Bethenny Frankel On Bryn: Everything Is Precious

Reality star mom Bethenny Frankel says that she and her 8-month-old daughter Bryn are already the best of friends.

“We have a good time. I want to be with her every single second of the day,” Bethenny tells OK! “She giggles. She giggles for days. I make her laugh a lot. We sit in the mirror and we look. We sing songs. Everything is a precious moment with a baby. Everything.”

“I am always with my daughter,” the Naturally Thin author continues – not that she minds. Bethenny says that she knows these early days with Bryn are fleeting.

“We’re never going to get these moments back. You will not get them back. The only thing you can’t change is time, and I do appreciate every single moment with her. I remember them. Everyone says it will fly by. Take pictures, and soak it all in. Steal kisses. I’m taking that advice to heart.”

“We know each other,” she shares of her relationship with her daughter. “We have a connection. She knows who I am … that’s been going on for awhile though. She calls for me in the morning now. We’re going to be little best friends.”

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  • Anonymous

    Ugh, this woman is trying too hard. Every word out of her mouth is a cliche!!

  • Anonymous

    She looks old..she needs to put on a little weight

  • Alma

    Plastic “fantastic” and she still looks old and used

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a weird WHO from Whoville.

  • Anonymous

    Such sweet and true words, she’s a great mommy!

  • PositiveMum

    So happy for you and your family Bethenny! You deserve it and I can’t wait for season 2 of you show and possibly baby #2!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    Bethenny is beautiful and so is Bryn! Can’t wait for her show!!

  • Anonymous

    She is a complete loser. She has said she blames her parents for her problems in life. Come on you are 41, get a grip. I feel for poor Bryn. To have that as a mom is embarrassing and criminal.

  • Anonymous

    Wait how can she be with Bryn all the time? Every time you turn on the tv or read a magazine, there she is. She has a full time nanny.

    To each their own , but do not misrepresent who you are. You have had success but to try to play the full time mommy is a bit of a stretch here.

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