Gwyneth Paltrow: “My Kids Are Self-Sufficient”

Like most working mothers Gwyneth Paltrow is often conflicted about being away from her children. But the Country Strong actress says now that kids Apple, 6 and Moses, 4, are older they’re better able to cope with her absences.

“To be honest, I think my son is a bit young for me to be away,” Gwyneth admitted. “I really feel like during the first five years of a child’s life it’s really important to be there as much as you can. [But] my children are self-sufficient. They really have an inner life and they know what they want and they know who they are. I think that it’s OK to work.”

“I just feel lucky that I don’t have to do every day. When I’m gone, I’m really gone. When I’m home, I’m really home. That’s the way it works in our house.”

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  • Anonymous

    I like how she’s justifying and making it seems as if it’s okay to be away from her kids for X amount time. If she feels she needs to do that, then there is obviously something wrong….raise/ be there for your kids!

    • Annika

      I agree with you “Anonymous”. It’s obvious that she is feeling guilty about being away from her kids, as that’s all she seems to talk about in her interviews.
      At 4 and 6 years, kids want their mommies no matter whether they’re Moses Martin or John Smith.

  • Anonymous

    Bump it.

  • Helene 78

    I used to work in London and lived in gwyneths neighborhood. I would see apple all the time on her way to school or wherever with her nanny or caretaker. I remember commenting to my husband on numerous occasions , how unhappy that little girl looked. For the entire 2 years I lived in that particular area- I never once saw her smile. She never made eye contact and actually appeared way more Insecure than any 4 or five year old should be. I think ms paltry is deluding herself into thinking her kids have a sense of inner self and know who they want to be. Hell I am 34 and still have no clue who I am;)

    • Megan

      OMG, I did too!!!

      Primrose Hill, Belgravia? I was a nanny for an American family that lived nearby. She did look sad:(

  • Anonymous

    wow thats ignorant just because a women works does not she is a bad mother! way to set the clock back 50 years!

    • Lisa

      Wow, don’t get so defensive. All anyone said is that she tries to justify being away from her kids too much. If she wants to work that’s her choice and more power to her.

      However do not be so naive as to think at the age of 6,4 they are ready to conquer the world. I work but question if it’s best for my kids. I am certain all mothers do the same thing. Calm down.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she does have to work. Maybe she was a terrible stay at home mom and both she and the children are happier when she has outside interests. I work because I have to or my family would be out on the street. But, even if it wasn’t necessary for the money, I think I would still work. I’m not happy unless I have a job. It makes me feel productive and makes me a much better person to be around. My kids would hate me if I were a stay at home mom. Some people are cut out to stay at home and some aren’t. Whatever works for your family, you should do it and leave other families to do what works for them. There isn’t a one size fits all life style.

    • Lisa

      Here we go again the working mom v stay at home debate. They just had this over at lil sugar. The poor author was ripped apart because she found giving up her career worked best for her.

      The thing I believe being questioned is how can a 4,6 year old be self sufficient? I work too but even think she is nuts for saying this.

  • Tara M

    Why not take the kids with you when you are on location? They are young enough that they can be tutored and if they are under 6 won’t really be in school yet.

    Think what you might about Angelina Jolie but I started to admire her much more when she asked in an interview ” why do you take the kids with you wherever yo go?”. She responded that her children were under school age, and why would she have had them or adopted them if she was going to shuttle them off to someone else.

    These celebs have the means that the average mom does not so if it really bothered Gwyneth she would find a way to bring them with her.

  • Sooo

    We are on the outside looking in. G and Cris have decided how to parent their kids. Doctors, Nurses, Police, Soldiers, Bus Drivers, Flight Attendants, Pilots, Fire Fighters, Actors, Musician, Stage Crews…..all you can comment on is what you think is best for you and your kids. Her kids look happy now and they have
    parents who love them the best way they can. That is all you can ask of your parent. Some of you don’t acknowledge that your kids will grow up and make you ashamed no matter how wonderful you think you raised and was there for them.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that people have a problem with her working. But it’s more the contention that at age 4,6 they are “self sufficient and have a sense of who they are”. That’s a bit new age isn’t it?

    I have never been a fan of Gwyneth, find her to be a bit too full of herself. However she has a right to continue with her career. Just hope she doesn’t continue living in this fantasy world view she has of her childrens emotional well being.

  • Anonymous

    Self sufficient at 4 and 6? Give me a freaking break!!

  • Anonymous

    She bugs…

  • Anonymous

    Helene 78 and Megan, you both must be lying because she doesn’t live in either of those places and you can’t conclude if a child is happy if she or he isn’t smiling every 5 seconds. They are hounded by the paps all the time so forgive them if they can’t smile in every picture and at everybody. You all really need to stop judging….

    • Helene 78

      Uh- excuse me did I specifically state which part of London? no. But you are mistaken she did live in Belgravia on the next street from mine in a three story Georgian townhouse. I lived in London for 10 years. I also lived in mayfair, , primrose hill, st johns wood and kensington. Furthermore if you see a child Quite frequently for two years without a smile, I would gather yes you know their state of mind.

  • Helene 78

    Furthermore if you want to get specific she lives in belsize park now, near my former in laws.

  • Pippa

    Helene 78, I didn’t mean to call you a liar since that was simply very rude on my part. I was only trying to imply that it’s not a very nice judgement to call a little girl, a sad girl, based on the fact she doesn’t smile when she out in about. I’m not here to say she is or isn’t sad, because I honestly don’t know and you in all honesty can’t know unless you actually take care of her on a daily basis, which from what I gather you don’t.

  • Helene 78

    That’s fair, I accept that is possible

  • Anonymous

    Apple never looks happy…they are more than likely being raised by nannies and their parents are coming and going as they please/extended periods of time away.

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