Camila Alves & Levi: Shopping Buddies

Happy birthday, Camila!

The model mama spent her 29th birthday out and about with her 2-year-old son Levi – the pair were spotted doing some shopping at the Malibu Country Mart in California (January 28).

Camila, who also has 1-year-old daughter Vida with her partner Matthew McConaughey, is busy working on a new project these days: She and her mom Fatima have just launched a new line of handbags.

I wanted to create a handbag that fit my lifestyle… (and my laptop at the same time).. and that’s when my mom and I created the MUXO handbag. With my needs and my mothers fashion design background, we got to work,” reads the brand’s Web site. “MUXO handbags are influenced by the two places I spend a lot of my time in… Brazil and New York. They are as ready for the beach as they are 5th avenue.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    She always looks really tired. You’d think having a nanny (I assume they do) would help that.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not so keen in what they’re wearing but this family are very cute.

  • Ariana

    Camila is a beautiful woman and Levi is adorable. Love that handbag, must be from her line.

  • antigoniem

    She kinda looks like a teenager that just rolled out of bed, but beautiful nonetheless.

  • rose

    She looks beautiful. I can understand what Matthew sees in her, but not what she sees in him, to be honest 😀

    • Pae

      hahaha, exactly!!!

  • P!nk

    To me, they’re average at best. Just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Average?? Hmm, wonder what you look like…..

  • Anonymous

    natural beauty… she always looks effortlessly beautiful. Levi is cute.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think she is that pretty either

  • Anonymous

    cute! that’s all (LOL@the comments^^)

  • Illari

    To me she´s just one of the most beautiful women i´ve ever seen…and she´s isn´t doing anything for it!!! I´m just really surprised and a bit shocked about the distinctive perceptions of beauty here. It doesn´t necessarily have to be a political statement finding her really attractive; she just IS.

    • T

      You are right ms. Alves your daughter is really pretty. Ah through the eyes of a mother;)

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks like Millie Vanilli. She use to look so much prettier.. And what the hell is happening to her hair. this is the same chick that hosted Sheer Genius?!?!?!?!?
    Personally I use to love her…I thought she was so pretty and her style was effortless. When she was promoting her show she added everyone on facebook and got back to all her fans. Now that show is done, she has deleted many people and doesn’t even talk to her fans. FAKE!

    • Anonymous

      LOL…I couldn’t agree more. I have a friend of a friend of a friend that knows her and says that she has completely changed. And not for the good.
      I was actually one of those people that added her on facebook, had actual direct communication with her where she responded to my questions, told me to watch the show, etc. and then after the show was done, she deleted me. I thought it was by accident, so I tried to add her again…she added me and then deleted. I thought that was sooooooooooooooooo rude.

      • Abigail

        Ha- I’m sure she deleted you on purpose! You are probably one of those really annoying people that have to post something obnoxious every 2 seconds! She probably got sick of seeing your farmville scores or other stupid stuff that was taking up the entire newsfeed… Delete, problem solved! Camilla you are beautiful and your bags are awesome don’t listen to the haters!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! She is poorly representing the show she hosted….kinda a slap in the face to Bravo. If hair was so important to her then, what happened….I watched her every week to really not understand a damn thing she said and every week I also followed her on the blogs and watched her videos. She talked about how hair made you feel good and confident, etc. Obviously and sadly her words were just to promote the show and not how she really feels.

      BTW…what the hell is she wearing?!?!?!?!??

  • Anonymous

    First off: Do any of you guys know her, personally? Please Facebook is the damn internet. How do you even know its her doing it? She is on twitter and replies to all of her fans..and she is verified. Facebook, that could of been anybody. And ” a friend of a friend of a friend”??? You sound like you are in high school. How would you like it if someone talked about you the way you guys are about her? Who care how she dresses and her children dress. I am sure all of you walk out the house looking so damn glamorous. So lets stop making rude comments about someone we do not know, or a friend of a friend of a friend. OK? Thanks. I am sure we are all over 21 so we need to be a little mature about the comments. If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say it at all.

    • Anonymous

      LOL….have you read her stuff on twitter?…it’s to PROMOTE her bag line. As the other person stated…she’s using these social networks to promote her stuff, which is totally fine, but she is not that sincere of a person to delete fans once she has accomplished what she wants. On Facebook she was getting back to people about advice on how to live their lives, products she uses, etc. She also verified it was her like you are claiming she did on Twitter.

      This is a forum…to state your opinion. Why are you getting so defensive? People are sharing things that they know. If you are going to get so bitter, you probably shouldn’t be visiting forums in the first place. Sorry to say.

