child, can ask for this if they were married or in domestic partnership as recognized by each state.

          • Anonymous

            Excuse me, but it’s YOU who is wrong on this count. The only way to get child support is to a (a) make an agreement with the non-custodial parent that they will pay “X” amount every month; or (b) have a court order that the parent must pay.

            If you don’t want child support, you won’t file in court for child support. Period.

            How exactly is it that you think a court would order child support for a child, without someone filing for it?

  4. Anonymous

    That’s what happens when you just randomly have a baby with some dude.

  5. Kenna

    What a horrible situation. Custody battles are tough enough without having the details broadcasted over the internet. I guess with Top Chef pre-empted tonight, we need something to talk about. foodiegossip.blogspot.com/2011/01/top-chef-all-stars-episode-8-sneak-peak.html

  6. Anonymous

    Padma Lakshmi is a selfish person she only thinking about herself not her child or the father, if she wanted to raise the child by herself she should have went to a sperm bank or adopted as a single parent instead of getting pregnant on purpose and expecting the him to not want anything to do with the child it backfired on her now she has to deal with the consequences.

  7. caitlin

    Yeah padma is selfish. I read on daily mail that she tries to keep the baby away from Adam. I hope Adam will spend more time with Krishna .she is a beautiful baby.

    • Janna

      LOL LOL LOL LOL you’re citing the Daily Mail as your source of *reliable* information LOL LOL LOL LOL

    • CrazyLurker

      And I read in my tea leaves that he called her horrible racist names and wants to raise their daughter as a Russian Muslim. Then in the National Enquirer, they said that he doesn’t have any sperm and had to borow some from his brother. But US magazine said that the baby is really John Travolta’s. Who should I believe? I just don’t know.

  8. Anonymous46

    I can see why she has no problem with their agreement as it is she get the baby 95% of the time which is what she wants if not 100% of the time. If they keep it privet like she wants then she can do whatever she want with their child and make all the decisions with out his say so, he needs to go to court to protect his rights for visitation and upbringing of his chlid in a legal agreement.

  9. Julie Brandt moorestown, nj

    He wanted nothing to do with her during the pregnancy. Only does he decide now because he has been outed as the “father”. Give me a break. My husband abandoned my son and I when he was 6 months old. I will fight him tooth and nail if he ever changes his “mind” and wants to be a part of his life. Since he has already been cited for abandonment he has no rights to this child.

    How are we so sure about mr dell’s motivations

  10. Anonymous46

    Julie Brandt moorestown, nj @ you got it wrong no one outed him as the father he the one that said he was the father of padma’s baby when she would not tell anyone who the father was.

    • Julie Brandt moorestown, nj

      Actually no you are incorrect. He refused any contact with ms Lakshmi when informed of pregnancy. He waived his rights as the legal father, there are two separate issues here. Biology v law. He waived the latter. It was only when the court records were opened did he acknowledge the child.

      He has achieved nothing on his own merit, his only claim to fame so to speak is being related to Michael Dell, and of course now impregnating Ms. Lakshmi

      • Anni Mouse.

        Julie Brandt moorestown, nj:

        I think it’s rude and strange to pepper this thread with vitriolic rants against people who are expressing their opinions. I assume that most commenters here are like myself: mildly interested in a public figure whose personal life reads like a plot from a soap opera. I claim no great knowledge of the legalities of this situation nor do I have insider information about statements Dell or Lakshmi made in private about his paternity.

        With all do respect, I believe that regardless of your professional background and personal trauma it’s inappropriate to hijack this thread.

        • rose

          Calm down, there is nothing “vitriolic” about the things Julie Brandt wrote. In fact, I am happy about her clearing up any wrong ideas that people might have about the case and putting all the facts out there. She doesn’t condemn anyone here for being “selfish” the way others do without knowing the full facts. So thanks Julie Brandt for giving us a good picture of the case.

          All that remains to be said is: What a mess. And how sad for the child.

          • Julie Brandt, moorestown, nj

            Thank you Rose. It’s odd that I am the one accused of spewing hatred. First of all, I am not posting anonymously. Second of all, I am not the o e who calls her “selfish, burn victim, car accident, martyr, her baby is too white to be hers, the list goes on”.

            If one believes their point has validity that is fine, and furthermore we are entitled to our opinions. But it is unfair to characterize her actions without knowing the root of the law.

            Too many times women are viewed as the money hungry and of questionable morality in cases such as these. I have only repeated what is common court records. If one is going to maje a baseless legal claim, I have every right to use my background to clarify the matter.

