Billie Beatrice Sneaks A Peek

Ten-month-old Billie Beatrice took a last look at the paps as she and her mom Rebecca Gayheart left a playdate in the Hollywood Hills today (January 27). She is such a doll!

Earlier this week we spotted the mother-daughter pair spending some time together at a Beverly Hills park.

Rebecca is best known for her roles on TV shows such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Vanished. Her husband Eric Dane, meanwhile, has earned himself a plenty of fans playing “Dr. McSteamy” on Grey’s Anatomy.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News, Fame

  • caitlin

    Billie is adorable.

  • Anonymous

    taking a nanny to a playdate? pathetic..this woman hasn’t worked in years. I’m sure she can handle 1 kid

    • Anonymous

      Huh, where’s the nanny?

      And if you mean that random woman you can barely see in one of the photos? How do you even know it’s the nanny? Are you some kind of stalker?

      • Anon.

        I think the previous poster was picking up on the fact that it is the same woman in several photos, walking behind or just to the side of the mom, AND carrying Billie’s pink baby blanket. Clearly not just a random woman — safe bet that it’s a nanny.

        Cute baby, but every time I see a picture of this woman I can’t help but think of the little kid that she killed with her car…

        • Anonymous

          Was the car accident before or after she cleaned up her substance abuse problem? If it was before, it was probably easier for her to “move on” in terms of not experiencing a lot of guilt (the drugs made me do it, I was a different person back then, yada, yada). If it was after, then I wonder how she does it — living with herself and the memory of what she did.

  • Anonymous

    billie is the tallest baby on the block!

  • lilseraph

    man this kid ain’t got alot of hair.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, your powers of observation are amazing!!! Who would have thought a *baby* wouldn’t have much hair? This is SHOCKING news!

  • Heart

    Beautiful billie 😀

  • Anonymous

    Actually I thought the same thing….she looks like one of those kids that will have very little hair well into their 2’s. She’s cute though.

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