      • Daniella Abreu

        Ok ANONYMOUS. You are right…but then again I dont know you so let me say this about you. You are bitter and jealous of Camila. You are probably always negative and cant afford her bags so thats why you are on here bashing her. You probably are fat and a mean person. BUT THATS MY OPINION SO TAKE IT. Yes its a promotion and I am sure if you had your business then you would do the same. Dont take it personal though bc its only business. Right? Just my opinion though.

        • Anonymous

          LOL…You are pathetic and disgusting. But thank you for showing us YOUR true colors.

          • Danielle Abreu

            Calling the Kettle Black? You are on here bashing her. So I was giving you an example. You showed your true colors from the beginning. Owning a bag and making judgement on someone who is different. I actually have met her and have had a conversation through out the years. By the way go to her facebook page and she will address this blog bc I forwarded to her. And anonymous, don’t be anonymous and call me disgusting. Use your name.

          • Tatiyana

            Nope…just stating facts or stating my opinion. Since you can’t tell the difference Danielle, let me help you better understand.

            1. She hosted a show on hair – Fact
            2. Her hair looks like crap and never looks nice anymore…it use to when she was promoting the show – Opinion.
            3. She added everyone and their mom’s when promoting the show – Fact
            4. She deleted people and started deleting people when she was done – Fact
            5. Her purses are too expensive – FACT. Take a poll you moron because most people would say spending $1800 for a bag that comes from a no-namer is far too much.

        • Anonymous

          Whoa girl, calm down. That was not nice or called for. Breathe, relax and take a Valium. Are you related to Camila? Wow…..

        • Tatiyana

          Hi Daniella,
          I actually do own one of Camilla’s bags. And while they are unique and pretty, I don’t think the price tag is appropriate for her bags. Sorry to say but it’s true. You can get a very nice Marc Jacobs bag, for example, for far less. So I just wonder how Camilla’s bags can be justified at this price point. I would not spend $1800.00 for one of her bags.


          • Anonymous

            may i ask you a question? if you think her bags are much too expensive why did you buy one?

          • Tatiyana

            I bought one of the less expensive ones.

          • Camila Alves

            Do you like the bag you purchased? Because thats all that really matters. If you dont then please contact me

          • Tatiyana

            yes I like it. as I mentioned above, they are unique and pretty. Good quality as well which is what I go after, but it’s for a very small bag which I take out occasionally. Your bigger bags which is great for everyday use are far too expensive. I could not spend $1,000.00 on one bag.

          • Camila Alves

            I do have some new ones that are bigger and are $300 dollars and also check out the QVC special and they are big and affordable. I will explain why they cost a lot and I do understand price. Me and my mother make them by HAND, no machines. The leather is from Brasil and they use a special dye and also they are handled especially for the Muxo line. It takes about 72 hours to make just one. So thats why they are priced the way they are. It wasnt bc I thought I was famous or trying to be somebody I am not. People wrote to me and said Hey I like your bags but I cant afford it so we made a line that was affordable to everyone. It still has the look and feel of a Muxo bag that costs $1300. I might not be a Louis Vuitton but its made from the heart and bare hands. Please check out the other bags and let me know. Thanks for your support and enjoy your evening.

  • Camila Alves

    OI!! OI!!! Sorry everyone feels that way. I have addressed this on my facebook page. Please go check it out. Also I do have a cheaper line of bags for those that feel that it is too expensive. Also yes I have changed in some ways bc I cannot be as open as I want bc of Matt. Alot of people have also used me bc of that. I respect people’s opinion though and yes I am trying to run a business bc the money goes back home to Bahia to help my grandmother and brother and family out there. If I have hurt anyone personally I apologize. Please go to my facebook as I address this.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but I don’t think this is Camila. I have communicated with her in the past…before she deleted me on Facebook that is…and trust me she does not write like this. No offense, but her style of writing is totally different.

      Also, can’t go to your facebook page because it’s not public and you have a habit of adding people and then deleting them. BTW…I thought this was really rude. You and I communicated, I supported you, then you deleted me. I tried to add you back and you accepted my friend request and then deleted me again. Stop using people to get ahead and be who you really are.

      • Camila Alves

        Anonymous, please send me a message on facebook and I will let you know if I deleted you or not. I would like to know who you are and maybe figure out what happened.

    • Nicole Souza

      where is your cheaper line? I would be interested in taking a look because I would like to get one of your bags. Also, what do you consider cheaper….$200? $500?


      • Camila Alves

        Will be on QVC this Friday from 10 pm to midnight with bags from $80.00 to $150.00. So check them out and also my assistant Alex can help you of you call the Muxo # find a purse within your budget.