            ANY emotional response on my part was directed at my situation, that was very clear.

            I am in no way a feminist nor do I believe all women need to be supported. I gave up my career to be a stay at home mom. I believe the child comes first. Mr Dell did not have this same conviction until his initial questionable actions were brought into question.

            Regardless it’s am all too commmon occurrence. The child is young enough to be spared this drama. And hopefully it will all be resolved in due time.

          • Brooke

            You really think just because you put a name on your post, you’re better than those who post as anonymous? News flash – anyone can post anything under any name here, none of it’s verified in any way. So “anonymous” is pretty much exactly the same as “Julie Brandt”. Nice try.

  11. Peta

    *deep breath and sigh* What. A. Mess. And I thought Mel Gibson’s youngest had a tumultuous first year with her parents at each other’s throats.

    I have to agree with one or two of the above posters: maybe an anonymous donor would have been a better way to go. Oh well, too late now.

  12. Anonymous

    Why does the baby look so white? Is it even hers? Looks nothing like her.

  13. Shirilicious

    Julie Brandt from Moorestown, NJ, may I ask who’s paying you? Or what is your vengeance campaign against the father in this story about?

    • Julie brandt

      Since I only have ever taken pro Bono clients( that means gratis or free in case you need a dictionary) during my career. Your accusation is meritless.

      Ms Lakshmi needs not comply with someone else’s spontaneous requests when his actions have been proven to be scurrilous at most in the past.

      The law is the law. And perhaps there are women who read these post who may not have the financial recourse to research their rights in like incidences. Perhaps by reading basic matters of law, they at least can be pointed in some direction.

      The law protects the man still. It is a patriarchal society. And this does not come from a bleeding heart liberal. I am a staunch republican and wholeheartedly believe in personal responsibility. That goes for both parties involved in this situation.

      The Childs interest is what matters, and she will benefit from having stability not having to be scuttled about because of the whims of mr Dell.

    • Anni Mouse

      @Lisa B,

      Articulate? Pshaw. Brandt’s comments are rambling, poorly punctuated, oddly formatted, bullying and rude.

      Fifteen (of 43) of the comments on this thread are by Brandt. She is using her (supposed) education, her personal situation, her political party, and her life philosophy to defend Lakshmi and insult Dell. Brandt doesn’t cite her sources of insider information, and doesn’t link to sites that support her claims. It’s just plain weird. And probably slanderous (please note: I don’t have a law degree nor do I watch Divorce Court, so I’m sure Brandt will correct my usage of the term).

      I’m not claiming that Dell is a saint, or Lakshmi is a villain. But this is a complicated situation, and most of the information is being fed to the media via publicists (aka close friends who talk to the press) for Lakshmi. Some of us think it’s a good idea for the father (regardless of what happened while Lakshmi was pregnant and unsure of the child’s paternity) to now step up and formalize his legal standing as a father. So why is Brandt on some kind of vendetta?

  14. Anonymous

    No shirilicious is just angry that the idiots here show they have no brains,,

  15. Anni Mouse

    @Shirilicious — glad to see that I’m not alone in thinking this thread has taken a really odd turn. I too am curious about Julie Brandt’s motives and sources.

  16. Shirilicious


    Well, it seems we have scared Ms Brandt off.

  17. Tara Flowers

    You appear to have too much time on your hands. Pathetic! this story is about an innocent child. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why not concentrate on putting your energy towards something productive.

    You were the nasty mean girls in HS that had nothing better to do than bully.

    Poor Padma and anyone who wasted their time with this thread.

  18. Anonymous

    Gee I was hoping to read 64 comments or opinions, shouldn’t the back and forth posts use the reply button? “Fifteen (of 43) of the comments on this thread are by Brandt. ” I agree with @Anni Mouse this thread was hijacked.

  19. Anonymous

    Who care who hijacked the thread. It’s odd that so many of you took the bait. Heck it’s a story about someone who has a difficult time ahead of them either way. Kind of agree with Tara- don’t we have better things to do with our time?

    Yes I know I myself took time to comment;)

    I would take a wild guess that someone that works for the site had someone from outside do the numerous post from that Brandt person. Makes more people want to come back to the site. It’s good marketing.

    Just my opinion here.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous said:
      I would take a wild guess that someone that works for the site had someone from outside do the numerous post from that Brandt person. Makes more people want to come back to the site. It’s good marketing.

      I would hope so. Kind of makes sense. Otherwise people have way too much time on their hands. I know they do that type of thing with letters to the editor in a lot of magazines.

  20. Dana M

    OMG. Did I just waste time reading this thread?

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