Diddy & Beckham Bond Over Babies

Sean “Diddy” Combs was quick to congratulate his friend David Beckham on the news that he and his wife Victoria are expecting baby #4.

“I already texted him that he’s catching up with me,” Diddy tells UK’s The Daily Mirror. “He’s gonna have a Diddy Dirty Money crew of his own.”

The music mogul, who has 5 kids of his own, adds that he and David often talk fatherhood.

“We are both proud fathers. That’s what our friendship is about, not being stars or artists. We ask how are kids are doing. I’m so happy he’s got another on the way. I hope he has as many as me. I want more.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Moon

    P. Diddy should NOT be allowed to have more kids than he has now unless and until he got married! What kind of father he is if his kids are NOT living with him and THREE mothers between them who are not even married at all to his father, let alone live with him??! For Diddy to think that he is in the same class as Beckham when it comes to fatherhood is really LAUGHABLE!! David has been fathering all of his kids, including this no. 4 with the SAME woman all along, not to mention that woman is HIS WIFE! And he’s been with kids in every part of their lives and actually, REALLY, watching them growing up in front of his eyes! What did Diddy do??

    • Anonymous

      who the hell are you to tell him to get married? why follow public rules ? why cannot we leave by our own standards ? there are/is no such law that you cannot get kids without marrying someone and still have children. there is no such law that you cannot have more than 2 girlfriends and have children with all of them. as long as he take cares all of the wives and the children i dont see anything wrong with that. but who cares about our opinion? gees grow up please!

      • SensiblePerson

        Oh please! Anyone can take care of their children by giving them money! Even the worst ever father is taking care of his children then if he continues to give them money! If you are calling him a very good father when he only sees his children a few time of the year and not everyday of their life, and continue to have children all over the place with all sorts of different woman BY ACCIDENT (honestly, do you really think that all of those women actually plan to have his children without even marrying him? Unless it’s about money) what do you think will happen to the kids when they growing up?? If being a good father mean just to give money to his children..well just shows what kind of person you are! If those women were divorced from him that is a whole different matter as they were not meant to be together. But just to have children without even thinking of the child’s future or who their mother is, is just absolutely sellfish!! Those children will be morally corrupt and having a disturb life no matter which way you wanna look at it!

  • P!nk

    I totally agree with the comment above. To compare a guy who’s married and has kids with the same woman with himself is like comparing apples and oranges. Diddy is just a sperm donor.

    • LaKesha

      Yeah a sperm donor who loves and emotionally and financially supports all of his children.

      • SensiblePerson

        Are those children staying with him? No, right? Just by giving money meant you are a very good father? Oh wow, how low your human standard is! Even dogs are staying and taking care of their puppies 24/7 till they grew up. If he has more children with more different women than those 3 who are already there without even thinking what kind of person they are, what kind of persons will his children be?

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