Sandra Bullock: Preparing Stepdaughter Sunny For Jesse James’ Remarriage

I must have stepped away from my computer for a few seconds and missed the news that Sandra Bullock‘s ex, Jesse James, is engaged to Kat Von D and will remarry as soon as next month.

Now it appears that Sandra has the heartbreaking task of preparing her 6-year-old stepdaughter Sunny, Jesse’s daughter from a previous relationship, for the arrival of a third mom in her life.

“Sandra loves Sunny with all her heart and will always be in her life. However, she also knows that [Sunny] will have a new mommy soon and will do whatever she needs to do to make sure Jesse’s new wife and Sunny have a great relationship even if that means taking a step away,” a friend of the Blind Side actress says.

While Sandra and Jesse were still married, the actress was instrumental in helping Jesse gain full custody of Sunny. The child’s mom, former porn star Janine Lindemulder, was jailed for tax evasion and Sandra told the court she considered Sunny to be her own daughter and she would be well cared for.

“When Jesse was in rehab it was Sandy who was a mother to his little girl. Despite what Jesse did, Sandra never walked away from Sunny,” a source says. “She has given that sweet child nothing but love. As difficult as this will be, once again Sandra will prove what a lady she is.”

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  • caitlin

    Three stepmother in her life mother in jail father in rehab what a sad life for a six year little girl.

    • Anonymous

      One loving and caring (step)mother like Sandra Bullock doesn’t sound that bad! It’s an opportunity many children don’t even have. At least that’s something, given the circumstances.

  • Anonymous

    And why does Sandi have to do it.. She has nothing to do with Sunny any
    more…Sunny does have an older sister..Since when has anyone seen Sunny
    with Sandra or her own father since the engagement.. It is the responsibility
    of her own mother to do that…

  • Anonymous

    When you love a child it doesn’t end when the marriage to their parent does. She care’s about this little girl I can understand her trying to prepare her for the craziness that’s about to come in her life

  • Anon

    It may not be Sandra’s job but lets not forget Sandra basically helped raised Sunny. She was only a baby when her and Jesse met and I believe the childs mother was in jail. The biological mother is incapable of taking care of this child and it looks like maybe Jesse is too. I feel bad for the kid to have to see her daddy go through so many new women. Sort of like Ryder has to do with Kate Hudson! I always believe children should be left out of relationships until you think your gonna take it to the level of marriage but for Jesse it just seems like he doesn’t care! I’m glad Sandra has remained in this childs life it’s nice of her to give the child some love even if it’s from afar!!

  • Goddess william

    Unfortunately, most adults do not take their children’s best interest into consideration. This man is nothing but a selfish pig who has always put his self-interest first. Hope this child does not grow up to be a messed up and confused young woman.

  • Anonymous46

    This story is not true it come from PopEater not Sandra Bullock herself yet another made up story, just like the story about her and Ryan Reynolds being together which was also not true. What’s really funny Sandra been in New York for the last two weeks there are photos of her there, she was in LA for the awards and before that New York and New Orleans so when did she find time to say or do any on this?

  • Anonymous

    Okay, is she in NY getting ready to film or in TX preparing Sunny? The saga just keeps going. Sounds more like someone’s publicists are hard at work earning their money. St. Sandra vs. Evil Jesse. It’s almost a year and getting old. Yes, she is a loving stepmom and Sunny is lucky to have her, but, come on! He appears to love his kids too. Sandra loved Jesse once; how bad of a father do you really think he could be!

  • Anonymous46

    She’s in New York getting ready to film not in TX I don’t think it’s the work of a publicists just a made up story by the media. The media, Jesse himself, Sunny mom and the woman he sleep with have made him look bad to the public not Sandra she has always said that he was a good father before and after her divorce, and she nor her people have said anything bad about him. This only started up again because Jesse and Kat went to People Mag to announce their engagement instead of keeping it low key nether one of them is famous enough to get that type of media attention on their own, no one was following them around taking their pictures or talking about them until their announcement .

  • mslewis

    Despite all his many faults, I think Jesse James is a good father and he loves his kids. I also think Sandra Bullock will remain in the lives of these children in some way. BUT this story is totally made up by the rags!! Sandra is in NY and will be there for a few months while she is filming a movie. These rags just need to calm down. Sandra Bullock will never become another “Poor Jen” the way they want her too. She has far too much class to be dragged down like that. The rags need to just move on. This is not a story.

    • Suzy

      He’s a great father….compared to Michael Lohan. Other than that, are you serious??

  • Anonymous

    Goddess well said! Exactly what I wanted to say. mslewis are you serious? Jesse James is not a good father, he’s mediocre at best. Who puts thier own needs above their kids? Self-centered jerks like him. Seems to me right now wouldn’t be the best time to bring another woman into the picture let alone marrying one and so quickly!

  • janine

    a lady? what kind of lady tries to take another womens child away? janine is her mom and no matter how much sandra wants to be she will never.

    • rose

      All Janine is, is Sunny’s biological mother. There is more to being a parent than biologically creating a child. True, biological relationship is important, but it is more important for a child to be loved, protected and cared for. Millions of adoptive parents around the world prove that you can very well be a mother/father to a child who is not biologically yours – while millions of biological parents who neglect, abuse or even kill their own offspring prove that being being the biological parent can mean nothing.

  • Kerry

    If the title had read: Close concerned family freind preparing to help sunny for Jesse james’ remarriage, people would not be making such a fuss. lets not get bogged down by titles. people see ‘stepmom’ or ‘stepdaughter’ and think that Sandra Bullock is overstepping her boundaries. and that is in fact not the case. she simply loves this little child and if the above story is true, then all she is doing is trying to help the little girl transition and deal with something that is otherwise very confusing for a young person. The child has been through alot. mother in jail, dad all over the media for all the wrong reasons.its alot to handle. and while it remains the prime responsibility of the parents to look after the child’s emotional and physical needs, any other positive help that can make the road in life easier for a child should be welcomed. i commend Sandra.

  • Anonymous

    Why should Sandra have to do this? She isn’t this childs step mother anymore, Sunny isn’t her step daughter. She’s no longer married to Jesse and from what I understand she doesn’t see Sunny anymore. Sandra has her own family and career to take care of. This is not her responsibility. Sunny has family that can “prepare” her. We don’t even know if those two are getting married it’s probably a made up story just like this one.

  • Anonymous

    This story is not true .Sunny has limited contact with Sb, tabloid BS just like story that Sandy is a recluse because of JJ’s engagement

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