        • Nicole Souza

          That is definitely affordable. I will tune in this Friday. If I happen to miss the show, will they be available on the QVC site or anywhere else? Are these new bags that haven’t been featured or can I take a look somewhere to see if the style/size is even of interest?

          • Camila Alves

            They will be available on the QVC website. And if you go to OK Magazine they did a feature on it. They will be about 5 bags and all different types of colors. Call in also if you can so we can speak

          • Sarah Smith

            The price pts on the OK magazine pics are $126 for one purse, but most of them are over $279.00. Are these the bags that will now be $80-150 or are they different bags. Sorry confused and want to know if I should tune in or not for Friday. I’m with Nicole and the other chick…bags are nice, but can’t afford the prices.

          • Sam Etienne

            Ok I just saw the OK magazine bags. They are definitely not as unique as the ones on the site. Not as funky or cool. So I guess when it comes to these purses you gotta have the mucho bucos to enjoy a cool bag. Oh well…..Just ebay leather trendy bag and a ton will come up. They are not well known brands, but either is this one. And you can still get great quality and funkiness.

          • Camila Alves

            These were made esp for the QVC line. Again these are hand made so when it comes to buying the leather and making them, the time, thats why they are alittle bit more expensive. But we are trying to make some affordable. Sorry you dont like the new style of bags.

          • Camila Alves

            those were the prices but they have changed. We are discussing that now. But if you can check it out please do and if not then please check out the QVC website as they will be on there for sale. Again this was made especially for QVC and we tried our best to keep quality great bc the leather I use is very soft and from Brasil. This is something that i created with my mom. I apologize if its not affordable. But we are trying.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t use Facebook but how was this issue addressed? Was it just about the bags or was anything else discussed? If anyone has access to her page, can you send the rest of us her quoted text so we can see how it was addressed?

      Also, notice how we are back to talking about the bags. Toooo funnnnnnny!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    She had to get pregnant to get him to stay with her 🙂 SAD! Typical for Brazilian chicks… Plus, she always looks mean, man! Imagine waking up to a miserable – imagine waking up to that every morning. M probably smokes every day to keep his sanity…

  • Bobbie

    OK…..WOW…..I understand this is a forum to your opinions, but please!! Camila is the one who has her own line of bags, Camila is the one who is the mother of Matt’s beautiful children, Camila is the one who hosted Shear Genius, Camila is the one who came from Brazil and now has an awesome life!! Way to go, Camila!! And, you are a beautiful woman!

  • Daniella

    Daniella Abreu – are you kissing ass??? Are you trying to win some points with CA or an easy access to Hollywood?
    IF that is Camila Alves, I wouldn’t paY attention to people’s comments. Mind your own life! Matt should be your guru through this public life. Why are you even here – remove FB! I am sure you could read a book to your kiddos or play with them instead of waisting your precious time on this bull$itt. Gracias!!

  • Andrew-malibu

    Used to have a pretty good body; probably because she was young in her 20’s. Now after two kids, she has deflated and takes not good care of her self. Average looking with clothes on – without nothing to look at. Needs a boob job or a different swimsuit And, attitude, too much of it.

  • Anonymous

    Listen you guys should all calm the hell down…. first of all, she’s living the life you guys all dream of!!!!!! And her brand is expensive because she knows how to work and make business unlike you bunch of losers sitting on ur laptops trying to diss her or whatever.. Who in this century wouldn’t use social networks to promote their businesses / products? ok and last but not least you should all youtube neyo’s because of you video lol ! and you just might change ur minds…….

  • Claudia

    What is the link to Camila’s Facebook page?

  • Claudia

    Can someone post the link to Camila’s Facebook page? Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Just go to Facebook and search for her.
      Her personal page is private so you can’t see what the heck she is talking about.
      The other pages are fan pages and there is nothing on there.

  • Noemie

    Just wanted to share something with everyone…..I was reading through an OK magazine yesterday for the February issue and there is a spread on there with all these celebrities holding fringe bags. Camila was on there as well holding her Queen of Sea, or whatever it’s called, fringe bag. Out of all the A-list celebrities holding bags, Camila’s was the most expensive at $1800. Kinda tells you something when even Alist celebrities have bags that are around $150- 500 and a no-namer has a bag from her OWN line at over $1000.00. I understand putting a higher value on handmade items but I think it’s also important to see what the market is bearing, the economy, demographics, etc.

    I’m sure many people are appreciating the less expensive QVC line….did anyone check it out or purchase anything? Any feedback?

  • Jann

    Camila is ugly,actualy too ugly to be true!! I honestly can not understand how she could become a model! it is not because she is dark or latin,just because she has ugly features!!! It is just an opinion.

  • sese

    wow i did not know abut that

  • sese

    i think i well go to twitter

  • sese

    t o tel myfirnds

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